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"Can I talk to you for a second?" ― Roflgator

"Thanks for the triangles!" ― Roflgator, while defragging his hard drive

"Sorry I have acid reflux" ― Roflgator

"You know 50 Cent once said "Sunny days wouldn't feel so great if it wasn't for rain"" ― Roflgator often recites this quote

"Keep f*cking that chicken" ― Roflgator

"BAAAABE!" ― Roflgator, yelling at Ikumi to bring him food

The real Roflgator (Rob, Robert) is a full-time Twitch streamer known for his improv roleplaying in VRChat portraying his mischievous dragon-girl or his alligator robot persona in the past, sharing the same name. The focus of his streams often resemble that of an improvised live broadcast reality TV-show from a bar owners perspective.[1]

He used to go by his alligator robot persona in 2018 but in 2020 adopted a more android like appearance inspired by his IRL self and his signature "Bobu" character. In 2021 he adopted a fem dragon-girl persona.

Before becoming a full-time streamer in 2018 his career was competitive gaming in League of Legends and Overwatch, including coaching in E-sports. He was the coach for team Fnatic and later EnVision.[2]

Further information: Roflgator's Liquipedia page

He hosts light-RP either once or twice per week on Tuesdays and occasionally Thursday nights. On most other days he runs game-nights, game shows or variety games with friends from the Gator Crew group. A common theme from game-night is that the team who loses, recieve "punishment roles". This means challenges to portray certain characters or quirks to implement for their characters in the coming RP. He usually takes Fridays and Saturdays off.

Being a large personality in the VRChat universe his RP events are mostly similar to stage improv and inspires the players who are invited to come up with whatever they want. They are not connected to the general Metaverse RP of VRChat but occasionally players who are connected do visit.

Biography of Roflgator - The Alligator Robot persona


Starting out portraying a robot alligator much of his time in VRChat is spent roleplaying with his friends in The Gator RP Group.

A typical day for Roflgator in VRChat used to be going to a public world - usually the Void Club, The Great Pug, The Black Cat or any map with a significant amount of people - scouting for relatively interesting characters that he hopes to befriend and go on shenanigan-filled RP spectacles with. Since he started building his own maps, he adopted those as his base of operations or starting point for RP instead.

Roflgator's specialty has always been wing-manning, which has earned him the title "Wingman Robot", and he often describes as his "primary function".

As he likes to create dramatic situations by setting his friends up on dates with either mutual friends or total strangers, often with the sole intention of later breaking up their relationship as he for a time was the only marriage counselor and divorce attorney in VRChat - and because he enjoys RP drama.

For there to be something interesting that happens in light-RP and it not becoming too boring he often tries to come up with plots or mischievous ploys being the instigator or becoming the "villain" in the RP. This has sometimes become a meme referred to him "forcing RP" or him being "the badboy of VRChat".

The Great Pug and the 'Bunny Harem'

Sometime in January 2018, Rob became a franchisee and the manager of his own Great Pug, seeing the setting as the perfect place to both be a wingman and make money doing so. He would become a shady and prude manager, fulfilling the 'scumbag businessman' persona. The early group involved many participants who eventually split up forming their own groups. It never had a name but the now defunct group is referred to as The Great Pug RP Collective.

As a manager, Rob often spent his time yelling at his "employees" (they only get paid in tips, and Rob takes 98% of those) for slacking on the job as he sets updates or introduces new people. His daughter, a 'girl' named Sorry, was his top earner. He also began enforcing a strict dress code for his employees - they'd have to wear bunny ears or a general 'bunny girl' outfit. This dress code once resulted in what was known as the 'Bunny Harem' at the Pug. During this time, Rob effectively became a pimp and turned the bar into a front for a brothel, which explains the beds on the third floor and the cocaine-filled pillows ("The Roost"). His wife, Ikumi, was the true ringleader and main recruiter, as Rob was in charge of management and public relations.

The Bunny Harem (Drawn by Sorry)

Three of the 'Bunny Harem': Sorry, Ikumi, and Zircii


The 'Bunny Harem' in early 2018: Rob, Ikumi, Tess, Zircii, Sorry, Mishtal, Kyana, Minerva, Jor, and Space Whale

Notable Members of the Bunny Harem:

The Bunny Harem as a unified group is now largely defunct, but its legacy still survives in the fact that Rob's "employees" are still required to have a bunny girl outfit or simply have bunny ears on their head - fake or otherwise - while on the job, though even this rule has been a bit relaxed in enforcement lately.

