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Rikky Raclette is a rare example of a rat-kin that has managed to achieve some success on the social ladder. Where most of his kind are crude, violent, and despicable - Rikky is subtle (in addition to all the previous qualities). He has made a name for himself by expertly diverting suspicion when committing treachery and absorbing all credit when adjacent to success.


Episode 1:

The Beginning / Meeting The Cast

Rikky begins his adventure in the GEB office building. After admiring the recently remodeled office interior, Rikky finds his business partner, CFO of GEB, and lover of money, Mr. Goldman, speaking with a recently hired mercenary. This merc introduces themselves as Manyu, a human who previously worked with Masaru and feeds off of electricity to survive. After cracking a joke about Manyu's clothing, it is established that Rikky is quite the jokester, much to the disinterest of Mr. Goldman. Manyu then reveals he has a life-debt to the company, causing both GEB heads to agree he will be a valuable agent in future operations.

During this conversation, another member of GEB approaches to introduce themselves. Leonard Kiani is a cyborg and riot-control expert brought in by GEB to assess the compliance of its customers in the lower parts of the city. When he approaches however, Rikky is much more focused on the GEB cube Len had been enjoying. Rikky, after grabbing, pawing at, and dropping the caramel flavored cube, receives a scolding from Mr. Goldman and Len is able to introduce himself. Len then explains that he is heading out to pick up paperwork and asks if the group wants anything brought back. Rikky requests a caffeine flavored GEB cube (the equivalent of twenty coffees according to Rikky) to be delivered to Mr. Goldman, though he very clearly does not want one.

Mr. Goldman (right) points a gun at Manyu (left). Leonard watches from the background.

Mr. Goldman (right) points a gun at Manyu (left). Leonard watches from the background.

Eventually the group decides to take a stroll of the GEB building, with Rikky suggesting they visit his labs first. They visit the GEB high-tech laboratory and Rikky claims the largest station for himself (complete with a standing desk to match his height). However, Rikky hinting at dangerous chemicals in the air of the lab, the group decides to promptly leave. On their way down from their building, the group encounters Viktor Easmine, a Galactic Union Governor, and a team of VALKYRIE personnel. This team consisted of Razz Arleth, HTR-87, and Enzo Quintiliano, the Lead Field Agent of VALKYRIE.

Organizing an Arena Brawl

After a sharing of introductions and GEB cubes between the corporations, Enzo notes that Valkyrie has recently installed an arena at their offices and that they were interested in hosting a small brawl. Mr. Goldman and Rikky both expressed interest in simply watching the brawl, but Enzo and Mr. Goldman eventually realize the potential to sell GEB cubes at the event. Once the potential for profit became known, the heads of both Valkyrie and GEB corporations became fully invested in setting up the event. The joint corporations decide to send each of their lead agents, Manyu and Razz, down to the Row in order to recruit fighters, while the heads travel to Trident to arrange a marketing deal for the event.

Rikky, Goldman, Leonard, Enzo, and HTR-87 arrive at Trident and set up a meeting with Trident personnel Hatsune Shinohara and Nadia Palpatyne. Although the group entered with the goal of an advertising deal, they left with the deal, live music for the arena, and a newfound goal of including as many other corporations as possible in the event. The group, now including Hatsune and Nadia, first head to Masaru to set up anti-magic runes around the arena, but they cannot find a Masaru representative. They each then make several remarks about how Masaru sucks and decide to leave. Avalon is next on the list and is needed to provide medical services to prevent fighters from being fatally injured during the event. Here they meet with Dr. Barnes, who agrees to provide the medical services in exchange for each fighter being forced to purchase a Avalon medical card. Rikky also expresses interest in touring the Avalon labs and future cooperation with Dr. Barnes, but the tour is put off until a later date.

Shortly after this meeting, Rikky and his crew decide to check in with the team in the Row. Rikky and Len meet with Manyu and Razz to find that they have found four people willing to fight in the event. Rikky is not satisfied with this amount, causing him and Mr. Goldman to agree to delay the arena brawl until next time. Rikky and his group in the Row then feel a sudden urge to return to the Upper City (in order to prevent lag in the Row), so they do so.

GEB Cubes Are People!

Rikky, Manyu, and Goldman then return to Mr. Goldman's office where Rikky tasks Manyu with an important mission. Rikky reveals that him and Mr. Goldman have been made aware that one of there employees has been creating GEB cubes from human meat, though they do not know who it is. Rikky and Goldman believe themselves to be the only ones who about this, making the mission top-secret. Rikky tasks Manyu with finding out which of there employees is doing this and with bringing them in alive. Rikky admires the employee's efforts to keep the scandal secret and wishes to know more about why or how they did it.

After this conversation, Mr. Goldman and Rikky pivot into a argument about experimental food design. This cube-induced tangent eventually ends in a VR Chat error, forcing the occupants of the Upper City to stop what they are doing and reconnect.

The Cubes Move!

After returning to the GEB building and harassing a security guard, Rikky decides to visit Dr. Barnes alone in order to tour the labs of Avalon. Unfortunately, Rikky cannot find anyone at NRIVANA besides Viktor, who informs him that a lot of people are gathered at the Valkyrie arena and that he should check for Dr. Barnes there. Rikky takes him up on the advice and heads towards Valkyrie. After killing some time advertising GEB cubes, meeting some members of TraVerse, and talking with Enzo about postponing the arena brawl, Mr. Goldman and Manyu also arrive at Valkyrie. Manyu pulls Rikky to the side to inform him that there has been an unidentified person signing into the security checkpoints at the GEB labs. Manyu believes this to be related to the case assigned to him earlier and notes that the id was also found going in and out of TraVerse. Rikky tells Manyu to keep digging for evidence but doesn't want to stay away from the group at the arena for to long.

When Rikky returns to the group he finds Dr. Barnes next to the cat-like synthetic, Verlassene. Ricky attempts to arrange a tour of the Avalon labs but is made uneasy by the synthetic slowly approaching him. He is about to get the tour he wanted when Mr. Goldman receives an emergency phone call from a employee at GEB. Goldman brings Rikky, Manyu, and HTR-87 with him back to GEB in order to meet with the distressed employee. When they arrive, an anxious and exhausted Ensign Jameson informs them that the GEB cubes in storage at the labs have been moving. After Rikky confirmed with the employee that the cubes were in fact moving on their own not being moved by someone, they all rushed to the lab. On the way, Jameson gives Rikky one of the cubes which Rikky confirms is sentient and then throws on the ground outside the lab. Goldman notes that they will someone to clean it up later.

Upon entering the lab, everything appears fine at first however Jameson claims to hear something moving in Rikky's personal lab station. As the group piles into the entrance of the station, Jameson notices something in the vents. Jameson goes to reach into the vent causing his arm to get stuck and him to start screaming in pain! Rikky and Goldman are shocked as Manyu attempts to pull the ensign out and Jameson exclaims "It's Crawling under my skin"! Before their eyes, Jameson is transformed by whatever was in the vents into a horrific zombie-like creature. Manyu's sword and HTR-87's flamethrower quickly dispose of the creature but the crew is clearly shaken. HTR-87 is ordered to activate their thermal camera and detect that the creature had actually just retreated into the vents. Rikky first wants to lockdown the lab, but then realizes the importance of his own safety over others and rushes toward the exit. Goldman and Manyu follow only to meet a larger zombie creature blocking the exit to the labs. The creature takes several shots from Mr. Goldman's gun without much effect prompting him to exclaim "You've fucked me Rikky"! It is only when HTR-87 arrives to the scene and activates their flamethrower is the creature defeated.

Following this encounter, Rikky and Goldman decide to wipe HTR-87's memory in order to prevent Valkyrie from learning about and spreading their experience in the lab. They instruct Manyu to do so and Mr. Goldman takes HTR-87 with him back to Valkyrie. Rikky and Manyu, now alone in the lab, move the corpse of the zombie creature to Rikky's station when Manyu notices an unfortunate security breach. Someone had hacked the cameras in the GEB lab and had watched the entire encounter with the creature. Manyu is able to sever the connection but is unable to locate the hacker. Rikky and Manyu agree that the hacker probably had to do with the unknown id from TraVerse and that the creatures were a product of corporate sabotage. With this knowledge in mind they head to TraVerse for information.


Rikky and Manyu arrive outside the gate of TraVerse and meet with Bobken Zavakian, a logistics manager and data analyst for TraVerse. Rikky wishes to establish a meeting with TraVerse under the guise of discussing the arena event. Unfortunately for TraVerse, their offices were still under construction and Bobken invited Rikky and Manyu into the labs for their conversation. During this conversation Rikky would distract Bobken by asking excessive questions about their transportation products, all while Manyu searched for a computer to steal data from. At some point during the conversation two more TraVerse representatives arrive, Blayne Penn and Ellek Myth, claiming there was a security breach. Rikky plays it off as system malfunction as a result of his visit and continues to talk about their dealings. Eventually Manyu returns and signals to Rikky that he has the data by claiming Rikky is receiving an emergency call. Rikky says his goodbyes and leaves TraVerse, leaving them unaware of his true goal.

