Rin is a demon who tries his best to protect his childhood friend Ais. He works in a sweet shop named Happi with his friend (aka Boss) Ais Hestia. He lives in Ais's apartment within Callous Row, recently leveling up from the couch to the bed. He is portrayed by KuriRed.

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Rin Takemakizuchi came from a hard world filled with a Black and White look on life. Always doing what needs to be done from taking care of some unwanted guest to dealing with problems that needs his expertise to take care of. Rin was born and raised in this city. Made a life with the people that took him in, they're what made him, him. His boss, or what the old man was known by the Don, treated him like family. When he was shot and laying there, like a fish gasping for air he made Rin swear to protect his grand-child (Ais Hestia). So that's where you can see Rin now; at the sugar tooth store "Happi"





  • "Cold Eyes": MAJOR: Rin is the kind of guy that changes the tension in a room, the kind that can make the air feel like a wire. His gaze being the scissors that will cut it. Boy, if he's angry? That's a whole other story. This goes in tune with his magical ability called "Petrify". It is a simple spell that locks one in place when in direct eye contact with him but only feeds on how tense the room is or how angry he is.
  • "Inner Monologue":MINOR Rin has a deep understanding of in his consciousness, it's like a black and white old timey movie. A narrative voice seems to spark in the silence that stretches the rooms. His actions can come off almost charming in an old timey kind of way, the kind of charm that can leave an ever lasting impression. Whether that good or bad.
  • "You think that scares me?":MINOR Generally doesn't get spooked all that often. After seeing all the things he's seen, and certainly all the things he's done.. His mental strength is what you would call sound when it comes to disturbed situations.


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  • Rin thinks he is good at cooking, he is not.
  • Rin TOTES has a crush on Ais, but won't admit it. Tsundere!


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