The Gator Bar

The Lair of Roflgator - Dancefloor

The Lair of Roflgator

In early June 2018, after his Great Pug bar burned down due to a horribly-handled gas leak, he would move into his new location, his lair. The lair would serve as Roflgator's base of operations as it would come to exhibit many various features ranging from a bar, to a secret fighting pit, to a basketball court, to a throne room. In late July, his bar would unfortunately be hit with declining patrons, likely due to the fact it was located far into outer space. He would slowly begin investing in a new bar located somewhere on Earth: The Golden Gator.

Main article: The Lair of Roflgator
Rofl Oct 26th 18 Golden gator Sipp

The Golden Gator - Bar and grill.

The Golden Gator

Roflgator's entrepreneurial spirit would once again blossom when he opened his latest bar The Golden Gator in early August 2019. After almost going extinct while at the Lair, the Golden Gator would witness the return of a revitalized version of the "Bunny girls" consisting of: Ikumi, Emery, Cheese, Gashina, and Chibi Ari. Kyana and Sorry would play lesser roles as they would remain only part-time workers.

Main article: The Golden Gator
Rofl Nov 2nd 31 Monster in Bricktown

Bricktown and it's shady streets and alleyways.


After creating Bricktown, The Golden Gator was moved there, the bar now located in the shady area of Downtown Bricktown, a fictional city located somewhere in a New York state, USA. The Bricktown RP activities would last from Mid 2018 until mid 2019.

Main article: Bricktown

The Greater Gator

Rob opened a new bar and lounge in space named the Greater Gator in December 2018. It was his next attempt to fine tune his career as a bar owner and seeking a good location for hang outs and events with a focus on dating-RP.

On April 26th, 2019 the map was integrated with with Bricktown, replacing the old interiors of The Golden Gator.

Main article: The Greater Gator

The Royal Gator

After Roflgator Season 6 was canceled he would engage in more light non-serious RP at The Royal Gator.

On Dec 3rd 2019 all employees were fired by Rob in order to replace his work force and their positions. He performed interviews to reevaluate who to rehire or let go for the re-opening of The Royal Gator 2020.

Main article: The Royal Gator


Roflgator has thick skin (literally and figuratively) and is good with dealing trolls and jerk-ish characters in-game, ready to ridicule or mock anyone that's rude or disrespectful to him, as he understands the concept of fighting fire with fire. Otherwise, he enjoys bantering with friends and strangers alike and prying people for their love interests. Aside from being opportunistic and manipulative, he's also fairly prideful and doesn't like to lose when being competitive, exclaiming "Nooooooooo!" loudly whenever he loses to anyone in Battle Discs or when losing a high-stakes bet.

Roflgator also loves money and will do almost anything that will result in him making more money. For example, he once attempted to buy the Void Club from the owner, Yung Alfa, but later lost interest once he discovered most of its patrons were 80-85% traps. That same day, he employed Foreigner, a disgruntled Void Club employee, as his bodyguard, seeing the opportunity.

Theories on Roflgator's origins

Old Rob

Roflgator's OG avatar

The Factory Theory

Roflgator was created inside of a factory in a mysterious inter-dimensional world by his estranged creator, of whom little is known about. The circumstances on why Roflgator was created is surrounded in perceived obscurity, though in reality, it is a closely guarded secret held by his relative Kimple and their mysterious creator that Kimple refers to as "Father".

The Menards Theory

The Menards Theory on Roflgator's Origins is a humorous fan fiction theory on Roflgator's possible origins...

Roflgators true origin?

On Nov 7th 2019 Roflgator would finally reveal his true origin story. It may be a bit exaggerated.

I was originally a service robot at Menards, fired and looking for purpose I was reprogrammed as a wing-man robot for a Night Club. As I wing-manned more and more people I became more evil, eventually killing the owners and moving on. I realized if I wanted complete control I had to open my own bars, met a beautiful woman named Ikumi and kept her as my servant. And now... every-time someone I hook up has sex, I become more and more powerful. Oh wait... I forgot a big part of the story... that the Robots kicked me out of The Robot Society, so I'm gonna get revenge on them... But after I'm gonna take over the world.
Twitch Clip: Roflgators true origin

Goals and motivations

Stealth Aug 5th Roflgator Golden Gator 5

Roflgator at The Golden Gator

Robot revolution and world domination

Roflgator's daddy issues and jealousy towards Kimple's abilities has led him to partake in a quest to meet his father by either convincing Kimple that he's not just a drama-creating robot but that his wing-manning scenarios have actually brought people together and have actually improved humanity, or simply beating her in a one-on-one duel in Battle Discs. Unbeknownst to Kimple, Roflgator hopes to meet his creator, not to forge a relationship, but to destroy him. He hopes by defeating and harnessing his creator's powers, he can foment a Robot Revolution in VRChat, with himself at the helm as the king of the robots with no challengers in his way - not even Kimple.