Although it is clear the data they have recovered is valuable, it is encrypted and will take time for Manyu to access its contents. Rikky and Manyu reunite with Mr. Goldman in the GEB labs and tell him about the data. Mr. Goldman, however, doesn't see what TraVerse has to gain from this and suggests that another corporation may simply be placing blame on TraVerse for the sabotage against GEB. Manyu leaves the labs to begin work on decryption.

Once Rikky and Goldman are alone in the room, Rikky gives Mr. Goldman a proposal. Rikky recognizes that whatever was used to create the zombie-creature is very valuable. Rikky tells Goldman he wants to recreate the zombie scenario under a controlled environment and once he's convinced Goldman there is money to be made, Goldman is onboard. They decide they would discuss more when things have settled and Mr. Goldman exits, leaving Rikky alone in his lab to study the creature's corpse...

Episode 2:

Madam Secretary

After arriving several minutes late to work, Rikky begins his second session walking up to the GEB offices. On his way however, he notices some new faces hanging around the GEB café. Sisters April and June Levings are speaking with Simon Kuzumo when Rikky interrupts their conversation to introduce himself. Rikky then insists that June try a GEB Cube, but is shot down when June describes eating a GEB Cube as a "frightful accident" and that they will not be trying one again. Mr. Goldman then arrives behind April and June and asks if they were looking for him. June confirms that they are and Goldman suggests they head his office for a meeting. June then tells Rikky that they are sorry they didn't have time to try one of his "garish cubes". After Rikky misunderstands this as "garage cube", Goldman suggests it would be better if Rikky didn't join them in the meeting.

After Goldman and the sisters leave, Viktor arrives and informs Rikky that the sisters are secretaries of The Board. Rikky and Viktor start talking about the sisters and their attitude but are interrupted when Manyu and Ellek come running to speak with Rikky. Before Rikky and Ellek can speak however, Rikky pulls as passing Leonard over to guard him and to show off his new glasses to. Rikky and Ellek then find one of GEB's outdoor couches to speak on. Ellek and Rikky begin speaking about TraVerse's role in the arena event when Ellek asks Rikky his weight. Rikky does not want to answer this question and tries to get around it but eventually tells Ellek that his weight is between 300 and 320 pounds, though it is likely these numbers were made up on the spot and not representative of Rikky's actual weight. Ellek and Rikky go on to speak more about Ellek's role in Sonitti, GEB and TraVerse's relationship and Manyu's new nickname, "Sparky". Eventually Manyu informs Rikky that Goldman is looking him and Rikky leaves Ellek for GEB's meeting room.

The Meeting

Rikky and Manyu arrive in the meeting room with seats filled by Simon, Leonard, and Mr. Goldman. Rikky's begins the meeting by joking around with Goldman, but he is not assumed, partly because of the bad new he has just received. Goldman informs everyone in the meeting that GEB has fallen significantly in stock rankings, raising the smallest amount out of any corporation. Goldman tells everyone that if they can't turn this around he'll "have all of [their] asses out the door by next week". Goldman opens the discussion to all the members and Leonard steps forward with some information. Leonard informs them all that Dr. Barnes and Avalon have been making interesting discoveries about mushroom people in undercity. Leonard admits he doesn't yet know how this info would be profitable, but Rikky jumps on the idea and suggests that it would a good opportunity to work with Avalon, as Rikky is very interested in their technology. Rikky suggests they create a new type of GEB cube out of the mushroom people but Goldman isn't convinced it would be all that profitable.

Goldman is not impressed with anyone's proposal and reminds everyone that GEB's stock price only has to increase relative to the other corporations. With this in mind, Goldman suggests they sabotage the operations of other corporations. Leonard brings up the Valkyrie Arena Brawl happening soon as a good time to sabotage but none of them can seem to agree on how they should sabotage it. Eventually they decide to sabotage TraVerse by having Manyu drain the power from their transports.

After a lunch break, the meeting reconvenes and they move onto another topic. Rikky and Leonard begin to talk about competition to GEB from local food distributers in the undercity. Competition from these places have been cutting into GEB's profits and Goldman cannot have that. Rikky tasks Simon with going down to the undercity to discover where this competition is coming from so they can stop it. Goldman then bring the conversation back to the arena event and suggests they could do some betting on fighters to earn some money. They could then bribe one of the fighters to throw the fight to ensure profit. With that the meeting ends Rikky heads off with Manyu towards TraVerse.

Prepping the Arena

Although Rikky and Manyu search TraVerse for employees, they are unable to find any and decide to go to the Valkyrie Arena. Here they find that the GEB Cubes have not yet been delivered to the arena and tell Bobken, a TraVerse employee, that if they do not see the GEB Cubes soon then TraVerse will have defaulted on their end of the deal. Mr. Goldman spots Rikky at the arena and Rikky pulls him aside to fill him in on the situation. While they are talking, Ellek runs over to them and explains that TraVerse was not aware they were to be transporting GEB Cubes. Rikky and Goldman contest this and eventually Ellek agrees to do what he can to deliver the cubes on time.

After this conversation, Ellek leaves and Leonard comes over to Rikky and Goldman. Leonard asks if they have seen the contestants of the arena and who selected them only to inform Rikky and Goldman that one of the contestants is a "hotel-running guide robot with arms no bigger than [his] pinky finger". Although Leonard is worried this will look bad for GEB, Goldman assures him that the blame will fall on Valkyrie and they will be able to maintain their status as a mere sponsor. Goldman then shifts the conversation to the secretaries he has been talking to. Goldman informs Rikky and Leonard that June has been giving him a hard time and that "she's just being a real bitch". Rikky tells Goldman to just keep it cool and they each go back into the crowd.

Shortly after this, Ellek again comes running for Rikky and informs him that despite the misunderstanding the GEB Cubes have been delivered. Ellek then shows Rikky that the GEB cubes will be delivered to the customers via a food trucks just outside the arena. Rikky is happy that the cubes have been delivered and thanks Ellek for his work.

The Arena

As the Arena event is about to start, Rikky, Goldman, June, and April gather together to watch the arena. Rikky is also informed that there has been a change to the event and one guy will now be facing off against the four previously agreed upon contestants. Just as the tournament starts, Rikky announces his support for the "trashcan" and the fighters begin the match. As soon as the match starts however, it becomes clear that the mystery challenger taking on the other four contestants is in possession of advanced technology. The fighter uses a cloaking device and sets up forcefields around the arena causing Goldman and Rikky to ask it he is even allowed to do that. The fighting goes on and the cloaked fighter runs around the arena, only giving his opponents a chance to attack when he attacks. Because of this, the fight begins to drag and Rikky asks Goldman if he can feed the fighters one of his GEB Cubes. Goldman tells him the throw a cube at the fighters and when he does, one of the wounded fighters trips and falls over. At one point during the fight the mysterious challenger uses his cloaking technology to breach Valkyrie' security and exit the arena resulting in a brief panic in the crowd. Goldman and June remark that this is highly unprofessional of Valkyrie. The challenger returns to the arena and makes an announcement to the crowd that they concede the match for breaching the arena, however they had already left one fighter seriously wounded and the other three exhausted.

After the challenger disappears, Rikky and Goldman are disappointed that the arena had to go this way. Rikky tries to cheer him up by pointing out that the audience seems to have enjoyed their GEB Cubes, though June points out the multiple cubes thrown into the arena. After this, Goldman tells June and April that they should talk to Valkyrie about their poor job setting up the arena, but June assures him that their failure will be reflected in their stock price and the sisters leave. Goldman and Rikky are extremely happy about this outcome.

Humanitarian Effort

After this Rikky and Goldman part ways and Rikky finds Dr. Barnes near the arena. Rikky wishes to discuss a business deal between Avalon and GEB, primarily to get his hands on some of the genetic tech Avalon has. Along the way to the Avalon meeting room, Rikky grabs Manyu and brings him along. Once they arrive at the meeting room Rikky is joined by Manyu, Dr. Barnes, and two Avalon employees, Jarvis Bellworth and Rana Amariah. There are many proposals between Rikky and Dr. Barnes but they eventually agree to launch a humanitarian effort in the lower city. Avalon would provide free healthcare to the citizens of the Row with the long-term goal of learning about their DNA and any other types of data they may be able to collect. Barnes believes this data to be extremely valuable and believes GEB providing food alongside their care will strengthen the trust between the Row and the corporations. GEB would get out of this access to the data collected and of course to PR boost of providing to those in need. Avalon also believes they may be able to capture the food providers in the Row and use them to spread Avalon's influence among the populace. Rikky is very happy with their plan and looks forward to doing business with them. Rikky and Manyu then leave Avalon and head back to GEB.

