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Not to be confused with Gregarious Talon Rook from Callous Row RP.

"Mhm..." ― Rook contemplating

"Is it "Rook time"?" ― Rook

"At any cost" ― Rook final words

Rook is a Golem who is a student at the Ascension Academy. Their arms and legs appear ethereal and seem to be magical of nature.

Being a Golem means that they're a magical construct of some type, not being born but created. Golems in general are given life by powerful wizards who reanimate inanimate forms by infusing them with a soul originating from a living being. Golems can be made by various materials such as metals, stone, mechanical, clay, pure magic or even of shaped flesh.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Rook was created in the 1900's by humans and elves as a collaboration to prove that both races could work together. After being built as a proven success he was placed into National Arcane Research Agency, NARA. Within the facility Rook was charged with archiving the magical items and spells that were created within the facility. Whenever someone needed one of these spells or items he would retrieve them.


Admittance to Ascension

Rook was admitted to Ascension Academy with many other students. Rook knows very little about humans and social interactions and is constantly learning new concepts and words. He was taught the word "Sexy" by Chipz that he began to use in unfitting situations. Rook later appeared to hit on Arbor telling her that she stands out like an enchanted Rock. If he actually hit on her is difficult to determine but after this Picwik wanted to call him "Rook the Rock".



Tickling bomb


Powers & Abilities

Ability Description
Bigby's Hand Magic Type: Unknown
Stealth May 17th 2019 8 Rooks hands (Satchi).jpg
A spell that is housed within Rook which allows him to enlarge his hands to hold something in place or smash it with greater force. The ability was named after the person who created the spell.
Mana Shield Magic Type: Abjuration
In combat mode rook can create a Shield from mana to protect himself and others this shield seems to be more resistant that other shield and in compliment with Rook force creates an impenetrable wall.
Mana Blast Magic Type: Evocation
Rook can send out mana in a burst as an attack, this blast is powerful enough to wipe out a squad of skeletons or a Thorn Blight. This blast works like a strong constant pushing force that is applied on the target, the result of a blast will depend on the duration of it and the target resistance.
Mana Absorption Magic Type: Unknown
Rook absorb the mana form the surroundings to replenish itself.
Omnidirectional Mana Wave Magic Type: Evocation
*Needs image Rook sends a wave of mana combined with electricity* in every direction to injure its opponents.


  • Rook's designation name is R-0-0-K, but everyone just calls him Rook.
  • Their favorite color is blue.
  • As a Golem he doesn't require sleep or food, he can't feel physical pain or be allergic.
  • Rook hides by T-Posing pretending to be a practice dummy. He has done this for nearly an hour to hide during a game of hide-and-seek.
  • Still learning social etiquette he has a tendency of using sexual innuendos without being aware of doing so.
    • He was taught that kissing is a form of salutation, taking it a bit further then regular cheek kissing.
  • His signature method of sneaking and "hiding in plain sight" is T-posing in order to blend in with the environment.
    • It doesn't actually work that well but his fellow students keep convincing him that it does.
  • It's "Rook time" has become his slogan thanks to his ability to put himself into peculiar situations. The phrase is usually exclaimed by his fellow classmates when this occurs.
    • Not quite sure what it means himself he assumed and went around asking what it means.
    • Sometimes a "Rook Time" is initiated by himself, moments such as when he repeatedly picked up Ryder and kept dunking him again and again in the academy water fountain.


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