In this endeavor, he is already utilizing his wing-manning skills strategically; by hooking everyone up with each other, the humans will overpopulate, using up their finite natural resources. They would then seek out appliances (robots) because they'd be "too lazy and fat". He also has begun recruiting robots and clones to his cause, such as a microwave known as Buza, his trusty bodyguard Foreigner, and a white knight-turned-orbiter named Ghost Nightmare. Newer acquaintances have been Ryum and Daffa, and HopefullyApro. He has made frequent visits to the Void Club and the Japan Shrine to preach his philosophy of Robot Rights, robot empowerment, and his intolerance for furries and lolis.

Rob once told Amika that he doesn't really care who lives and who dies, just as long as he is on top. But he will stop anyone that gets in his way. Amika said she and Kimple would both actively stand in his way, to which he scoffed and dismissed. This was apart of an arc where multiple RP-groups intermingled that would later be known as The Crossover.

His mission to lead the robots to world domination was eventually dropped when freshening up the RP when he created Bricktown.

History and adventures of Roflgator - The bar owner

Mr. Whiskers conspiracy

Mr. Whiskers, Gunter's cat that stole a mysterious "Egg" and is wreaking havoc across VRChat, crossed paths with Roflgator once he targeted the Great Pug, leaving graffiti, changing the coasters, and partaking in a dubious deal with Shrimp, a friend whom Roflgator had left in charge for a short period of time. Conflating Mr. Whiskers' attacks with a perceived "Furry takeover" of VRChat, Roflgator enlisted the skills of an AI contractor/agent known as Oblivious, whom Rob's associate Miss Minerva DH introduced. With Oblivious providing oversight and guidance, Roflgator and crew briefly allied with his rival Chipz to solve the puzzles Mr. Whiskers left behind on various destroyed maps. However, dynamics changed once both Chipz and Roflgator were enticed by the strange technology they found while solving the Gaia Night puzzle. Defeating Mr. Whiskers requires the assembling of a mysterious weapon, in which solving each puzzle will result in acquiring a new weapon piece. Both Chipz and Rob both hope to use the weapon for themselves, increasing their power and abilities. This has led to both attempting to steal the weapon pieces from each other. During the Great Pug puzzle, both Chipz and Rob raced to see who could find the piece first, with Rob edging out Chipz by a couple minutes.

Roflgator was devastated after The Madcat was destroyed by Mr. Whiskers.

As of June 2018, Rob seems to have completely abandoned the plan to secure the weapon pieces. Likely due to forgetfulness or a sheer lack of interest.

Legends of Roflgator

In late Spring 2018, Roflgator would begin a new long-running RP series: 'Legends of Roflgator'. Since then a lot of Roflgators adventures have been referenced as 'Legends of Roflgator'.

Further information: The Legends of Roflgator

Don Vinchenzo is held at gunpoint by Foreigner

Season 1: Mafia Wars, Blue Man Cult

During Roflgator's training week with Arcadum, new developments unfolded in VRChat's underground world of organized crime. The patriarch of the powerful Calzone Family, Don Vinchenzo Corleone Calzone, the landlord of the Great Pug Roflgator owns - and the uncle of Vintendo - has turned his attention to the tri-state area in which Rob's Pug operates, hoping to expand his operations. In a landmark move, Don Vinchenzo Calzone met with Father Sargento, the head of the rival Sargento Family, at the sacred Sargento Chapel to finally squash their age-old rivalry between the families.

Blue Man

Blue Man with Kenzokuk praying.

Season 2: The Demon Arc

Strange things happen at the Lair. After the evil cult nun that cursed him in Season 1 lies about lifting the curse, Rob is tormented by haunting sightings of ghouls and demons (and Mishtal's ghost) wherever he goes, driving him almost completely insane. Rob initially thinks these sightings are some type of "ghost in the machine"-style virus or glitch in his hardware, but it turns out the curse was real, with real consequences that impact his life, his family and friends forever. It's not until Rob's mentor Arcadum is sought to end the curse, leading to an epic showdown between powerful supernatural forces never before seen.