Top Priority

On his way back to the GEB offices, Rikky meets with Goldman and Goldman tells Rikky that he's got some top priority info. Rikky also has info to share with Goldman and believes his info to be even "topper priority". This sparks a brief debate however Rikky eventually allows Goldman to share his priority first. Goldman informs Rikky that the creature they had met in the lab is not unique. Goldman received footage from an anonymous source of those creatures wreaking havoc aboard a spaceship. Wreckage from this spaceship has also been found in the Wasteland just outside of Savior City. Goldman believes these creatures are a huge threat to the city. Goldman's computer then projects the source of the creatures, a human covered in arcane markings and carrying a staff. This projection then falls to the ground and disappears leaving Rikky to believe that the infection may have been caused by that person's death. Whatever the case, Goldman wishes to get an ops team cleared to investigate the crash and recover any useful materials.

After this Rikky fills Goldman in on his dealings with Avalon. Goldman is very interested in their dealings but Goldman is waiting to meet with a Masaru representative and Rikky goes home for the evening.

The Assassin

Rikky returns to his apartment but when he does, he smells an unfamiliar smell. Rikky demands the intruder show themselves and they do, it is the challenger from the Valkyrie arena. The man informs Rikky that he had been sent to kill him but wishes to use him for something else. The man tells Rikky that he is looking for a medallion owned by Enzo of the Valkyrie Corporation. The man doesn't tell Rikky why he needs this medallion but lets Rikky know how easy it was for him to breach GEB's security. Rikky also wants to know more about the man and the man agrees to talk when the medallion is retrieved. With that the man disappears and Rikky takes a rest for the evening.

Episode 3:

Meeting at the Galactic Union

Rikky begins the third day with some technical difficulties, causing him to be a bit late. Eventually Rikky arrives at the entrance to the GEB offices where he meets with Mr. Goldman and Kreigs, a member of GEB security. Goldman and Kreigs were talking about a shop in the Row which claims to sell naturally grown food. Goldman notes that this shouldn't be possible on anything but a "prime planet" and Kreigs suggests that it is just made up to sell more stock. Goldman sends Kreigs down to the Row to investigate the shop and informs Rikky that they have a couple meetings coming up. The first is in the Galactic Union tower and will have all of the heads of the corporations. Goldman cannot remember exactly what the meeting is about but Kreigs informs his it has something to do with The Corporate Board. Rikky and Goldman briefly discuss plans to visit the Row and head to the Galactic Union Tower. On his way, Rikky tries to find Enzo, the head of the Valkyrie Corporation, but a member of Valkyrie security tells him that Enzo is not in today. Because of this Rikky believes it may be more difficult to acquire the medallion he was tasked with retrieving.

Rikky and Goldman arrive at the Galactic Union where, despite his whining, Rikky is forced to sit a seat away from Mr. Goldman. The meeting room is filled with corporate executives who pass the time wait for Masaru and Avalon representatives to arrive. Eventually everyone arrives and June and April Levings begin to speak. June gets right to the point and informs the members of the meeting that the president of the corporate board is missing. June then tells them that this knowledge is not to reach anyone outside the Upper City and that an interim president will be assigned shortly. This interim president will be selected from the members of the meeting based on their performance in a challenge. The sisters announce that the Wasteland surrounding Savior City has been largely untouched in recent years but there is much potential for profit. Whichever corporation is able to produce the most wealth from the Wasteland will have a member assigned as the temporary president of the board. There are no rules to this contest and profit is to be made by whatever means necessary.

During the meeting however, the members of the meeting all receive a disturbing message. An emergency channel which has not been used since the War of Unification broadcasts a message to all present. An exhausted corporate lieutenant an be heard and exclaims that they and their soldiers are under attack and need help. Before he can offer anymore information however, the line goes dead. Each of the corporate heads receive a visual transmission as well showing destruction and an encroaching enemy force at the edges of this sector. The heads are shaken but June assures them that the Union will look into it and encourages them to focus on their current tasks in the Wasteland. Meeting is then dismissed.

After the meeting, Damien Masaru, the head of Masaru, comes over to talk with Goldman and Rikky. Damien believes GEB is most likely to succeed out of any of the corporations and wishes to extend a friendship. Damien tells Goldman that he has no interest in becoming the president and offers Goldman any resources he might need in order to achieve the presidency. While they are talking, Rikky interrupts to ask Damien if divination and other magics are "real". Goldman tries to get Rikky to back off but Damien assures Rikky that the magic they practice is very much real, especially in the hands of a skilled sorcerer. This prompts the GEB members to ask how they can tell if someone is a sorcerer, hoping to gain more info about the projection they saw the previous day. Damien informs them that the best way to tell if someone is sorcerer is if the person has no cybernetic augmentations. These augmentations interfere with a sorcerer's mana and make it more difficult to practice magic. After finishing up this conversation, Rikky and Goldman head outside.

Humanitarian Effort 2

Rikky and Goldman return to the GEB meeting room to think about the meeting. When they arrive Goldman notices Rikky is anxious about something, causing Rikky to tell Goldman about his encounter with the assassin. Rikky informs Goldman about his task and tells Goldman that he is interested in working with the assassin in the future. Rikky explains that the assassin would be useful to them and, if such a deal doesn't work out, Rikky can grab some of the assassins' DNA to track him with the help of Masaru. Rikky plans to visit Valkyrie to find where the medallion he is supposed to steal is located. After this Goldman shifts the conversation to the topic of the Wasteland. Goldman notes that they don't know much about the Wasteland but Rikky reminds him of the hologram and creatures they recently saw. Goldman plans to send a task force lead by Manyu to investigate the wreckage of the ship they learned about. While they are talking, Goldman notices Kreigs has returned from the Row. Kreigs informs Goldman that he has found a brothel in the Row which Goldman can get a massage from and that he has done limited recon on the noodle shop he was investigating. After this they realize it is time for their meeting at Nrivana and the GEB heads leave.

When they arrive at Nrivana they meet with Jarvis Bellworth who brings them to the Avalon meeting room. They get to the meeting room and all sit down with Dr. Barnes. Barnes explains the deal him and Rikky had previously discussed with Goldman and although Goldman is skeptical at first, he is onboard once Barnes get into the details. Rikky tells Barnes that they are looking to head to the Row to establish contacts and tell some GEB distributers about the effort but Barnes said he doesn't want Avalon's name on anything just yet. Goldman then tells Barnes that he will be putting Rikky in charge of the deal and that he will provide any resources needed to allow for success. With that the meeting is over and the GEB members head out.

The Row

Rikky and Goldman head to Valkyrie where they grab Korgak Mars as extra security. Once they are ready Rikky, Goldman, Kreigs, and Korgak head to the Row. Once there they meet with FRED, one of GEB's distributers in the Row. FRED informs Goldman and Rikky that the people of the Row are largely indifferent towards GEB and that business has been good. While this is happening, Rikky makes friends with Rikket Rotfinger, a fellow Rat-kin and inhabitant of the Row. Rikket appears to respect Rikky's status and helps give them directions around the city. Goldman asks Rikket to take them to the brothel and they eventually arrive at the Dirty Diamond. They go inside the brothel and are met by multiple cat-girls which offer to dance for the incoming customers. Goldman orders a drink and watches the dances but Rikky is more interested in an employee at establishment. Gloop is a slime man at the Dirty Diamond and Rikky takes interest in him for looking remarkably similar to a jelly GEB cube. Rikky asks for a "sample" of Gloop which is given to him by one of the cat girls. Satisfied with this and uninterested in the dancing cat girls, Rikky asks Rikket to take him to a restaurant owned by a rat. Rikket recognizes this place and Rikky takes Korgak with him, leaving Goldman to his massage.

Once Rikky arrives at the restaurant, he excitedly greets his niece Digit. Digit asks Rikky and Rikket to take a seat while she prepares food for them. During this time Rikky attempts to convince Rikket to be a contact for him in the Row but Rikket does not need much convincing and is happy to work in exchange for food.

This Summary Is Incomplete

Episode 8

Upon Goldmans request, Rikky, Manyu, and Leonard along with a couple guards adventure into The Wasteland to try scavenge a crashed Union spaceship named The Golden Lance. After some small trouble with the Scrap Town locals, the GEB team made it to the ships location, only to discover it was blocked off and needed to be accessed from above.

Rikky gets help from a Shadowbat in the wastes

Before they could turn around and leave the group was attacked by a giant sand-crab and multiple sandworms, separating Rikky and a young guard from the rest. The private was eventually eaten by a sandworm, but Rikky remained safe until a mysterious Shadowbat approached, the same one that attacked TraVerse the previous day. The merc informed Rikky on how to deal with the desert creatures, and that they are walking through holy ground where 2 worlds connect, the veil that usually separates them being thinner here. He also mentions the spirits that can be seen around Scrap Town and The Undercity are connected to this "other world".

The Shadowbat tells Rikky to walk, and find the truth

The Shadowbat sends Rikky out into a sandstorm alone, but gifts him the gun he is carrying, telling him to find truth in the wastes. As Rikky walks, he thinks about what he truly desires; "Not money, not fame, not status, what do I want?". He somehow finds his way to the salt flats near Scrap Town, and in the town he meets up with Manyu and Leonard, but is seemingly more compassionate than his usual self.

Upon investigation of the gun the Shadowbat merc gave him, Rikky finds the name "Tolstek" engraved, which when researched reveals an old experiment named "Operation Tolstek", designed to test the soul or perhaps even journey beyond death.

