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The SCP Foundation of VRChat is a roleplay community inspired by the official SCP wiki, but in order to provide a fresh experience, almost all content and lore made by the community is either original or heavily modified.

Players who join the Foundation are given the option to hang out as a Visitor or choose between Serious RP, Casual RP, or both. From there, they can choose to join the following jobs listed below.


Player Departments

  • Mobile Task Force (MTF) In the MTF, you will explore and carry out the Foundation's goals across various VRChat worlds. You start out as an MTF Cadet and work your way up the ranks through training and leadership exercises.
  • Research Office (RO) In the Research Office, you will get to Explore, Examine, and Experiment with different SCPs to further the cause of the Foundation. You will start off as an Intern Researcher and work your way up to explore the untapped world of the anomalous.

Supporting Departments

  • Technician This is an optional role for people who know how to do world and/or avatar creation in Unity and would like to help create new things for our events. You will start off as Technician I and will rank up over time based on your level of skill and amount of work that you put in to the Foundation. You do not need to participate in Serious Rp to be a Technician.
  • Actor This is an optional role for people who want to play as non-playing characters (NPC) in our events. This can include playing as an SCP, Guard, D-class, Civilian, and more at different actor levels. In this role, you will start out as a Beginner Actor and rank up over time based on your level of skill and amount of work that you put into the Foundation. This is a serious RP role but it does not require you to be an MTF or Researcher.
  • Event Planner This is a more advanced optional role for people who have a decent amount of experience in the Acting and Player departments. This is the lifeblood of the server, which involves running and DMing roleplay events.

The SCP Foundation of VRChat takes place in a separate canon/universe from the main VRChat RP Metaverse


One of the Photos of that was posted on Reddit

The Foundation's roots go as far back as January of 2019, But the current iteration of the Foundation was created on 03/24/2020 by Uncle_Cobes and SoulBlitz.

Uncle_Cobes was filming a video for YouTube while wearing a SCP Epsilon-11 soldier avatar (created by Lex) which involved messing around with players in The Black Cat and attempting to "contain" them. Two players who were also in the world, named SoulBlitz and MetalMace, Cloned the MTF avatar off of Uncle_Cobes and joined in on the attempt to "contain" players in the lobby. By the end of the night, SoulBlitz suggested that they should create a discord server to stay in contact to do more containment raids in the future, and thus the formerly named "MTF VRChat Unit" server was created.

As the MTF VRChat Unit gained new members over time, they started posting group photos and advertisements on r/VRchat on Reddit. Multiple people who were former members of an old SCP community (commonly referred to as "The classic Foundation"), saw the reddit posts and told Lex and Vile, the Leaders (The O5s) of the classic Foundation. Lex and Vile met with Uncle_Cobes and SoulBlitz not long afterwards where they all agreed to work together and form a more official and organized version of the MTF VRChat Unit, called The SCP Foundation of VRChat which would put more focus into roleplaying rather than just messing around in public worlds.

Since then, the Foundation has continued to grow and evolve to what it is today thanks to all of its loyal, dedicated, and hard working personnel.


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