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Rivett was originally built to function as a toaster, but a defect in the line rendered all of them useless. While the majority of these toasters were discarded, some were scavenged and distributed via budget distribution centers to areas such as Callous Row where citizens were unlikely to ever stay alive long enough to attempt to use them. One fateful day Faye acquired one of these toasters and after disgruntledly failing to get it to make toast she took it apart and restructured it into something useful: a killer robot. Upon Rook’s discovery of the nearly finished build while tucking Faye into bed one night, an agreement was struck between the two. Faye would be allowed to keep the robot if the kill functions were removed and a parental lock was applied. With some changes and Rook’s approval Rivett was ready to be of service.




  • Major - Sneaky-Hide - Small stature helps to stay unnoticed for gathering intel from


  • Minor - Replaceable - Faye can upgrade and modify the body for an inexpensive cost
  • Minor - Water Proof and Acid Resistant


  • Major - Weak-Bad Body - Consists of incredibly weak and easy to cripple robot parts.
  • Minor - Dependent on Faye for Care - Ceases to function without regular maintenance.
  • Minor - Vulnerable to Heat


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