As the cherry on top of an already crazy day, Manyu reveals to Rikky that he is in truth a symbiote. The Manyu that Rikky knows is actually an electrical elemental named "Otto" and the strange outbursts that he has is the real "Manyu" coming out. The two can't live without each other and are quite happy to share one body.[1]

Episode 9

Rikky talking to Warren Crassus and Gregor Loch Brunswick at the GEB shuttle docks

Rikky waits at the GEB shuttle-bay for Leonard and Manyu who went on a mission to The Golden Lance. A shuttle docks, but instead of just his corp friends, its carrying a large group of survivors from The Row and Scrap Town who just escaped from the crashed ship.

With help from Ian, the survivors are escorted to Avalon for recovery. In the Avalon courtyard while talking to Enzo they are both messaged by Thaddeus, calling himself Mr. Black, who turns up in-person a short time latter for a meeting with them both.

Thaddeus puts Phil to sleep after an attack against Goldman

This triggers a very eventful hour as Rikky learns more about this sovereign, his powers, and the helping hand he extends to GEB. Specifically, Thaddeus explains that he solves problems for profit, and can help GEB with the recent arrival of these unwanted guests from the shuttle. In the GEB meeting room he questions Warren and Phil (the latter a Shometsu employee) as they are accused of attacking the GEB team sent to The Golden Lance, as well as offering some help and healing to Goldman and Rikky. Goldman shoots Phil in the leg in an attempt to get Warren to talk. Phil uses his abilities on Goldman before Thaddeus undoes Phil's effects.

After Thaddeus leaves the meeting, Rikky and Goldman decide on what to do with the slummers in their office. After being irritated by Warren, and perhaps against Rikky's wishes, Goldman executes Warren and he is taken away by Dr. Lorn Barnes. (It was later revealed that the shot Warren suffered was non-fatal.)

Episode 10

GEB debreifs Mercury with his recorded account of the events that transpired at the Lance, but discover his memories are locked. Rikky and GEB then follow up with Avalon about Phil, who had been placed in their custody after his encounter with Thaddeus. Phil draws his sword and shield and GEB opens fire on him before other Shometsu representatives arrive and Ikaruga Mitsuyami talks everyone down. They agree to allow GEB to interrogate Phil with them present at GEB and head back to the GEB lab. A tense discussion ensues, with GEB asking for access to memories locked in Mercury's mind that need a Shometsu access code, to which Ikaruga asks GEB why they were in the Lance in the first place. GEB refuses to answer and Phil laughs. Eventually GEB explains their side and Shometsu agrees to access the memories.

As Mercury recounts the events, a strange alien takes over a Valkyrie shuttle and begins beaming corp info to the edge of the galaxy. Rikky begins to feel an ominous but strangely comforting feeling - that of flowing wind and shifting sand.

Rikky has a moment of spiritual reflection

He takes a break from the debriefing to stare out a window, and begins to feel something like regret. He thinks about how many people were crushed so he could stand, how many countless faces are in the mist and fog beneath the Uppercity. It is then that he feels the call of the gun marked with a strange name he received a couple days before - somehow his destiny is intertwined with it.[2]

GEB then wipes Mercury's mind of what he did at GEB and returns him to Zax Prowler, who has come to the Upper city to retrieve him. Rikky speaks with Zax while Goldman and the others interrogate Phil. Ikaruga states that Shometsu doesn't condone working with people from the Row and that Phil did not intend to harm GEB employees. Phil interrupts to say GEB shot first. Rikky points out that he did this entirely without Shometsu's knowledge, using their weapons, Ikaruga says they'll deal with that on their own. Goldman says they would owe himself and GEB something in return, Ikaruga is willing to accept that but Rikky and Manyu think Phil is getting off easy. Leonard suddenly returns with word that a shuttle has landed and assumes it might be some kind of rescue party for Phil. Rikky tells him they're releasing him into the custody of Shometsu, and at that moment Phil walks past and laughs again. This enrages both Leonard and Manyu who draw their weapons, Rikky talks them down.

In a show of good faith, Ikaruga provides GEB with a video she was given of an offworld operation run by GEB where clear atrocities are being committed. Rikky and the rest of GEB are appreciative of the gesture.

In spite of that, this experience with Shometsu, perceiving one of their employees to have taken a freelance job from people in the Row which ended in the deaths of GEB executives (Manyu and Leonard revived via the Lazarus Program), seeds of distrust for Shometsu are sown in Rikky and the rest of GEB for the rest of the season.

Episode 11

Rikky spends much of his time in the Uppercity investigating all the recent mysteries that he has been involved with - most notably talking with Damien Masaru who explains to him that the alien lifeform that was on The Golden Lance and took over the Valkyrie shuttle is a hivemind with its central location possibly being on their very planet.

Rikky, Goldman and Damien discuss the Thaddeus situation

Rikky then questions Damien on if he knows anything about Thaddeus. The Masaru CEO reveals to Rikky that Thaddeus is in fact a "free spirit" - which is a spirit with actual consciousness. This is later reinforced when Rikky tells Damien that Thaddeus promised to help with GEB profits if they abandoned their Gloop research, but has yet to deliver. Damien says this is exactly how a free spirit acts; "Its like making a deal with the devil... they will promise you the world".[3]

Episode 12

Rikky starts his day in the Uppercity dealing with the possible zombification of a GEB guard that mindlessly walked into TraVerse HQ. Most of the body was eventually destroyed by The Astral Company but some of its remains were taken away by Nirvana to research.

The group exploring the hidden canyon

Not long into the day Rikky feels the familiar call of the sands, and quickly makes his way to Scrap Town with Manyu. Guided by Sheila Faires Dinkum, a combination group of wastelanders, undercity denizens, and Rikky & Manyu make their way through the wastes to a strange canyon hidden in rock. The group begins to travel through the canyon, and along their journey find traces of what the wasteland once was - a verdant green paradise, and a race that use to live there called the Nathraki. As they are walking Rikky ponders if this is the pathway to the other world he learned about.

Rikky and Sheila at the center of a crystal crater

Eventually the group arrive at a crystal crater guided by Sheila who now speaks and acts in a regal manner, as if she is the queen of the sands. In the center of the crater Rikky takes a small green stone and an explosion erupts around him, knocking back everyone except the rat. He feels a similar sensation to the one a couple days prior as he thinks about the people that "rose above with their feet on the necks of those below. The greed takes its told, he took from the top, how he must give to the bottom".

Sheila then offers her hand to Rikky so that he may see what he truly is, he takes it and begins a spiritual journey. He finds himself walking on all fours heading towards a single light in a tunnel:

" As he moves into the open light, giants surround him, giants with far more than they will ever need.
Crumbs and food falls from their great gaping mouths, he takes what they dont care for, so that he might survive.
And then, when he looks up towards the giants, he sees his own face

Rikky begins to feel a kinship with Sheila and all those with an animal strength in their souls as the more primal part of him, the part that he has ignored for far too long, has been reignited. The land remembers what he truly is, and it seeks a soverign to fight for its cause. Rikky choses to ally with the land, and so he grasps the stone not with greed but with purpose, his hand more of a beast than man.

Rikky and the entire party then discover that this place is in fact the gateway to the other world, the world of spirits, and if it were to be sealed all the magic in the world would slowly wither away. They all now know this place must be protected.

Thus, the group continues forward. At the end of their journey they find another gun marked with Tolstek, and when Rikky places the two next to each other there is a whisper of thanks on the wind as the gun pair is back together. Tolstek imparts Rikky some of his wisdom, and grants him the "Akimbo" skill, allowing him to duel wield weapons.[4]

Thaddeus greets Rikky at the end of his spiritual journey

Suddenly the group begin to hear spirits scream, and as they turn the final corner before exiting the canyon they see Thaddeus waiting for them. Thaddeus questions Rikky on where they came from and what they are doing, but Rikky gives no answer and questions the same of the soverign. Thaddeus explains that he must on occasion dirtys his own hands, and upon seeing the crystal Rikky has he bids adieu while laughing and saying "see you soon".

A discussion in a Scrap Town apartment

Manyu and Rikky make their way back to Scrap Town where they have a serious talk with Kythus, Ahi, Tynan, Ryzy and Horizon. The 7 discuss what just happened, why Rikky was chosen, and what do they know about Thaddeus. Horizon also asks Rikky if he can help with putting a radio tower in Scrap Town, promising that it wont be used against corporations but for wasteland communication, which Rikky accepts.

Towards the end of the day Rikky and Manyu have a short meeting with Sheila, where they give her the crystal to take care of as Rikky trusts she can take good care of it.

Episode 14

Damien invites GEB to the necromancer lair mission

After the typical morning union meeting, Rikky meets with Damien who tells him about the expedition to the necromancers lair Masaru will be executing later that day. He invites Rikky and possibly some GEB guards, as the two corps are on good terms and want to continue their cooperation.

