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"I excel in hitting things really hard, specializing in swordplay and gunplay." ― Ryder

Who is Ryder?

Ryder is a demon who is a student at the Ascension Academy. He has a serious and straightforward personality but can be easily sadden if teased for even a little bit. After the placement exams, he managed to get into the Vanguard Squad.

He puts up a front to appear strong, brave, calm and collected but in truth he is emotional and somewhat insecure in social situations, especially towards women.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


2,000 years ago during the great demon war the human world and the demon world were locked in bitter war. The demons were besting the humans until a Legendary Dark Knight named Sparda awoke to justice and turned against his own kin to aid the humans. He alone defeated the armies of hell and sealed away demon world using the yamato, his blood and the blood of a human priestess.

A couple of years later after things seemed to have settled, other demons and such roamed the human world in search of more souls to fill themselves, Sethor (Ryder's Father) being one of them. Sethor flying about spotted a human woman named Vella (Ryder's Mother) in hiding from the demons. Sethor flew down to Vella to comfort her and told her that he isn't a bad demon despite the bad rep they get from time to time. In time, they got to know one another and eventually decided to marry. They gave birth to a baby boy consisting of half human/half demon tendencies.

Ryder had shown himself to be capable of knowing more than a normal child should. He started besting his friends and such in combat. The elder demons looked at Ryder and thought of this as some sort of gifted child. But things were not all sunshine and rainbows for Ryder. because he was a half breed, many of the other demons thought of him as some sort of disgrace to their own kind. So much so that even some of the adults would pick at Ryder and make fun of him for being a half breed. Ryder's darkness started to manifest itself from within him.

From all the bullying he experienced as a half breed, he'd go and choke some of the students within his school. Some of the teachers saw this and sent him home. Sethor, not understand why people would do these things to him decided to send Ryder into a military school. In junior military he learned the basics and understanding of how to control his temper somewhat and his mind to a certain degree. he also made some friends who were different in their special kind of way as well. After making friends with those people and the teachers he decided to make his way home.

Back in hell, people had seen how different Ryder was compared to when he left. People started to become a lot more friendlier towards him and treated him with respect. Ryder being weirded out by this decided to stop by his home. He had come to find out from his mother Vella that his father had become the high council member alongside many other powerful greater demons. Since this was the case he had decided to see what his father was up to. Sethor panicking and writing things away was stopped by Ryder and told that there was some sort of school looking for more gifted people in the world of higher status. Ryder being the son of a councilmen had rights to attend this school. It was called the Ascension Academy.


Arrival at The Ascension Academy

Ryder arrived at the Ascension Academy. On his first day he found it hard to adjust to new people as there were people there he didn't know from the other academy. He quickly started to make friends there with a bunch of the girls there. Some girls called him cute. He didn't understand this and assume they were just being weird. Ryder spotted one girl in particular that he got to speak to and try to understand what she was. The girl's name was Esmae.

During the squad placements exams, Ryder and Chipz started a small cheerleading club in order to cheer on for their fellow team member Esmae. They moved their bodies and arms to spell out Esmae's name to the point of harming one another. Sadly, despite their best efforts in cheer leading, their team lost the match.

Love situation with Esmae

Ryder had never felt love like this before. He was confused about his feelings and wanted to talk to someone about this newfound feeling in his heart. He found comfort and solace in Vevina. Vevina told Ryder about feelings and what it meant to be more interactive with those around him. He learned a lot from Vevina and decided it was time to tell Esmae he loved her. He invited Esmae up to the library bell tower to confess his love to her. After doing so the two spent a lot of time together. But then Ryder caught wind of something. He saw that Chipz had an interest in Esmae. Wanting to avoid conflict and making sure to not make his newfound friends angry he decided to stop pursuing Esmae and focus more on himself instead for the battles ahead!

Airing his thoughts out loud Hoshi and Eldrin both overheard him but were told to not to tell anyone.

Friendship with Vevina

Ryder had always found himself in weird situations with Vevina. Vevina would become Ryder's good friend in the future. She was the type of person to quell Ryder when he would go into a fit of rage and/or started crying and such from time to time. Though they were stuck in some weird situations. From kissing to making Ryder feel awkward and his pants tightening and such. Ryder didn't understand many of these feelings and such. Though Vevina teased him to no end she cared for him dearly.

