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"Romulus" or, as he calls himself, “Rom” for short is a salesman of many things. Little is known about him to the people around him. He holds his cards close to his chest as if he's scared to make friends or let people in. He has a dark past but a bright future.

With revenge and redemption on his mind, Rom will stop at nothing to get back to where he was. But due to the walls he makes for himself and his drinking problem, it's going to be very hard. In the end it's all about money and status, nothing more. People are not trustworthy, but money is forever.




  • Major - I call her Old Betty - Owns a large truck to move the cargo that he carries for sale from the “Wasteland” to “Scraptown”.
  • Minor - You even lift? - Is very fit and is able to pick up above average-sized items using his back and upper-body strength.
  • Minor - Old reliable - Has a high caliber rifle that he kept from one of his exploration adventures. This rifle takes up to 15 seconds to reload per single shot, but it can hit a target from very, very far away.


  • Major - Knee replacement gone wrong - Slower than the average person. Can not run and relies heavily on his truck to get from point A to point B. This is due to his knees being severely mangled. They are being held together by a metal mechanical hinge dug into his flesh.
  • Minor - This way? That way? I dont know?!? - Poor direction sense and has a hard time determining North, South, West and East. Forgets where he is at some points during travel in unfamiliar regions.
  • Minor - Cheers mate! Hope the pain stops... - Has a drinking problem due to the pain in his knees. Spends most of his credits at a local bar. Tries to hide it but is not good at it.


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