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S0ra is a roleplayer and Twitch streamer known for starring as the lead actor and main protagonist in the movie Mushy Apples back in 2018 as well as a regular at The Golden Gator.

He loves to RP and aside from his main persona - S0ra, he portrays a vast array of different characters including parody impersonations of other known VRChat personalities. In October 2021 he started to stream regularly on Twitch.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!

History of S0ra the character

Before the big movie Mushy Apples he used to be known as "that guy who ERP'd with Kyana once upon a time on a Team 6 stream". Following some relationship difficulties he and Kyana got together again and eventually married.

He is an on-off worker, manager, sometimes co-owner at the fancy establishment named "The Golden Gator" and recently The Royal Gator, located in Bricktown, a fictional city in New York.

His employement and ownership status appears to be in constant motion due to his complex and fluid relationship with the majority owner Roflgator, his boss.

Early days and Team 6

In early mid 2018 he joined Team 6 filming parodies and reenactments of VRChat history. He got known pulling off an impersonation of the VRChat legend Chipz. It was during the filming with Team 6 that he met Kyana.

His and Kyanas relationship became known to the public eye when she had referred to S0ra as her 'night-time boyfriend' to 'Rob' Roflgator. They had an unfortunate break up when he was caught cheating with Foreigner - where they had a romantic relationship - for a little under two weeks. After their depressing break-up, S0ra returned to the acting scene as Chipz, reenacting scenes.

Twitch Clips Kyana upset Bro'ing it out with Foreigner

Celebrity status and Mushy Apples

S0ra and Kyana engaged

On the 9th, 2018 of July he ended joining the filming of Roflgator and Buza's improvised movie that ended up becoming the full feature film Mushy Apples. He was the lead actor together with Kyana and during the filming of the movie, their relationship rekindled again.

On Sept 17th he was apparently murdered by Roflgator in the old Lair when he was on a spiritual journey - of some sort - led by a Masked Alien. It was later clarified that the events taking place were an apparition. In reality he was on tour in China advertising for the movie Mushy Apples.

He proposed to Kyana on Sept 23rd in the bathroom of The Bricktown Golden Gator and she accepted. Following the proposal Kyana was shot in a seemingly random act of violence. Kyana and S0ra were wedded on Oct 21st.

Redman possession

Redman and the Brotherhood of Crimson about to attack Roflgator

On Oct 22nd, 2018 towards then end of the night S0ra started acting strange. With glowing Red eyes and started developing a anger problem. The night ended with Emerysaur, Roflgator and S0ra standing over the empty body of a "Redman" with the eyes missing. He started to become possessed by this "Redman". In the following days his hair

and eyes would turn a dark crimson color and he began calling his followers his "Children". On the Oct 24th episode things would turn for the worse. Bricktown covered in a crimson red light and partially be in ruin. The Redman using S0ra's body would soon morph into a 10ft tall red humanoid being and chase the gang around. Once captured, he was subdued and defeated With S0ra returning to his old self.

Further information: Redman Rising

Rivalry with Mute Max

S0ra hitting Max after his big fight against Harly

On Oct 30th, 2018 he would gang up on a new employee named "Mute Max" due to the fact S0ra felt threatened and jealous by Max talking to Kyana thinking he flirted with his wife. He would then try to turn the whole bar against Max in a effort to get rid of him in the coming days.

On Nov 2nd Mute Max would enter a fight with Harlyx64 and end up winning by decision. S0ra would then attack Max after the fight with a bottle sending him to the hospital. In a ditch effort to save Mute Max. Roflgator would give S0ra a ultimatum. Pay for his hospital bills or have "bad" things happen. S0ra would agree to save Max by liking the fact that Max would owe him. So spending over 1 million dollars in hospital bills Max would eventually recover and be in debt to S0ra for the time being.

Becoming co-owner of the Golden Gator

On Dec 25th, 2018. S0ra would end up at the Golden Gator yet again but this time be interested in buying the establishment. Roflgator and with the help of Mute Max would end up getting S0ra drunk and Make him sign a deal 50/50 for the bar ownership, paying over 3 million dollars to be co-owner.

S0ra welcoming a alcoholic furry to the Golden Gator.

After being scolded by Kyana, he would then try to fix the mess he made. In doing so, Roflgator would end up making him spend another 3 million to become 25% owner with him giving the other 25% to Kyana and Roflgator keeping his 50%.

In a fit of rage S0ra would start screaming he would sue Roflgator for what he has done. Then in a random act of violence be struck by a car in the bar 4 times, then leaving the bar telling Roflgator "Ill see you in court." But due to Kyana scolding him and kicking him out of the house for not wanting to have her boss upset at both of them he was told to drop it and move on.

S0ra then embraced his new job as general manager / 25% owner by helping with the bar and helping out whenever he can, but at the same time give Mute Max who now works for him and owes him money for the hospital bill a hard time. The time with Max working under him was short live as Max eventually resigned to work at a competing store in Bricktown.