The Demonic Lycan connection

After teams and such were selected, Ryder was placed on Vanguard squad. The team consisted of Melanie, Zachary Fang, Kuroi, Jixie, Augusta and himself. During a situation where they were next to the pond, Zachary and Ryder got into some sort of conversation and hit it right off. The two seemed like they were meant to become the best of friends. From time to time these two would battle one another to increase one's own strength. They both would go into their dark states because Ryder couldn't stand to see Zachary under his other influence. Even at one point in time Ryder and Zachary shared an intimate moment in which solidified their bromance.

Demonic kinship towards a teacher

On a rainy day, Ryder saw that Professor Von had become incredibly angry and ripped off his mask, showing a bloody face behind it. Von revealed that he ripped his mask off because of how angry Chipz made him. Upon hearing this, Ryder became furious at Chipz due to his kinship with Von. Headmaster Kareeda suggested to Ryder that he should either save his anger for the upcoming wargames or request a duel. Ryder took his words into consideration, and when Ryder found Chipz in the library later that day, he threatened Chipz to prepare himself for a duel.

Vondanen shows Ryder some Hellfire magic

He asked Vondanen to teach him to manipulate Hellfire but he outright denied him, telling him it's much too chaotic to use and harness, even hesitating to use it himself except in a safer form which just imbues his weapon with fire.[1]

After a session of combat training, Ryder heads over to the cemetery to ponder on what could have happened if he met the students that were killed earlier in the season. However, Speca, Victor Heinrich, and Barthall McDaniel found Ryder and wondered what he was doing. Victor then questioned Ryder if he was actually a demon or a unnatural human. As a reveal to the students, Ryder is a half-demon, half-human hybrid, which explains why Ryder acts the way he is instead more of a demon. Ryder plans to reveal this to the other students and teachers but feels that he isn't ready yet. This also explains Ryder's naturally heightened strength, agility, and dexterity.

The big reveal to Victor and friends

Sometime during the academy days Ryder decided to go up to the graveyard to see Victor, Speca and friends there. Victor questioned Ryder about him being demon. Seeing this, Ryder knew that Victor knew about him being something else due to how Ryder acted and such towards certain subjects. Ryder revealed that he was half demon/half human. Victor then told Ryder to punch his hand. With great force and enough momentum and precision Ryder broke Victor's arm with just one hit. Victor's arm falls to his side but he is able to regenerate it and make it better again. Ryder till this day still thanks Victor for helping with something like that cause he didn't know how to reveal it to his friends. One of the many moments in Ryder's life where he is thankful to Victor. So much so that he tends to hang around him when he finds the time to and check up on him.

Love blossoms for Ryder once more

Ryder's eyes had been laid upon Augusta. Augusta and Ryder in the beginning of school hit it off really good. They started talking and such and started to somewhat get to know one another. Augusta would be there with Ryder through a lot of his endeavors together including learning how to control hellfire. Augusta would calm Ryder down and such when he went into his fits of rage.

Ryder thought that he had found the perfect person for himself but come to find out that she didn't really feel the same for him. She confronted Ryder and told him off about what love truly meant for her. Ryder being completely defeated decided to push himself back up and told Augusta that he will prove her wrong. However this was not the cause since things started to pick up in his life. He decided to once again to focus on himself and improve himself as a fighter. Though he will always love her because of how she saved him from himself many times.

Trouble with Melanie

Ryder was somewhat trying to get along with several of his classmates on his team and such. It was working until he ran into Melanie. Melanie was Ryder's someone to help. She rejected him every step of the way and even much so trying to push Ryder's buttons. Ryder came close multiple times from hitting her but Ryder's held his own against her saying that he wouldn't dirty his hands with her blood. Ryder tries his best to respect and understand Melanie but she is hard to deal with most of the time.

Senpai Cari

During the times Ryder was still trying to understand what love truly meant and such. He went to Cari for answers. Cari told Ryder about how to truly love someone and how to understand them for who they are. Cari also brought up the fact that she let Ryder try a couple of his moves on her to see.