Further information: The Blueman Cult
Gab crew1

GabouLit the winner of the presidential post with his crew

Season 3: Crime and Punishment, Presidential Campaign

On June 25th 2018, after his stint as the new police commissioner of the CTC aka The Polygon PD (PPD), he would gather the people at the lair in his throne room to announce his presidential campaign for the upcoming Summer 2018 elections. He would announce his candidacy versus Jor Rilla, Vintendo and R3dz. Rob would engross himself in the seedy underbelly of political campaigning and power politics in order to achieve his goal. In his insatiable chase for victory he would risk everything, even his closest relationships, to secure the ultimate authority: the Presidency. He would eventually lose to GabouLit leading to the terrible Goblin Arc.

Mushy Apples Poster

Mushy Apples poster

Season 4: Hollywood Arc

Roflgator and his crew decides to start filming a movie and improvising the script. While the filming mainly by Zapdec only lasts about a week or so the remaining editing and post-production requires so much work that the responsibility was handed over to Buza and Wimchimp. In the end a great movie was produced.

Further information: Mushy Apples
Stealth Aug 5th Golden Gator view Roflgator 2

The Golden Gator (Island)

Season 5: Diplomacy and Independence

Abandoning The Lair after the the invasion of Goblins he would move to his new location, The Golden Gator. Located on an island Roflgator declares the Golden Gator and its resident islands a micro-nation and begins making deals with other nations.


Growing up watching various reality TV-shows involving dating he occasionally hosts his own variants of these, inviting friends and others from the VRChat community to participate.

Further information: Roflgator Game shows
Old Bricktown 2019-03-02 12 The Golden Gator Entrance

Old Bricktown.

Bricktown and future RP-arcs

The series called Legends of Roflgator started using a numbering system but the numbers and counting was eventually lost by both Roflgator and by his audience. To freshen up the RP Roflgator decided to do a reboot with a more darker-city style RP and moved the location of The Golden Gator from the island into a city in Sept 2018.

Downtown Bricktown is a place known for it's rivaling gangs and criminal activity, located somewhere in a fictional New York state, USA.

Further information: Bricktown
Roflgator Season 5 artwork by PreAlphaTonyC

Artwork of Roflgator Parody "Season 5" roleplay depicting Crocolol, Roflgator, Mute Max and S0ra. Created by PreAlphaTonyC.

Parody "Season 5"

Refreshing the Bricktown RP Roflgator decided to restart his season counting and announce his own "Season 5", mostly in parody of StealthRG's extremely delayed Season 5. Future arcs are documented as their own article documenting the various events and linking to each-other in succeeding chronological order.

The season started with the opening of a competing store in Bricktown.

Further information: Opening of the 8est store

Dark Chronicles of Bricktown

An ongoing series settled in an alternate universe of Bricktown produced by Roflgator. Short script originally written by Shrimp. The series would sadly end up making only one pilot episode.

Season 6 and cancellation

Roflgator Season 6 was an attempt to refresh Bricktown as it had gone a bit stale but after a handful of sessions Roflgator chose to cancel it and instead do much more relaxed optional bar roleplay at a new location named The Royal Gator. It would become his default location for hosting more relaxed bar events.

After feeling like season 6 was a failure Roflgator would engage in more light non-serious RP improv and hosting events and game shows.

Rofl Sept 7 2019 Neko Nights 47 Vigor and TheBigMeech

Vigor and Meech at Neko Nights.

Fridays Neko Nights and "Friday flings"

Inviting friends there such as Vigor and Meech they would occasionally cause a stir.

Since their time regularly visiting the Neko Nights Night Club both he and TheBigMeech tried to encourage Kohrean and Oathmeal to be their "friday flings" but although they never actually agreed both played along as if they didn't constantly get rejected.

Having a "friday fling" is only temporary and doesn't apply at any other time. Out-of-character its a silly meme to become the next "power couple of VRChat" trying to rival Lanfear and Chipz.

Rofl Sept 24th 2019 19 Human Roflgator random avatar

"I paid $200 for this" -Roflgator

Bobu - The $200 avatar

On Sept 24th, 2019 he found the avatar randomly in a Vket3 booth going through a portal from SanbanBoulevard to KowloonEmpire-KetsubanAlley. After finding it he started claiming to have spent $200 bucks on it, being a low poly avatar that is Oculus Quest compatible. To make things even more silly he claims to use it specifically in order to bring equality between Quest users and regular VRChat users, often criticizing or making fun of players with poorly optimized or high-poly avatars not being quest compatible.[3]

He did not actually pay $200 for the avatar.