And so a sizeable squad with both GEB and Masaru members venture down to The Undercity and the magic sanctum, guided by some local residents including Friend and Big Conk. The Masaru blood mage in the group opens the necromancers cube and teleports them all into the sinister lair.

Rikky and the group dealing with a horde of undead

As they make their way through the lair they are swarmed by hordes of undead in varying sizes, which Rikky helps to mow down with his two assault rifles and newly acquired Akimbo skill. In their downtime between waves the group progress further inside, occasionally finding bits of pieces of information about the necromancer and the strange cave they are in.

Rikky tries to ally with powerful spirits

At the center of the lair they are stopped by a very intimidating shadow spirit who Rikky and the Masaru mage try to reason with, eventually getting it to bring out a much more calming and relaxed light spirit who refers to themselves as Dawn. Rikky explains the incoming alien threat to Dawn and asks for help, to which the light spirit explains about her brother - the volcano that must be tamed. After Rikky and the team learn about the next step to stopping the alien they make their way back outside without trouble, except Rikky accidently stepping in a recently-laid bear trap.[5]

Rikky and Goldman head a debriefing about the recent expedition

Rikky invites the entire group - including those who live in The Undercity - back to GEB for a safe debriefing. In the GEB boardroom they discuss many different options and plans, and are introduced to Goldman who isnt fond of spirits and elementals, including Dawn and their volcano brother.[6] Cornelius Crown brings up the issue of Ciara Ní Éabha, who he calls an apprentice necromancer and that they just cleared out the way the center of the lair for her. Shaska Gug'Adez also gives over a sample of Thaddeus's blood to GEB and Masaru for research, and explains to the group how to break his possession spell - by saying the possessed's name three times.

Talking about some private business with Kee'ra and Cleo after the debriefing

In the final meeting of the day, Rikky talks to Kee’ra and Cleo who reveal to him and Goldman that their associates A.L.Ex. and Desmond got killed in a recent bomb attack down in the Row. Rikky then asks the brothel girls if they can bring Warren Crassus, or any information they may have on him to GEB. They are hesitant at first as he is a fellow slummer, but eventually come around to the idea after learning he is possibly dangerous.

Episode 15

Rikky finds Kee'ra and Cleo stayed the night at GEB

Early in the morning as Rikky heads up to the boardroom, he finds Kee'ra and Cleo waking up on the couches in the GEB reception area. He follows up on their arrangement to try bring Warren to him, and while Kee'ra is still on the fence Cleo assures the plan is still a-go. Then during the official morning meeting, Rikky gives the other GEB employees a debriefing of the necropolis mission - namely his discussion with the shadow and dawn spirits and what they said must be done.

Hadwyn in the GEB offices

Invited by Leonard, their Scraptown acquaintance Hadwyn Ermire shows up and is invited for a discussion in the lower offices. There, Hadwyn gives Rikky, Simon and Leonard the rundown of events happening in the wasteland lately; how there are still synthetics infected with Titan and that he became a Scraptown council member. He also shares his plans to enlarge the oasis, posing using runes to generate artificial rain or digging below the sands trying to find an underground reservoir.

After the meetings there is some drama in the lab as a strange armoured GEB scientist gets interrogated. He explains he developed miniture GEB cubes that have 3x the density of a normal cube, making them unstable and explosive. Rikky and Goldman like the idea, but decide it will be better used as a weapon instead of food.[7]

Damien educates Goldman and Rikky on spirits

Rikky and Goldman then head to Masaru to discuss with Damien their plans involving the volcano. Damien makes an interesting deducation that the hivemind alien seems to be weak to fire, and so the fire spirit in the volcano might be their best asset against it. They agree to try use Masaru powers to contact the shadow spirit Rikky talked to in the necropolis, hoping to try broker a deal with it for more information or help. However Damien explains to them it might be hard as the shadow mage Ciara is strongly in tune with it. As the meeting wraps up Ciara is brought in by other Masaru employees, Rikky assumes she's been apprehended but believes Masaru has the situation handled.

With all his corp business finished, Rikky heads down to the wastes with Manyu looking to get his Tolstek guns fixed. He finds the local gunsmith Sten Berglund and they barter a deal for Sten to fix the guns for 40 thousand credits. After leaving the guns with Sten he runs into newly married Sheila and Sir Polka who are following a call from the sands.

Rikky and company watch as a mysterious fire being graces Sheila and Polka

Rikky and Manyu decide to follow them into the sands, along with a few other locals from Scraptown. The sands transport them to a massive obsidian wall deep in the sands, and the group watches as Polka meets a fiery swordsman that infuses the hollow knight with flesh and feelings. Sheila then uses her sand powers to transport the group back to Scraptown.[8] In town, Rikky makes future plans to try commune with a water spirit with Sheila, and meet Hadwyn, McCuldger, and Mercury for business tomorrow.

Episode 16

Rikky, Thaddeus, Conrad and Goldman have a polite yet tense conversation at the Trident gala

The first thing Rikky does is head down to Scraptown with Simon to pick up his guns. He pays Sten and tests his new akimbo weapons out for a bit before heading back up to the Uppercity for the Trident gala.

He arrives at the gala with Goldman and Simon and spends some time watching the idol contest, figuring out the secruity, and socializing with the wide variety of party guests. His situation becomes more tense has he spots Thaddeus at the party and warns Masaru secruity about him. He continues to socialize but never stops keeping an eye on Thaddeus as he moves around the gala.[9]

Cleo gives Rikky the bad news

After a couple hours at the party, Cleo pulls Rikky aside to tell him about the unfortunate death of Rikket, letting him know that she is personally responsible. Rikky understands Cleo's self defense plea but is still saddened by the news and drinks heavily in honour of the rat.[10]

Drunk Rikky meets Sheila and Wit in Scraptown

The gala eventually comes to an end and a very drunk Rikky heads back to GEB with Goldman to prepare for a trip into the wasteland to meet the water spirit, as he planned yesterday with Sheila. Against Goldman's advice he makes his way to Scraptown with Manyu and Simon, meets with Sheila and they ride her tamed giant sand-crab to the water shrine.

The water spirit imparts some of her knowledge

There, they succefully summon the water spirit who says to calm her firey brother in the volcano, they must find a druid of old named Tarcel. The water spirit tells them he is perished from this world, but lingers in the spirit realm, and only he knows the way into the heart of the volcano. As a final piece of advice, the spirit also says they need someone of the same magical affinity as a spirit to bind and/or calm it.

Episode 17

On his way to work Rikky meets a GEB guard that sounds eerily similar to Goldman, and when prompted the guard explains he is a body double for Goldman. At the morning GEB meeting, Rikky and the others discuss the elemental spirits that have been appearing around the spirit lately, and Manyu reveals he was able to commune with the electric spirit. He then runs outside, saying he feels a surge of power from the union tower. Rikky and the other present GEB employees follow him.

Rikky watches a charged-up Manyu commune with the lightning spirit

At the union tower they meet Damien who has also felt the power surge, then suddenly the lightning spirit appears before Rikky, Damien and Manyu. Rikky watches as Manyu and the spirit charge electricity together, before the spirit inexplicably runs off.

Testing out "Barry Silverman" the body double

After some corporate meetings with Valkyrie and TraVerse, Rikky, Manyu and Goldman runs some tests with the new body double guard. They are impressed with his imitation, but decide to take the double out as he could end up a liability. Rikky and Manyu end up taking the doubles body to the lab to dissolve.[11]

After a follow-up meeting with Valkyrie head Razz Arleth, Rikky and the GEB crew meet up with the engineer they met a few days earlier, who has finished another prototype - this time he presents the first GEB cube launcher. After some testing by Rikky and Goldman, they decide they like the idea of a launcher that shoots cubes that will knock the victim out, but still has a pleasant taste.

Asking Batharra Ront what she thinks about the cube guard

While talking about this new product, a new GEB mascot guard shows up and introduces himself to Rikky, who also likes the idea of this guard and begins to plan what they can do. Rikky decides to head down to The Row with this new mascot, Simon, and Manyu, where they use the mascot to advertise their cubes to various slummers. After much testing and interviewing, Rikky finds the slummers dont appreciate the idea of a giant talking GEB cube guard, despite his encouragement and enthusiasm.

Episode 18

Simon displays the holographic cube

Rikky's first order of business is going to the morning GEB meeting, which featured Simon showing off a holographic GEB-cube advertisement, and all the GEB members (minus Leonard) planning for the long awaited mission of using a TraVerse shuttle to lure the alien out of the invested Golden Lance. He then heads to the Union meeting with Goldman, but they soon find out only 1 representative is allowed from each corp.

Shometsu tell Rikky they have 5 days

As Rikky waits for Goldman outside the Union tower, he talks with Shometsu members Thomas Reed, Ikaruga Mitsuyami and Phil who tell him that according to their sources, they have 5 days until the main alien threat arrives. Phil becomes annoyed during this exchange, belittling Rikky for presumably still holding their previous unpleasant encounter over Shometsu's head's, and in turn witholding vital information. Ikaruga says she is still hoping they can work together. When Goldman returns they all set up what their plans are for the next 5 days, providing what Rikky percieves as little information.

