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"From here on I have become evil... again. Old Rob is back." ― Roflgator

The Evil Council is a roleplaying arc invented impromptu by Roflgator on Aug 7th 2020 out of frustration for people not instigating enough conflicts or playing along with potential arcs.

At first he announced that he would be breaking RP, getting tired of other players in the lobby being "anti-RP", that "all RP is dead" and its all a lie. After ranting for a while he formulated his plan to turn it into content again by turning evil.

The evil council would eventually form an opposition against Crumpet after he acquired ownership of The Golden Gator and renamed it to "The Crimson Crumpet".


Formulating his plans he would start recruiting participants of a "council of evil." Return to the old ways of cucking RP to wing-man and bring couples together - only to break them up again at a later date.

MurderCrumpet was denied for not being evil enough but then told to fire Peppymint to prove his evil-ness. A counter offer was given to Peppy if she resigned from Crumpet she would be accepted into the evil council instead. Instead both were denied for not proving their loyalty.

Blu Haze was skeptical if Firefox Blue could be evil enough but she gave in, being Roflgator's personal mute she would agree to anything he wants.

Announcing that he had to prove himself worthy of the group Roflgator gave his 20% of the bar to Crumpet and in cutting ties to the bar he would feel better about corrupting it and stirring shit up. This made Crumpet the majority owner. Instead of owning the bar Roflgator would be taking over "The Big Loads Moving Company" with Knuffles as a front for the evil council.

Bearly eventually completed his task of getting the presidency from Joshy and was accepted into the council. AskJoshy gave a presidential adress, revealing his true murloc form and having Orcs and humans hunting after him for all his past crimes in Azeroth.[1]

Initial Evil plans

  • New recruits who want to join must do an evil trial.
  • Anyone who is not apart of the council must either become part of it or suffer its evil plans.
  • Every day the evil council will meet up and come up with an evil goal for the day.
  • If a goal its not accomplished within the day the next days evil goal must be even more evil.
  • Earn everyone's trust only to break them down.

Initial potential recruits and disciples

Recruits into the evil council:

  • Knuffle as "Evil Jor" the sidekick. To prove himself he cut out his friendship with Bearly. He was later kicked out.
  • Blu Haze tasked to flirt with all the B-listers and C-listers.
  • Firefox Blue tasked to corrupt the simpletons, make sure nobody suspects anything evil and trip Murder Crumpet.
  • Bearly was first rejected for not being evil enough but tasked to steal the presidency from AskJoshy in order to be accepted.
  • Dotty accepted to perform an evil trial with tasks that would make her leave her comfort zone.
  • Cyr was interrupted in his ERP session with Ruthless Ruby to get recruited and had to prove himself evil by tearing up his mute contract with Link EZ.
  • Jadez invited to the next meeting but her trial will be to give up something she loves in order to join.
  • J4KEY overheard rumours about a new job opportunity and went to the evil lair to see what was going on. She passed an evil trial and was accepted.
  • Sur Lee - ?
  • Jor at first rejected but reconsidered later.
  • The Yishai asked to infiltrate Crumpets bar. The renamed "Crimson Crumpet".
  • BaZhAnG - ?
  • Gulliblez chosen from the crackhouse "la casa" instead of zMoonrunner and Haydttt
  • zMoonrunner and Haydttt would later be considered after they offered to divulge Crumpets secret plans that he told them in confidence.
  • Bobe providing her "dump truck ass" ??
  • Kuri there for one meeting and given an exception pass to be a member although not able to join every meeting.

Using the Cafe as a front

The Golden Gato Shut down due to aids by Bearly

On Sept 2nd Bearly suddenly shut down The Golden Gato due to "aids" earning him a very negative view from the council of evil and was not considered to be a member any longer. The sign in front of the golden gato was eventually torn down. Firefox Blue was given the task to distract Vincent X in the upcoming presidential debates as he had "reached new height levels in his ego" according to Roflgator. Fake bombs would also be installed in members butts to prevent any traitors.

An alliance with La Casa with Gulliblez joining was formulated and another meeting that turned into an Evil's Anonymous (Alcoholics Anonymous) style meeting. Because Jadez has the only car in Bricktown and its not fear to bum rides for free it was decided that they would use a swear jar to chip in for a car pool for Jadez. The next meeting would include snacks and drinks. Very evil decisions indeed.

Bearly announces "The eviler council"

Bearly in protest after being rejected announced he would be forming "The eviler council" and become even more evil.

On the second meeting new roles and jobs were given to each member to try and infiltrate The Crimson Crumpet and various weird jobs. On Sept 9th Roflgator regained owner ship of the bar from Crumpet.

A gangster from the past

Potential enemies from the past stop by the bar, in the form of Vinchenzo Calzone's brother, Binchencho and his wife Francheska (Java) and Roflgator has to reevaluate his allies. With the infamous mobster family putting down roots by purchasing property in Bricktown the evil council gathered and even invite Murder Crumpet as a potential ally. Gathering in another "Evil Anonymous" meeting on Sept 18th 2020 they try to form a plan to get the mobster and his cronies to leave.

Further information: Return of the Calzones

Current members

  • J4key - The talent
  • Shrimp - Shrimpo aka El Cabron aka Crescent aka The Crust - Become a rat for the council
  • Gulliblez - The brains (at least he believes so)
  • Iron$Jew - The Coomer/Cumbrain turned into "Evil Iron"
  • SciFri - The "Dark Knight"
  • The Yishai - Inside worker
  • Jadez - Has the only car in Bricktown
  • Jor - Likes bananas
  • Firefox Blue - Too good to be evil, the perfect disguise - The sad face
  • Blu Haze - Soul stealer
  • Aiden - How did you get in here? Nevermind
  • Bobe


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