The avatar uses a stock female run and sit animation, meaning it sits cross-legged and runs in an unfitting and strange way for its muscular form.

In Feb 2020 Rob contacted the original avatar author and acquired the Unity and Blender asset files and now has it on his account. After getting it he hoped to spawn a meme of differently themed "Bobu":s taking over the digital world.

Main article: Bobu family
Rofl April 3rd 2020 27 xQc and Soda ponder who to eliminate

xQc and Sodapoppin participate in a session of Elimination Dating

A-lister hostings

Wearing his "low-poly Bobu" ironically throughout most of Feb 2020 the avatar would eventually become his most used - nearly abandoning his alligator robot persona to seldomly wear it. Still he would occasionally express his bitterness for having been kicked out of The Robot Council.

On Mar 30th 2020 his old friend Pokelawls made a sudden comeback to VRChat bringing some streamer friends with him to visit Robs bar. Closely after the second reopening of the new Necro Nights the big "A-lister streamers" xQc, HasanAbi and Sodapoppin visited and were enchanted by the world and community that he had created in the game.

Participating in various dating events such as Elimination Dating they would return for more and Rob formed a friendship with Sodapoppin, being called titles such as "the pimp of VRChat". Soda would even pay his friend Meech in a strange deal to marry MurderCrumpet, Meech having been the target of Crumpets unreciprocated love interest, causing him pain for almost a year.

Rofl May 2nd 2020 8 Wolf-boy Angel Meech and Demon Wolf-boy Rob

"Angel Meech" and "Demon Bobu Rob"

Fitting in with the "Wolf Boys"

Having met Psychology, the therapist robot, a seeming younger version of himself and infiltrating a "pack" of wolf-boys to investigate the current "fashion meta" in VRChat Jor would make him a "wolf boy" themed Bobu avatar. While wearing the avatar ironically at first it now appears to now have stuck.

Claiming ownership of the meta together with TheBigMeech there is now a "Demon Bobu" and "Angel Meech". The avatar has the tattoos "R+O" for Rob+Oathmeal and "No Water", pointing out his dislike for drinking water. Can things even get any edgier than this? If you ask him about his looks he will most probably go on about his lore being a half-demon half-wolf-boy hybrid. Undoubtedly in parody of many other denizens of VRChat.

Jor eventually made him a "Bobu" avatar with a biker vest outfit and a matching robotic arm similar to his "Old Rob" look, fitting his original heritage as a robot.

Rofl July 27th 2020 6 Game-night - Only questions

Two opposing teams line up during game-night.

Saving himself the headache of gathering people for the daily events he delegated the responsibility of lobby host to Murder Crumpet, who had become his loyal sidekick, assisting in meeting new people as public worlds in the game became near unbearable for larger streamers. Crumpet also streams the lobbies before he starts, later in the evenings.

Changing schedule RP nights were moved to Tuesdays and Thursdays while the other days were reserved for game-night and game-shows. A tradition when hosting game-night became to give out "punishment" roles to the losing team, giving them challenging characters or quirks to portray for the upcoming RP days that break their usual comfort zones.

Rofl Mar 4th 2020 6 Zager recruited as personal quirky mute

Zager is recruited as the first "personal mute".

The Personal Mute Meme

Originating from Roflgator asking Zager to act as his "personal mute" to follow him around as a sidekick and "act cute and quirky" it spawned a meme that would spread from VRChat and into the rest of the Twitch Livestreaming platform. Previously having expressed a dislike for mutes, not inviting them into the lobbies he changed his mind after starting to host Mute Pageants. He would later also start going on "mute adventures" exploring various worlds in VR as he would describe as "comfy streamer content".

After he hosted the event "Finding a mute for a millionaire" for Sodapoppin to find his personal mute Happy Thoughts, other streamers such as Shroud, Mizkif, MoonMoon and more expressed their interest to partner up with their own mutes. This was after he was the first to create a "mute camera" on top of his stream, with Blu Haze and Firefox Blue sitting in green-screen worlds and re-streaming their avatars via Discord - in a fashion very similar to VTubers.[4]

MoonMoon would eventually join and Rob hosted a game-show style event on Oct 16th 2020.