Moving on to other business, Rikky runs over to Masaru with Goldman for a brief meeting with Damien. They tell him about the countdown, and in return he shares information on the current instability in the Undercity. Although stories about violent spirits to not deter Rikky from heading their with Manyu, with 40 minutes until their planned mission.

Morel talks about spirit attacks

Rikky's time in the Undercity is short, with most of it being a conversation with the new resident Morel who tells Rikky and Manyu about his origins in a Nirvana lab, and more stories about spirits attacking citizens. It is not long before some spirits do seemingly get aggitated with Rikky and Manyu wandering around, and they retreat down to Scrap town to meet with the rest of the mission crew.

Thunderstorm in the wastes

Upon arriving at Scrap Town, Rikky finds it is not TraVerse meeting them, but the fully armed Valkyrie, and together they acquire vehicles for their long drive through the wastes. Their accomplace Horizon drives the GEB team to the crashed ship, but just before they reach their destination a fierce thunderstorm surrounds the vehicles and stalls them. On top of a sand dune Rikky watches Manyu seemingly channel the lightning bolts that strike down around them into himself, and then use the energy to jump-start their car, allowing them to drive the remaining distance.

Exploring the Lance

After trying to use an energized truck as bait, and dealing with some raiders outside the Lance, the group decides to head inside the ship for the sample they need. Rikky and the group enter through the loading bay, cautiously make their way through the ship and shooting back at the few raiders that try to defend against them. Upon arriving at the central chamber, Rikky helps defend Manyu who successfully lures some alien tendrils into a trap that GEB secure and take back to their lab for analysis.[12]

Episode 19

Rikky says the alien is contained by unhappy

First thing in the morning Rikky and GEB run to their lab to check out the captured sample. They discover it is contained but slowly eating away at its cage. It is not long before others start showing up to check out the sample, including Valkyrie mechanic Luca Gray who helps repair the seal. Goldman brings Avalon researcher Dr Alice Constantine in to help with analysis, but says they need a bigger and better containment device for better research and more protection. Orchestrated by Rikky, the present onlookers hatch a plan to use Sonitii to transport the sample to the Valkyrie arena, where it will be surrounded by primed weaponry and magic defenses.

Masaru setting up their barrier around the alien

At the Valkyrie arena, Rikky helps coordinate the dozens of corporate employees gathered to help study or spectate the alien.[13] He watches as the alien feeds off of Masaru magic, escapes its containment then gets shot down by Valkyrie and Masaru spells. He also notices Dr Alice fall unconcious after the explosions and pulls her away from the fight. After running around making sure everyone else is ok, he heads to a big corporate meeting in the Valkyrie boardroom where they discuss what was most effective against the alien: cryo grenades and spells. The corps then plan to launch a giant cryo missile at the incoming ship, which Goldman coins "Operation Frozen Sword".

Rikky then heads to the wasteland in an attempt to scout out the volcano, but he ends up deciding to go the spirit canyon with Sheila tomorrow to try find this "Tarcel" he was told about a few days earlier.

Interrogating a broken Simon

As the cherry on top of a chaotic day, towards the end of his shift Rikky finds Simon up to some very suspicious activities in his lab, including letting in an undercover Shometsu employee and deactiving a status field. Rikky and Manyu interrogate Simon and find out about his head trauma and that people in the Row were trying to use him for information. Rikky orders Simon to go home, where he will be detained whilst he investigates this possible corporate betrayal and/or manipulation.

Episode 20

Adressing the corporate reps with what GEB has learned about the alien

The first key order of business for Rikky is to particpate in the Leonard-lead meeting in the Galactic Union boardroom with representatives from the other 6 corporations. There, the representatives discuss their plans of attack/defense against the aliens that were projected to arrive in three days. The main plans proposed were: Trident using their "perseus" system of micro-satellites to funnel the aliens to a specific point, a Valkyrie nuke enchanced by Masaru magic, and a massive jamming signal beamed towards the alien ship. In more dire news, at this meeting Phil of Shometsu announces that a scouting ship departed from the alien mothership, and is expected to arrive on their planet in the next 1-2 days. Rikky and the other corps agree to send a small force to meet this scout in space, jamming it beforehand so it can't contact the big ship.

An Astral decker and Horizon decrypt, then recrypt, the alien message

Towards the end of the meeting, Rikky arranges with Conrad Ludovic to give him the data Horizon captured yesterday from their live sample. Damien also pulls Rikky aside to inform him of a sentient burrito that has been spotted in the Row, attacking people and claiming it is a GEB creation. The already stressed Rikky agrees to investigate later on.

Back in the GEB lab, Conrad brings an Astral Company decker to Rikky, Leonard and Manyu with plans to decrpyt that data it wanted to send off, then scramble it so that is sends fake info.[14] They agree to transmit that the live sample was weak to plasma weapons and acid, in hopes that the aliens put resources into protection against these damage-types that the corporations dont often use.

TraVerse explain why their orbital canons just blew up the Golden Lance

After the tense corporate meetings and during a somber talk about Simons betrayal, the 3 GEB employees are knocked off their feet by a TraVerse orbital cannon that was fired at the Golden Lance, destroying the crashed ship. They all run to TraVerse for an explanation, where Blayne and Ellek exclaim that something mimiced their access codes to fire the cannon, despite their best efforts to stop it. The present corp members agree that the alien must be hacking into their communications and agree not to use their radios for the rest of the day.

Alice tells Leonard and Rikky the aliens are flying a Union vessel that could hear everything they just planned

Rikky then plans to head to Scraptown in hopes to meet with Hadwyn as he was discovered to be working with Simon yesterday, but just before they leave Leonards visor detects an unmarked dreadnought class vessel flying over the wasteland. As he learns of this information, Rikky sends Manyu down to the row to take out both Simon and this violent burrito, while himself and Leonard try to find other corps who might know more about this dreadnought. They meet with David and Alice from Avalon who report more bad news; they claim the mothership the alien is driving is a GU vessel that was wired into all Union communication - including their big meeting earlier in the day. They also meet Hadwyn, who says he has not betrayed GEB but rather was mislead by Simon, and is using Shometsu labs for research on a potential weapon against the aliens. Rikky and Leonard trust the wastelander and leave him to his experiments before finally heading down to the wasteland to check out the ship.[15]

Finding Maxwell's dead body in the Spirit Canyon

In Scraptown, the two learn from McCuldger that the ship was parked over the Spirit Canyon, and when they arrive they see fresh battlefield, the corpse of the scrapper Maxwell, and a heavily injured Wit and Batharra who inform them it was Thaddeus's ship, he was here and captured 3 spirit walkers. Rikky investigates the shrine and discovers the water spirit has been consumed. He is then contacted by lingering spirits who tell him that Thaddeus is trying to acquire all 4 spirit walkers, and the remaining free one (Sheila) must be protected.

Episode 21

Tesh advises Rikky and Leonard on how to handle sandworms

Rikky and Leonard start their day in the spirit canyon, discussing Thaddeus's intentions. They also plan to take Maxwells dead body back to Scraptown as Rikky knows they had some friends. However with no vehicle and seemingly noone coming to pick them up, the 2 GEB employees start walking through the wastes in the general direction of Scraptown. It is no long before they run into a strange bug man named "Tesh" that offers them assistance until Horizon shows up in a car, on his way to pick up Maxwell. With the help of Tesh distracting some sandworms, Horizon safely drives Rikky, Leonard and the corpse back to civilisation.

Asking Batharra Ront and Sten Berglund if they know where Sheila is

Rikky then begins a search around the city for Sheila, who he now knows needs to be protected at all costs. The search ends up not being fruitful as Rikky gets vastly differing reports of where Sheila is, and thus he decides to head back to the Uppercity to report back at GEB. On the way there, Leonard reveals to Rikky some of his backstory relating to his apparent cannibalism.[16] Up in the GEB boardroom Rikky and Leonard debrief Goldman on everything that has happened in the past 2 days, from the Simon betrayal to Thaddeus's dreadnought.

The Masaru mage using Astral projection

They hatch a plan to use Damiens "Astral Projection" abilities to try locate the 4 spirit talkers. Although they discover that Damien is not available there is another mage present that helps them and reports that at least of the spirit talkers are in a large estate on the outskirts of Savior City, recently purchased by someone using a fake name. The mage also reports on a large ship being parked outside the estate, and Rikky puts the puzzle pieces together to theorize its most likely Thaddeus's base of operations. He also asks the mage to locate Simon, which he then discovers is hiding in a Row apartment, incredibly scared.

Hadwyn reports that the alien is strangely attracted to tobacco

Manyu then returns from his Simon investigation with nothing of value to report. Hadwyn then shows up with some more fruitful news: he has concocted a tobacco-based substance that can subdue the alien hivemind. Although he also reports that is has a very short half-life and both himself and Phil will need to be on-site to create and use this concoction.[17]

Rikky talks to Polka, Sheila and Raleigh about Thaddeus

Sir Polka, Sheila, Raleigh and Horizon all turn up out of the blue and Rikky ushers them into the GEB boardroom where he debriefs them on what Thaddeus has done and that he plans to capture Sheila as she is the remaining spirit talker. He says that they now know his location and plan to send a strike team there with Damien, while hopefully keeping Sheila protected and hidden. Afterwards, Raleigh pulls Rikky aside to plan the volcano expedition that they hope will happen while the corps are raiding Thaddeus.