Learning about flirting he was taught what a kiss was by her which he proudly proclaimed to his squad. This got everyone curious about him teaching them and was told to keep a study session. This put him in an awkward position but he made the best of it and tried to share what he learned with help from Cari.

Cari was Ryder's teacher and because of this he called her Cari- Senpai! She meant a lot to Ryder because of these teachings.

The Bro-connection with a teacher?!

Ryder also became friends with some of the teachers too. Pierce Carver came to the school to observe the students and to make sure things were going well. Pierce was sent from the Cross-Allied Forces to make sure students and such were being taught the correct things to prep them for combat. Ryder didn't see much of pierce when they met but Ryder's expectations were blown away. Pierce was the type of guy Ryder has seen a friendship within for a long time since watching his actions. They've even thrown into the mix some jojo poses at one point as well. Ryder is learning under the teachings of Pierce about Iron Resolve. Pierce tends to sometimes challenge Ryder even though he is at a complete disadvantage thanks to Ryder's Mastered combat sense but Pierce keeps Ryder on his toes and Ryder appreciated it greatly.

The Mission in Esperia

Ascension Academy's first ever mission! Ryder and friends were sent to Esperia for a number of missions. Ryder and friends had to investigate a thief that was stealing from people. The other teams had to go and stop poachers from ravaging the lands. But there was something more sinister happening with Esperia. It turns out that the midget pink haired guy had been making calls for the Queen due to her being silenced by some magic. The teams were able to resolve things in the town and bring peace to Esperia due to the collaborative efforts of everyone.

Ascension Camp

Corrupted Forest

Only coming back from the Esperia, a couple weeks later, Ascension Academy received some intel about a forest being corrupted by undeads and everything else under the sun there. Ryder and friends were sent into the forest to stay there for about a week or so to see over the forest and take care of the problem there. Ryder was all over the place but he maintained himself. He had found that the spirits of the deceased could be seen. They had told the group of a wight and such controlling one portion of the woods. During this time, Ryder and Zachary had meant Steve the skeleton. (The name picked cause of Ryder and Zachary)

Cave Crystal recovery

The group had to Enter a cave to obtain keystone shards from the crypt keeper which most of the group failed to do due to a lot of errors and such going down within the caves.

Ryder was at one point dropped into the middle of the pit to fight off against a boss. In which Ryder failed to kill due to time running out. Ryder was then teleported to his group and almost lost himself completely within himself. He came close to killing his teammates but he remembered what was important to him and calmed himself down thanks to the help of his teammates.

After attempts to grab the crystal failed they only but one choice left. To find the wight from within the forest and claim the keystone crystals.


A couple of days later the group found the wight within the forest and try their best to conquer the endless onslaught of skeletons that came their way. The wight told Ryder about the boss he faced off with in the pit and wanted a round 2 with the beast. Ryder found the boss and transformed into his devil trigger form straight away to avoid the last time he tried to fight it ultimately overkilling it in the future. The group had cleaned out the skeletons and it was only them vs the wight. But the wight was trying to remember why it was doing what it was doing in the first place. Ryder tried to convince it to stop doing what it was doing and remember the people from before. While doing this though, Stark comes out of nowhere and stabs the wight, causing it to fall face first on the ground.

The teachers, followed by the students, picked the wight up and took it to the tree that was behind the wight. They needed to bring him back to life to love the forest and such again. The group remember that Ryder could absorb souls from his defeated foes.

They took Ryder to the corpse of the green boss guy and had him absorb the soul of the green boss guy to put it into the sword. With the soul within the sword, they headed back to the wight and put the sword next to him. The tree and him started to come back to life, giving the wight a whole new look and such. With that being done, the person standing before them now wasn't the same person as the wight. The students questioned this person of whom had no answers to give them.

Death of Senpai Cari

Afterwards, Ryder ran back to camp to hear that Cari was dying. Ryder quickly ran back to the docks of a church they found a couple days prior to see what was going on. The only thing Ryder could do was watch in horror as Cari was dead on the ground. Ryder fell to both his knees and cried a bit from this as Cari was his senpai.