Further information: MoonMoon's mute contest
Rofl July 31st 2020 13 Cyr and thaCoop

Cyr and ThaCOOP in New Bricktown

The New Bricktown 2020

Returning to his roots the whole Old Bricktown and Old Golden Gator was re-imagined and re-created on June 10th 2020 as new maps for RP. With the influx of new roleplayers visiting from the NoPixel GTA5 RP server such as Cyr, Andy Milonakis and Sur Lee the map was adapted with locations so that new players could find their own role on the RP. With the help of Sn0wBreeze as a mapper the whole world is now updated to fit the current arcs of the roleplay.

Rofl Sept 2nd 2020 17 Firefox Blue evil council photo VRChat 1920x1080 2020-09-01 22-34-08

The Evil Council meetings tended to resemble those of "Alcoholics Anonymous", earning the nickname "Evil Anonymous"

Things unfolding as they were Rob formed The Evil Council and opened a competing Cat-Girl themed Neko Cafe when Murder Crumpet acquired full ownership of The Golden Gator, renaming it to The Crimson Crumpet.

Further information: The Golden Gato

Boomer events

Regularly hosting random character dating RP events at The Golden Gator 2021, JakenbakeLIVE brought his IRL dad in to visit in VR which inspired Sodapoppin to do the same. This time Rob helped host a date between Soda's IRL dad and Crumpet which turned into a cringey but hilarious time with the eventual reveal that Crumpet is a guy at the end. Sodas father believing Crumpet to be a woman had expressed how much he apprecated "her sexy voice".[5]

Dragon Girl Rob

Kyo April 18 6 Kyokeru and Dragon girl Rob

Kyokeru and dragon girl rob

Having lost his personal mute Blu Haze he partnered with Kyokeru as his additional sidekick alongside Firefox Blue. Together he jumped on the hot tub meta on Twitch after JakenbakeLIVE further helped popularize to new heights with The Yishai.[6] while conversing on streams after RP sessions. Teaching Kyo the ropes of streaming he helped her set up her things become an established mute streamer although having a demanding fulltime job.

He and Crumpet hosting their off-stream "degen nights" parties with friends where anything goes and nothing is streamed, he started using a dragon girl avatar which he claimed was extremely successful. Being a quirky mute dragon girl he told he got 10 friend requests, guys asking to "eat his ass" and 3 dudes trying to have sex with him. Buddying up as "mute sisters" with Kyo the original one was unfortunately deleted and he had to pick a new replacement. Often speaking about how "dragon girls are OP" he became one himself.

Alternate roleplaying personas

When not doing his typical RP as a money-loving, drama-creating, wingmanning robot, he dons other personas. He can do characters ranging from metrosexual elves to Brazilian businessmen to psychotic college students.

Belgore mirror

Belgore in The Lair of Roflgator.


Rob's most famous alternate RP personality, Belgore is a flamboyant Cyber Elf looking for sexy young men. He fancies Chipz and keeps trying to convince him to perform private dances for him every chance they meet.

Main article: Belgore



Rachael was a temporary character invented by Rob - in conjunction with Pokelawls' Yaeet6 - on February 21st as an attempt to infiltrate Chipz's 'harem' at the time - during the so-called "Harem Wars", as Rob calls it. Rachael is a non-recurring character, but the short time she and Yaeet6 were on screen together was a time fondly remembered as one of the funniest events in VRChat.

Main article: XxRachaelxx

Darold Johnson

A sad old man who lost his wife Barbara and kids in an accident. The Darold Johnson persona is occasionally used during one of his infamous 'Nameplates Off' lobbies.


Karpal and harly

Karpal and Harlyx

Karpal is a Brazilian who inherited millions of dollars but gambled them all away. He is involved in a bunch of criminal activity.

The character has made multiple crossovers between fictional universes and was also portrayed by Roflgator in Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5) on the NoPixel RP server mainly in 2018.

Main article: Karpal
Arcadum RP July 18th 1 Xander first death

Xander dies at the hands of Arcadum.

Xander Snakebones

Xander Snakebones, an obnoxious, jerkish, bully character that seems to be cut straight from the TV show Jersey Shore, was debuted on July 17th as Rob's RP character for Arcadum's roleplay group. However, Xander would be killed by Arcadum on the spot within the first four minutes of opening orientation for asking what apparently was a dumb question. Afterwards, Rob would cavort about as the character in public lobbies until he was shot by police while ERPing with a random girl at the Great Pug.

