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Riley Knox is a prominent human Product Manager at Talaris Corporation and former individual contributor magic researcher at the company.

He is outgoing, friendly, and unthreatening. He acts as one of the legitimate "fronts" or representatives for Talaris, while other people at the company engage in more clandestine actions. He legitimately believes he is doing what is right.


Getting on bad terms with WOTO he furthered the spread of a conspiracy theory that WOTO puts captured spirits, the souls of dead people into their WOTO-cube food brand.

Mingling with locals in The Undercity and Scrap Town he came searching for "spirit talkers", describing his strange plan to get revenge on WOTO by using their own methods against them. Intending to create WOTO cube elementals or something similar he was a tad bit vocal about his plans and found to be speaking about corporate secrets in public. This resulted in him being cast out from Talaris.

Accused of leaking Talaris corporate secrets he was partially devoured by Belisarius Archimedes Otto von Qroak for being a traitor to the corporations. During the attempted murder he was admitted into the Nirvana hospital care in the Upper City. Thought to be dead from such severe injuries he was actually saved but escaped before fully recovering.

The following contains spoilers!

Currently hiding as "Garth Gun" in Scrap Town. It is likely that he does not even know his real identity any longer, after regrowing his entire head via the Lazarus Program.



  • Major - Resistant to Mind Affecting Effects
  • Minor - Magic Researcher
  • Minor - Serial Networker


  • Major - Magic Dependency
  • Minor - Vulnerable to Physical Violence
  • Minor - Susceptible to Nerd Sniping


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