#TeamCariAlways #Imissyou #longlivecarisenpai

After they were over and done with everything the group went back to the academy with the loss of a fallen friend.

The school secrets and ending of the first year

The academy had Cari's funeral when they came back from the camp. It was sad and everyone was affected by Cari's death and tension was high. Thats when the teachers kicked it into high gear and decided to test the students and train them to never make the mistake that they made during camp. Though the training is still under way the school was coming to a close soon due to the summer being around the corner.

Problems at the library

A couple of weeks later things returned to normal and things were as they were. But then something was stirring. Chipz and friends decided to check out the library's puzzle and such. When they were done, the library building started to turn red a bit at the top. Ryder saw this and ran straight into the library seeing nothing but darkness and then his eyes coming back to see that there was some sort of energy source leaking from the fallen object that fell from the second floor in the library.

The students summoned an elemental To take the energy source into this secret room that the academy had hidden away for a long time. Ryder and friends were stuck on the outside thanks to everyone putting the key away too quickly. Thus, they didn't have an opening to get to the others who were stuck on the inside of the secret room. Afterwards, Professor Willow had a plan to use some of his energy to open the door and restoring the circles on the wall to reopen the path. The outside team were finally inside of the building but come to find out that the others were no where to be found. They saw a pedestal in front of them and decided to mess with it. After figuring out the mechanics behind it the other team were able to catch up a bit with the other students. They had seen the others but couldn't get to them quickly thus the other team ended up disappearing from sight. Ryder and others quickly had to pop into place to get to them.

Inner demons

After catching up with everyone and crossing a bridge, They came across some thing that resembled a leshen from the forest. Suddenly, some rats came out of nowhere and ended up swallowing their whole group. Each and everyone person went into their own darkness. Ryder had to confront his inner demon. Ryder had always known it was there because it was apart of them. Since the darkness couldn't get much from Ryder because he knows this darkness too well he was instantly teleported out of the dark area and was suddenly with the other group.


They then had gone into some shipwrecked area to retrieve something from there. After they were done with that they had to head back into the darkness again. A couple of seconds later, the group found themselves in front of a door with darkness leaking from it. They decided that it would be best not to mess with the door And proceeded to exit the area. Suddenly, as they were on the exiting the room with the leaky dark door the teachers got locked away from the students. They had to fight off the creatures in the other room. Pierce, Willow and others fought off the creatures to the best of their abilities. They manage to conquer the room thanks to the help of Headmaster Kareeda. He then came and helped the student exit the secret building.


The students found themselves in the main hall of the academy. Kareeda tells the students that if you wish to leave from here after what they've seen they had permission to do so. But Ryder being who he is doesn't want to leave the school. He made a promise to Zachary that he would graduate with his best buddy. So then afterwards, Ryder went to pack his things said his final goodbye to his friends. Ryder went back home running all the way there to see his family.

Powers and Abilities

Ability Description
Demon Transformation Magic Type: Transmutation (Shapechange)
Ryder can shapechange to his demonic form due to his family lineage*, in this form Ryder experiences an upgrade in all his attributes as we saw in the Crypt mission being the only students capable of taking care of a giant undead or in his numerous practice fights with Pierce Carver where he can withstand some of his punches.
Firebolt Magic Type: Evocation
After many practices Ryder thanks to his natural affinity with fire creates a bolt of fire that transverses and hits his enemies.


  • On Twitter, KuriGames confirmed that Ryder is the father of Nephalem Kuri.
  • Although known for his proclaimed battle prowess he has a weakness in willpower towards girls and sweets, especially chocolate chip cookies.
  • He is a hopeless romantic and tends to get flustered by girls and fall in love too easily.
  • Since Ryder is a demon, he finds a kinship bond with his fellow demon and mentor Von. Because of this, he gets angry whenever he sees Von in distressed and has lashed out on Chipz before due to this.
  • Since an accidental slip-up with Ryder being called "Kuri" from his actual name it was played off that he really likes "Curry", being pronounced the same way.
  • Being a Demon he knows little about flirting or courtship but seems to be a fast learner.
  • Apparently one of Ryder's favorite foods is Cheesy Bacons
  • Ryder's favorite song is "Devil Trigger" from the DMC series



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