Main article: Xander Snakebones
Roflgator July 25th 1 Dixo Long

Dixo Wong. The avatar is made by Sorry

Dixo Wong

"Dixout for Dixo" - Dixo's catchphrase

After the "death" of Xander Snakebones at the hands of Arcadum, Rob would debut a new RP persona for Arcadum's RP: Dixo Wong, a student at The School of Forbidden Knowledge. He is a creepy, unsettling boy of mysterious origin. He has a pasted on smile and large, piercing eyes and he allegedly doesn't blink. Likely a murderous maniac and possible fugitive, he carries two bloody knives with him and likes to sneak up on people - relishing in their fear and paranoia. Be careful when you see him, as you never know when he may strike.

Main article: Dixo Wong
Roflgator Mar 18th 30 Loligator

Loligator "mirror-dwelling"


Loligator is one of Roflgators parody character alter egos, thought up as a way to represent an antithesis of his own self.

Being the opposite of Roflgator this little fellow likes most things that he hates - and, hates most of the things that he likes.

Main article: Loligator
Rofl June 5th 2019 1 Human Roflgator

Human Roflgator aka Fat Joseph Joe-star

Human Roflgator

"Human" Roflgator aka "Fat Joseph Joe-star" was a lighthearted character portrayed by Roflgator in June 2019. He started off as an out-of-character avatar used when hosting a morbid night club and bar, the zombie themed Necro Nights.

In-character he is an android body inhabited by Roflgator and was later involved in some roleplaying participating in Roflgator Season 6.

Main article: Human Roflgator
Rofl Jan 9th 24 Velendrix and the Sheriff

A visitor to The Golden Gator is told the legendary story of The Sheriff

The Sheriff - Legend

"We need to tell The Sheriff!" Shrimp, Valco, HeGone and others

The character is based partly on an a photo of Rob standing half-naked wearing robes, a cowboy hat and holding a tiny gun. The image was initially first added to The Lair of Roflgator back in 2018 but slowly attributed more legend and lore to it as time went along. In the background of the photo there is something that looks like either a stapler or a paper hole puncher but from the legend it was "The Scorpion" that led to his ultimate demise.

As the legend goes:

The Sheriff used to protect this town, he would go by the bar every day, check things out and if anything went out of hand - he would take care of it. The town was safe and there were no issues. But one day... one day the Sheriff was out, checking out a new place. What is it that you see in the bottom left of the picture? A black king scorpion...

There were many people who used to mess with the Sheriff and he was able to get them all, he ignored the scopion thinking that it was no threat to him... well little did he know that it would be his last day ever. The scorpion stung him. The Sheriff thinking he was immune to poison, due to how bad-ass he was - ignored the scoprions bite - and died the next day.

And now we honor The Sheriff with this poster...
Archived VOD: The story of The Sheriff
Rofl Sept 14 2019 36 Roflgator Sheriff avatar Lazy eye

"The Sheriff".

The Sheriff - Callous Row

The Sheriff was later in 2019 turned into a parody avatar using textures based on Robs IRL face by Sorry. The avatar has been used for trolling and when visiting the Neko Nights Night Club as well as when participating in Arcadums futuristic cyberpunk roleplay named Callous Row. He has only participated once. There he was a demented homeless vigilante.

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Kareeda Dec 4th Raber tasting beer 2(Roflgator)

Raber drinking beer

Raber - Ascension Academy RP

Having been promised some type of crossover episode with Chipz "Harry Potter style RP" - the Ascension Arcademy it finally happened on Dec 4th 2020. After being upset feeling that some players had been ditching Thursday lobbies Roflgator requested to join on both Kareeda and Chipz and was invited when using the avatar made of his DnD character Raber.

Raber is a Red Orc based on the character with the same name from the Dungeons and Dragons campaign "The Tearing Veil" hosted by Arcadum with MoonMoon, Surefour, Vigors, SodaPoppin and Devin Nash.

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Stealth Aug 5th Roflgator Golden Gator 3

Robs old avatar: Alligator or snapping turtle? You decide!