Episode 22

Planning to round up some corps for the upcoming mission

Rikky arrives at the GEB boardroom to a chaotic scene as Goldman deals with Sheila, Raleigh, Horizon and Sir Polka who have all slept there overnight. They all immediatly plan the days mission to Thaddeus's base of operations. Apart from Goldman, everyone in the group insists on coming, but Rikky advocates that Sheila remain hidden and far away from Thaddeus. They then head to Masaru and MARS for assistance in the mission ahead, and both corps lend some strength. Thus, Rikky and the large party take a shuttle to Thaddeus's mansion - dropping in loud so as to give them an early combat advantage, but remove any element of surprise.

Manyu picks up a sword that possesses him to attack the party

They arrive just outside the mansion and slowly push up against Thaddeus's small army of guards. Rikky helps in the firefight with his tolstek guns and GEB cube launcher as he scurries from cover to cover. Eventually they breach the massive manor, with help from Raleigh who used powerful magic to open the door. The party make their way through the manor, regularly getting swarmed by waves of guards and zombies. In a large room display room Rikky watches Manyu pick up a powerful-looking sword that curses the samurai, possessing him to attack the party. Manyu is eventually subdued by the party but as they try to destroy the sword it flies up and stabs Rikky in his side. Rikky suffers a major injury but is still able to walk.

Finding the caged spirit talkers

After more battle the group find the dungeon where the 3 spirit walkers are trapped in cages. Raleigh senses a "Life Snuff" spell surrounding them that could kill anyone who enters. Encouraged by Rikky she runs in to save them, getting knocked out by the spell instead of killed as she is already half-dead. Although the spell is now used up and the rest of the group can safely enter to free the caged Reeza, Tynan and Ahi.[18]

Thaddeus prepares his offense

Even more waves of zombies assault the party as they progress through the manor, but eventually they reach the end of the expedition as they arrive at a large outside area where Thaddeus awaits them. The soverign flies around them seemingly impervious to bullets, firing magic at the party while they get swarmed by zombies. Rikky tries to get the party to attack the runestones where they first saw Thaddeus, believing them to be the source of his invulnerability. On his attempt to push up to the stones Thaddeus intercepts Rikky, knocking him down. A large ship then flies over the battlefield that drops more enemy reinforcements, one of them executing the downed rat.

Defending against shadow spirits Thaddeus summoned

Rikky's Lazarus activates and he is revived, immediatly going back to assisting his allies. He tries to coordinate a retreat, but some of the party inform him that Thaddeus is charging a powerful spell that could destroy them all. With the runestones half-destroyed, the remaining mission crew decide to throg everything they got at them, all or nothing. With Rikky's help and coordination the group manages to barely defend against Thaddeus's army and destroy the crystals, although Thaddeus escapes on his ship.

They all escape back to the shuttle and take a injury report. Multiple Lazarus programs have been activated, almost everyone suffered major injuries and Jeremiah Cromwell of Masaru had his soul destroyed by Thaddeus - a certain death. After his Lazarus activated Rikky was relatively fine but from now on he would have no second chances.

Episode 23

Rikky and Manyu debrief Goldman and Leonard on the Thaddeus mission - that the spirit walkers were rescued but the sovereign escaped. After some discussion, Damien arrives and offers his help to track down Thaddeus. Suddenly, the corp meeting is interrupted by a loud crashing coming from the center of the city and they all run out to take a look.

Lord Qroak attempts to keep the crash site orderly

Upon arriving at the crash site Rikky and the other corps find its a Valkyrie vessel that Lord Qroak says came from an outer outpost that was attacked by the aliens. Rikky learns that the pilot of the crashed ship is being treated at Avalon then will be brought to the Valkyrie boardroom, and so he heads there with the rest of GEB for an interrogation. At the boardroom, Valkyrie and GEB question the pilot on all he knows. The pilot claims something got on their station, a roughly humanoid alien but black/blue with tentacles on its face. Rikky ends up very suspicious of the pilot as he seems to be uncaring and/or forgets important information.[19]

Rikky doesn't trust the pilot

Vee rushes into the boardroom and pulls Korgak Mars aside. After some quiet discussion Korgak interrupts their questioning and orders everyone to evacuate, saying that new intel shows the pilot could be a threat. Rikky waits in the Valkyrie reception for any news, and its not long before Razz comes down and tells him that the pilot could have some of the alien ooze inside of him. Rikky orders for the pilot to be immediatly executed and heads back to GEB with his coworkers.

The corps gather for the presidential announcement

Just as Rikky was planning to head to the Undercity to check up on the spirit walkers, Goldman gets a priority one message saying their pressence is required at the Union tower in 30 minutes. Rikky spends the time getting drunk as he is annoyed at the inconvenience, exacerbated by his coworkers displaying some distrust towards Rikky's recent kindness towards slummers. Eventually the corps gather at the Union tower where it is announced that Goldman has won the election to become the new President of the Galactic Board.

Hot spring catch-up with Manyu, Ahi and Tynan

After all their corporate meetings Rikky and Manyu finally make their way to the Undercity. However their time spent with the spirit walkers is almost immediatly cut short as Rikky realizes that GEB com line is eerily quiet - communication from Goldman is never non-existent. Prepared for the worst and extremely cautious, Rikky and Manyu head back up to see what went wrong.

Breaking into the Union office where Goldman should be located

They immediatly run to their allies at Valkyrie for possible info. There, Rikky learns that there is an alien imposter in the Uppercity disguised as Avalon guard. Over the radio, Leonard shouts that Goldman is in trouble at the Union tower and they need to run there ASAP. There, it is revealed that the alien is taking the form of various corp members, and even mimiced Razz and attacked Leonard. At the top of the tower they find the door to Goldmans new office is sealed with a presidential-class protection, although Manyu manages to break into it.

Manyu scans Goldman for any alien marks

In the office, Rikky finds Goldman relatively unharmed with two cautious guards. Goldman explains that the alien made an attempt on his life but he was luckily saved by Ian Carthwright Du Pont. Leonard remains suspicious of Goldman, not ruling out the possibility that he could still be the alien imposter. Rikky performs multiple checks on Goldman to make sure hes the real man, including getting Manyu and Damien to magically check for any alien signature. Leonard explains to Rikky that the alien transferred from Razz to himself, then to Goldman but has now mysteriously disappeared.

Back in the GEB boardroom, Rikky plans with Goldman how to deal with the imposter in the Uppercity as it could be taking the form of any of their corporate allies. They discuss many possibilities but their day ends before coming up with a solution set in stone.[20]

Episode 24

The GEB launcher scientist arrives to give FRED his weapon

After a meeting discussing their plans to defend against the aliens and attack Simon, Rikky runs into FRED who is looking to get armed before the chaos that is about to fall on their city. The synth tags along with Rikky and Goldman as they head to Avalon where they should meet with some doctors and Valkyrie. At Avalon they find Korgak but before they can buy a gun for FRED, Rikky comes up with the idea to arm him with their new GEB cube launchers instead.

Rikky calls the launchers creator to their lab where he attempts to reprogram FRED into a more combat focused bot, however the scientist messes up and announces that FRED will most likely be stuck as a service bot forever. Despite this, Rikky still gives FRED the GEB launcher in case of emergencies.

Damien informs Rikky of what he saw in the Union office yesterday

Soon after, Rikky runs into Damien who wanted to follow up with Rikky about his magical scanning of Goldman yesterday. In the Masaru boardroom, under Damiens magical protection, the Masaru CEO informs Rikky that there is an astral signiture that links everyone who was touched by the alien to the main threat flying towards them. He says that unless they sever the connection the alien can physically control or listen through anyone it has tethered. Thus, together they hatch a plan to lure Goldman into the Masaru lab where Damien will perform a ritual on the man in an attempt to magically sever the connection.

Damien explains to Goldman that he is still tethered to the alien

With some trickery they manage to bring Goldman, along with Terrance Reynolds, into the lab where Damien successfully performs the magical surgery on the president. However as the procedure is underway, Rikky hears Leonard over the radio say that Manyu is currently sedated in Avalon, and so he runs over to the clinic to see whats going on. There Leonard explains to him that Manyu was told Cleo died and he went into a rampage, although Leonard managed to subdue him after some time.

Rikky asks Raleigh to assemble the volcano team

Rikky and some Avalon doctors gently wake the shocked Manyu up, although "Otto" appears to me much more calm about the situation. Rikky manages to calm the electric elemental down and he is released from the clinic. Right after, Raleigh Seren turns up asking for volcano information. Rikky asks her assemble the spirit walkers on his behalf, and plans to use her magical radar to hopefully locate the druid they need. She also claims that she can cleanse magical impearments and purifies a GEB cube with antibodies that she says could help with any alien infection.

