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SHOMETSU Corporation or SHOMETSU Industries is one of the ruling mega-corporations of the galaxy and is specialized in the manufacturing of weapons, ammunition, and armor. This corporation focuses on laser technologies and the use of energy in warfare.

Many of its products are on the bleeding edge of tech and have a price tag to match. They are also temperamental due to many of them being prototypes.

On planet Hellion, their HQ is situated in the Upper City section of Salvation City.



SHOMETSU features the bleeding edge of military tech and training techniques. They focus on laser technology and molecular manipulation. Their tech is experimental and expensive, but many consider this a cost worth paying.


SHOMETSU possesses its own standing army and has used it multiple times in the past when diplomacy failed or was too inconvenient.


SHOMETSU demands all of its soldiers adhere to the SHOMETSU code, which is an insulting version of the way of Bushido.


SHOMETSU 's design aesthetics are in an ancient style of swordsman from the past, "The Spirit of the Samurai".

Notable Lore

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SHOMETSU is an ambitious corporation that always seems to have their finger in every business and settlement, stretching even to the outer rims of the galaxy.

At some point, SHOMETSU appears to have acquired prototype Mageslayer bullets. How and from where is uncertain, but it is clear that they don't have them anymore.

An armed SHOMETSU force, led by Lange Pliskin, led an assault on The Shadowbats headquarters to attempt to rescue a slummer known as Loch.

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