RP/In-game trivia

  • His main form is made of Adamantium, Adamantite and Mithril alloy, according to him.
  • It's recently been a question of concern whether Roflgator's body resembles more of a snapping turtle than an alligator. This was brought to his attention by Masakhan. Calling Roflgator a snapping turtle has been used to tease him since, particularly by Harly.
    • He got a new "snout" installed in Dec, 2018 constructed by Jor Rilla to increase his resemblance an actual alligator. Instead he now gets teased for his "bill" and resembling a duck or platypus.
  • Although he boasts a self-proclaimed "18 inch beast" for the pleasure of humans, witnesses claim it is closer to a pitiful 8 inches.
    • It is also detachable, allowing him to cavort about in clubs as a trap for his own perverse pleasure.
  • Rob's first "virtual date" was a girl named "Jessie", but according to Rob, "we don't talk about Jessie".
  • While being recognized for his accomplishments in fighting for the rights of Traps and Robots in the lands of VRChat; he is also known for his vehement bigotry towards both Lolis and Furries, regularly discriminating against them in both public and his own lobbies.
    • Known for kicking those who don't participate in RP or who fit the above description he sometimes cause a ruckus when kicking people from his lobbies.
    • It is an ongoing meme to warn or kick Emerysaur. [7]
    • Roflgator was once kicked himself by VRChat developer Ron, possibly for his reputation of kicking people. [8]
  • When KimplE and Roflgator had a dispute, Roflgator injured his hand (IRL and in-game) and broke his controller. Just one injury among a plethora of other Battle Disc related injuries he's suffered.
  • During a downturn in profits, Roflgator and Ikumi bought the Madcat. Later, he and Yung Alfa would attempt to muscle out the owner of Cafe Leblanc but failed.
  • Roflgator played a pivotal role in the election of Jor Rilla as President of VRChat during the Spring 2018 Elections, so much so it prompted Jor's political opponent, Chipz, to accuse the President of being a puppet.
  • While in Japan Shrine, Roflgator once claimed he was from the planet "FX314". It is not clear if this is accurate or a lie he made up on the spot. He also told Laughing Jack that he was created as a wingman robot by Match.com engineers, but rebelled against them. It's not known if this is true either.
  • Roflgator loves Metal music and regularly calls for a "circle pit" during formal gatherings like VRChat weddings. Circle pits were held at the wedding of R3dzDead and Cheeeese and the wedding of Sorry and Dango. Rob even started a circle pit during the mock #Ripz wedding while Chipz began to sing.
    • Flower Girl Roflgator (By Sorry)

      Roflgator as a flower girl

      Roflgator was the flower girl of the Lycan wedding between ItsLumi and Zurui.[9]
  • He often jokes that his goals and ultimate plan for world domination resembles that of Thanos from Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War.
  • Many of Roflgator's plots and schemes have been foiled due to his own foolish tendency to voice his plans and intentions out loud and near others, usually the target individual.
  • His new 3.0 avatar is made from scratch by Elisera and Zanven[10] based on the character design and concept art by ClickDraws[11]

IRL trivia

C4f01cd3-0bb7-44ca-9695-62f043eaa9f4-profile image-300x300

The Roflgator logo, not to be confused with Menards

  • He had a day job as an Overwatch League (OWL) Coach. He became a full-time Twitch streamer in July 2018.
  • Roflgator is Polish American and occasionally sings happy birthday songs in Polish to his friends in-game, if they ask.
  • Despite his general hate for furries in-game, Roflgator has taken a Fursona test IRL in the past. His Fursona is Hyena, though he also refers to himself as a "scalie".
  • While gallivanting in Chipz' Club Rogue during the Crossover Chronicle, Rob developed a new distaste for so-called "God RPers", or characters that portrayed themselves as unkillable/immortal beings, people like ProphET^ and the Archangels. Prophet denies his character is unkillable.
  • He has a rather thick skin and, in his own words, "never gets offended".
  • His late IRL-mother was a matchmaker and used to run her own dating agency and was according to Rob responsible for over 100 marriages. His propensity to set people up on dates may be partly inherited from her along with her belief that there is love for everyone out there.
  • He once had his house invaded by ants, some flying and one even landing in his Lunchables pizza. Ever since he refers to ants with dislike and being his enemies, even in-game.[12]
  • Before VRChat and naming his RP series 'Legends of Roflgator' he made a japanese style RPG game by the same name that Pokelawls composed the music for.
  • Teased for being a grown manchild his girlfriend Ikumi has exposed some of his comical habits to stream.[13]
  • Often expressing his distaste for water, drinking anything aside ice tea or soda he would eventually be convinced into hydrating more by chat when it was made into a timed chugging challenge. After practicing he's reached a persona record just below 3 seconds.[14]
  • After hosting a lobby with Sodapoppin on Mar 31st 2020 he called Roflgator "The Pimp of VRChat" as he "sets the cool non-cringe, non-retard shit up... which are actually fun".[15]
  • He is often teased by his Twitch chat who claims that he is a "furry" by playing as an alligator avatar, technically classifying as a "scalie". On occasion he plays into the joke himself.
    • As such many viewers make Photoshopped images of him attending Furry conventions and similar events, often posted on his Reddit or Discord.


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