Further information: The opening of the 8est store

Working at the Royal Gator and its shenanigans

S0ra trying to reject Nuts....It did not go so well. Foreigner next to them.

S0ra would then start working for Roflgator at his new bar "The Royal Gator". With Kyana missing he would immerse himself in his job facing depression and dealing with the craziness that was working for Roflgator.

On Aug 7th, 2019 a visitor by the name of "Nuts" would show up. She would then claim S0ra as her own and try to make him commit adultery. With S0ra still very much strongly in love with his absent wife, he would reject her to many of his co-workers disappointment. Nuts throughout the weeks would continue to pursue and stalk him but to no avail. After one final attempt to take S0ra, she would claim him as one of her "pet dogs".

With the help of Vore and Meech, he would eventually go into hiding calling himself "Oras" and pick up a job for Meech selling a product known as "Semonoid Pills" to enhance the male ability of "Shooting ivory ropes". S0ra would would eventually come out of hiding and go back to work after the craziness died down. Nuts location is unknown as of now...

Being gone and coming back...To be promoted?

S0ra giving Roflgator a ultimatum for Wooks to get his job back.

His appearances at The Royal Gator being a less regular thing S0ra would return thinking that the old Golden Gator had reopened due the rumors spreading around on Nov 6th 2019. There he would resume work and confront his old boss 'Rob' Roflgator.

For facing up to Rob, the alligator robot turned it around on him, at first scolded him, but then strangely gave him 49% co-ownership of The Royal Gator to remain. This would become the second time that they were mutual business partners. S0ra's first first proposition to Rob as a majority owner was to rehire Wooks.

Further information: Wooks

At first hesitant due to their "murder and resurrection" encounter, Rob would agree but later on in the night fire Wooks again for not going along with his demands.

S0ra saying Goodbye to his old pal Rob before leaving to die with his wife....

Short Return and the fall of S0ra

Late 2020 S0ra returned for a short time. He was hired by Meech to me the manager of the "The Platinum Meechler". With the old bois returning to help the bar business was thriving. But after three weeks business started to dwindle. With Meech leaving for Los Santos for various business meetings, the bar was left to the staff and one by one they stopped showing up. At the same time his wife's health was declining. Due to her turning into a zombie in 2019 she started to decay. With both of their souls linked through marriage he too started to also decay. On April 1st S0ra showed up the bar with pure white hair and facial scars. He informed his friends him and his wife had little to no time left with everyone. But S0ra had one last wish. To be either cloned and brought back on one condition, he wanted his next self to have no memory of all the adventures he had and no memory of his friends and wife. He wanted his new to enjoy life like he did when he met everyone for the first time. His wish was granted by Crumpet and Wimchimp. Wish S0ra saying his last goodbyes to his friends they proceeded to take a part of his brain and stick it in a robot. Old S0ra was walked out and proceeded to head home to spend his last days with his wife. And with S0ra gone. A new one was born.

New S0ra

S0ra Trying to tell Crumpet and Overlord "Roflgator" That the whole set up / meet up between him and Lanfear is a bad idea.

On April 1st 2021 a new S0ra was born with the help of Crumpet and Wimchimp by using a part of the old S0ras brain in a robot. New S0ra acts like the old one but seems to be very scared of everyone. He was told by Roflgator that he works for him and that he should be called "Overlord". S0ra begrudgingly accepts this and goes to work. As he now starts at the bottom of the barrel working at the Golden Gator. The very next week he was hired by Shrimp to work at the crusty corner spelling pre-orders for milk. As of now he is single and things Lanfear is "cute". With Overlord (Roflgator) and Crumpet hearing this they proceeded to try to set them up. With S0ra Not interested in a date Rob and Crumpet seem to have set up a meeting between the two.


S0ra is known for his fluctuating personality, he can be seen on many occasions supporting a fun-loving and excitable personality. Trying his best to help those around him be the best they can be and bring out sides to them they might not even know their aware of themselves.

When he's pushed to a breaking point he shifts and becomes a 'bad boy' sporting an 'Alpha' style, ready to take charge of the situation at hand and put those around him back in their place.

S0ra is also very gullible. With not understanding big words or not really reading certain situations well

Alternative roleplaying Personas


Soryana being told to do whatever it take to make the mob boss happy.

The fan favorite Soriyana is the "Trap" female version portrayed by S0ra. Soryana was created to help Roflgator earn over 2 million dollars for making a mob boss named "Lv. 35 Boss" happy. S0ra would surprise Roflgator with his trap voice and was forced to dress up be called "Soriyana" to go on a date with the mob boss. After being beat, he would eventually rat himself out to the mod boss saying Mute Max and SciFri put him up to it to get the mob boss off Roflgators trail, saving him from the mob bosses anger.

On Mar 24th, 2019 "she" participated in a Beauty Pageant hosted by Roflgator competing against Zombie Girl, Kyana, UzuriMia, Jogie and Emily among others. Unfortunately "she" ended up loosing to Zombie Girl who was titled Miss VRChat.

Further information: Miss Bricktown Beauty Pageant

New Soriyana

She was hit on by "Fingle Dan" on April 21st 2021 and went on a date. Fingle wanting to get down and dirty with "her" and show her his "fingle sauce", "she" gave him the condition that he had to agree to marry her to go further. Having sex they were later wedded by Jadez at the cigar lounge stage in the Golden Gator. She eventually turned back into S0ra leaving Fingle depressed but S0ra with no recollection of the event.



Blu3z is an impersonation of R3dzDead in his classic and familiar Knuckles form. Just as the real adored R3dz he is soft-spoken and offers words of wisdom in a sleep inducing calm voice. He first made his appearance on Roflgators stream on Sept 26th 2018.

On Sept 27th 2018 he was appointed the task for being Roflgators first manager and adviser, replacing R3dzDead. During their meeting his first task was to dismiss R3dz and Gr33nz. Another applicant for the position who turned up late.

Robot Blu3z

Blu3z tried to resign from Roflgator's employment on Oct 5th, 2018 but was murdered in return.

A cybernetic replacement for Blu3z would mysteriously appear at The Bricktown Golden Gator claiming to remain as Robs adviser. It appeared very poorly programmed and malfunctioned.

On Oct 30th, 2018 Blu3z would revisit and spouting intent of murdering the mayor of Bricktown, Zapdec. While playing back the Imperial March he claimed to have joined the dark side following Darth Vader's orders. Together the three conspired in a plot where Vader would replace Zapdecs political position.

He was axed and destroyed by Jor Rilla.

The Bricktown Mayor

Bricktown Mayor "Crocolol"

The previous Mayor of Bricktown is a cyborg crocodile. He has what he claims is a "30 women army" of bodyguards that take turns to guard and escort him wherever he goes. He has it out for Roflgator and his establishment.

Main article: Crocolol

German Health Inspector

The German Health Inspector "Ach"

The German Health inspector, also called "Professor Acht" (pronounced like the clearing of ones throat) visited The Golden Gator on Jan 30th, 2019 looking up reports of the establishment not living up to government health regulations.

During his time there he was distracted by Roflgator by being serviced - some might say "bribed" - with food, drink and promises "dates". Tickling his fancy for young men he was put on a date with TheBigMeech where he tried to convince him to follow him back to Germany to his home town. Some place called "Half-An-Amazing-Nuisance" - or at least the location sounded something like that in English.

He would return with mixed satisfaction - as Meech didn't respond to his advances - and was instead offered an intimate private dance by Roflgator. Finally satiated he didn't report the establishment for not living up to code. He has made occasional reappearances since, pulled by the establishments reputation for hosting dates.


Cranberry facing up against "Imuki" without her real identity being revealed.

An emissary for the secret society that claims to truly rule Bricktown.

Main article: Cranberry


Lay's - lightly salted

The "Lay's" character is a parody of Chipz. He is a singer, writer and tends to be swarmed by girls and fans most of the time. He has an obsession with script-writing.

Main article: Lay's

Mr. Blood

"Make sure your anus is covered..." ― Mr Blood speaking to possible investors

Mr. Blood

Mr. Blood is an investor who first paid a visit to The Royal Gator on Jan 28th 2020. Being the owner of "Loliblood Industries" he always speaks with a nefarious connotation and keeps hinting at a greater purpose for gracing everyone with his presence. Looking for investors, he tried to run what he called a blood drive but later left.

Inquiring about smart individuals he explained to the proprietor Roflgator that he was starting a new product line aside "loli blood", named "simp blood", something he explained - "tastes like a bitch". The strange man payd another visit on Mar 6th 2020 where he tried to peddle off his "loli blood" supply and expressed his appreciation for the "intricacies of the human anus". He wanted to make a business deal with TheBigMeech opening a sex shop in the streets outside of the Gator bar but they later got interrupted.

During their dealings they were disrupted by someone named The-Wanderer who apparently caught the Cor-fungus virus, causing them both to quickly vacate the area.


He was hired by Roflgator on April 1st 2020 along with another TOS-Agent hired by MurderCrumpet to keep the big streamers Sodapoppin and xQc out of trouble and avoid them getting banned when visiting The Royal Gator. When there were degeneracy going on he would be there, trying to prevent it.



  • He was discovered by Team 6 and is not an original member.
  • His favorite color is obviously orange.
  • His name is spelled with a zero "0" instead of an "o".
  • S0ra was once apart of a boy band in VRChat.
  • S0ra was head of security for candidate GabouLit when he was running for president.
  • He's done voice acting work for FUNimation IRL.
  • He is not to be confused with Chipz's roleplay character Sora.
  • He used to have a rivalry with Mute Max leading up to his eventual resignation from The Golden Gator. At times they've come to blows and even weapons being drawn.
  • Since his rivalry with Max died down S0ra considers SciFri to be his new rival but the consideration is not mutual. When questioned using the title of "rival" SciFri responded to his suggestion but immediately retracted the claim afterwards.
  • It's been a year long speculation and meme that he has an ongoing "bromance" with Foreigner. When questioned about it they insist that they are "just bros being bros".


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