Debriefing Goldman about Manyu's rage over Cleo's rumoured death

For his final meeting of the day, Rikky has a big debrief with Leonard, Manyu and Goldman. Goldman explains that the ritual was successfully performed on Leonard as well as himself, and the others who were touched by the alien are soon to be operated on as well. Rikky informs Goldman of Manyu's rage over Cleo's death, although Goldman responds by saying that she quit the brothel and was rumoured to be plotting against the corps with a new identity in the wasteland. Goldman also announces his new squad of 500 elite guards he purchased from Valkyrie, and that Leonard is the new security chief of the "triumvirate" - an alliance between the 3 CEO's of Trident, Masaru and GEB.

Episode 25

Rikky says his parting words to his ally and friend Razz

Rikky's begins his day with some meetings with Kee’ra Diamond about Cleo's death and the volcano and with one of Goldman's new elite guards who calls himself Encore. While waiting for Goldman to arrive, Rikkys meetings his friends are interrupted by an alien attack all around the Uppercity. He hides in an office until Manyu comes back from defending against the invaders and they run to Avalon. There, they find Leonard suffering major wounds but is kept alive by doctors Emilia Röntgen-Cree and Sallie Lune, however their ally Razz Arleth was not so lucky and Rikky finds him passed away on an operating table.

Corps decide to escape to the Union tower from the Avalon clinic

Rikky stays inside the clinic until Damien arrives saying he and Masaru are fighting back against the invasion. Rikky asks him to make sure the nuke that Masaru and Valkyrie were developing is ok. Before Damien leaves for Valkyrie HQ to check out their nuke, he escorts everyone who was in the clinic to the Union tower using a powerful magic barrier. Although Rikky wishes to hold down the clinic he joins them to meet up with Goldman.

Goldman asks Rikky to help with securing the Lazarus program

At the cental tower a large number of corps gather to treat their wounded, debrief, and strategize. However it is not long before they all get an announcement saying the Lazarus program is being attacked by aliens and will be destroyed in 5-10 minutes. Goldman quickly orders that a Masaru squad secure the nuke from Valkyrie while all remaining available forces take back the clinic and save their lazarus.

Rikky and Leonard share their final words

When Rikky and Manyu approach the clinic they find Leonard gravely injured just outside. Despite the active treatment by David Walker, Leonards 2nd wave of injuries was too severe and he passes away in front of his friends. His final words to Rikky are a request to find his daughter, Sarah Kiani.[21] In tears Rikky and Manyu storm the clinic only to find it has already been secured by a corp squad.

Helping up Vee who was injured while retaking the clinic

Rikky checks on the injured inside the clinic before Damien arrives to inform him that the nuke mission was a success, and Goldman radios in saying the lazarus program was saved in time. After some chaos in the clinic as the corps debrief and take inventory of what happened, Rikky is informed by David that the unconscious Dr Emilia is possibly compromised and they were ordered by higher-ups to incinerate her. He claims that he and Sallie disobeyed that order and are now locked out of all systems. As there is no longer any Avalon personnel in the clinic and they possibly have an infected patient, the Avalon security AI kicks everyone out of the clinic and they all run back to the Union tower.

Calliope asks Rikky for permission to deal with Dr Emilia

Back at the tower, Calliope Keres informs him that Masaru can possibly sever the alien infection from Dr Emilia, as long as he doesn't value her life.[22] Rikky gets permission from Goldman before letting Calliope go with her plans. He also reports to Goldman that they managed to find an alien gun in the clinic and that they should research the weapon. He says the gun is with Masaru, but one of their leads for research could be Rhapsoidia who has managed to learn the alien language.

Watching Katashi use magic on the alien gun

Thus Rikky Manyu and Rhapsoidia head to Masaru where they are brought into the lab by Katashi Nakamura. The group does a number of experiments on the gun, finding that they could not telepathically get the fun to fire, although Katashi's magic almost made the weapon explode in his hands. A Shometsu mech asks to take the gun back to their labs for research as they are more specialized in weaponry, to which Rikky agrees and lets him go.

Rikky ends the chaotic day watching a spar between 2 powerful warriors

Rikky's final meeting of the day is with Sheila and Raleigh who have turned up with volcano information. They give multiple ways to enter the volcano and decide that using a corp dropship would be the most efficient. Damien quickly pops in to say that both Dr Emilia and her grandmother Phyllis Cree are dead (by Masaru hands). Rikky then watches a sparring match between Raleigh and Manyu before giving a toast to Leonard and retiring for the night in his apartment.

Episode 26

Raleigh explains why she woke up in Manyus apartment

Rikky finds Raleigh in Manyus apartment who explains to him she was helping with his lost memories. She says that she magically saw a giant scar on his back, like someone was roughly thrown inside him. Appreciative of her kindness and help in the recent days Rikky offers an alliance, and claims it is more of a personal contract than the formal corporate kind.[23] They leave the apartment together and head to the GEB boardroom to meet with Goldman and Encore.

In the boardroom, Rikky and Raleigh relay the 3 volcano options to Goldman before Damien arrives with some sensitive information. Despite Rikky's endorsement, Raleigh is dismissed so Damien can report that he is working with Rook on a joint corp-slummer mission to deliver the nuke to the aliens. Rikky and Goldman tentatively agree with the idea and plan to recruit the best operatives they can find.

Bridgette, Blayne, and Ellek tell Rikky they have valuable alien footage

Rikky then meets Conrad and Rhapsoidia at the GEB gates who report to him that together they managed to gather some valuable alien intel and are continuing to probe their communication. Blayne, Bridgette and Ellek also show up with some information - Bridgette was able to record yesterday's alien attack and can use the footage for study and strategy. Rikky brings them all up to Goldman to repeat what they just told him.

Joint corp meeting to inform each other on their latest discoveries

Bridgette then explains that the aliens got into the planetary defense network and shut it down, but if she can get to the TraVerse warp gate she can manually activate their satellites again. Goldman proposes a stealth mission to the warp gate with Bridgette and a team of engineers, which they agree with. After the meeting Damien briefly pops in to tell Rikky that in 90 minutes they will be going down to the Row to meet with Rook and assemble the mission team.

GEB and Valkyrie attempt to infuse their ammunition with dry ice

Rikky gets a call from Valkyrie asking for a meeting. He heads out and brings the two remaining Valkyrie personnel Luca and Vee up to the boardroom. Damien and Goldman recruit Luca for the nuke mission before Luca asks for any assistance in terms of weapons, armor or information after yesterday's invasion. Damien informs him that ice is very effective against the aliens, and Rikky offers GEB deep freeze ice to infuse in their bullets.

Asking Shometsu for their best operatives

Thus, Rikky Luca and Vee head to the GEB lab where Luca manages to use their liquid nitrogen to begin production of cryo pistols.[24] Outside, Rikky and Goldman meet Trixie "Locket" Lockheart who explains her development in researching the alien handgun they acquired yesterday. They then head to Shometsu HQ where Rikky and Goldman give the Shometsu employees the mission situation, asking for their best operatives. Afterwards, Rikky and Goldman relay the same information to Trident and Avalon before getting the call to assemble in the Row.

A historic meeting between the corps and Rook

Rikky, Goldman, and multiple other corporate leaders shuttle down to the Row and cautiously make their way to Rooks HQ - The Grindstone Bar. At the bar, representatives from all areas of the city share the boons they have discovered/developed to assist in the coming battle. Pooling their resources, the large group decides how to use their resources in terms of offense, defense, utility, logistics and morale. Rikky however does not add much to the discussion as he watches their battle plan slowly take shape.

Episode 27

The GEB escort

Rikky enters Scrap Town with Manyu and 3 GEB guards, ready for a journey to the long-awaited volcano. While in Scraptown, Hadwyn pulls him aside to say the research on the alien weapon by him and Shometsu has been completed and will be a valuable asset in the upcoming battle. Rikky and Hadwyn agree that all data on his research should be scrubbed and only a select few should know the details. Rikky then meets up with the rest of the mission party, consisting of Wasteland and Undercity denizens and they all begin to drive across the wastes towards the volcano.

Helping defend against elementals from the high ground

They drive through an obsidian labyrinth to reach the base of the volcano where the group find an old abandoned Valkyrie mining operation. Rikky uses his corp access codes on a nearby control panel to find the entrance to the volcano can be found through a nearby chasm. And so the party descend down a steep ramp onto fragile bridges above rivers of lava that run through the volcanic landscape. As they cautiously make they way through, the party is assaulted by fire elementals and fiery falling rocks. They also find corrupted fire crystals which the spirit walkers cleanse one by one.[25]

Spirit walkers attempt to free their allies

After many close encounters with the rock fall, Rikky and the party find a more quiet, labyrinthine area of the volcano that houses many strange crystals. As they push through the maze a few suddenly realize two of their members are missing, Raleigh and Jeremy. They find them trapped inside the crystals and are freed by the spirit walkers pushing themselves to the limit. However as his friends are being freed, Rikky begins to feel a strange sensation - something familiar yet foreign. However now the group is back together they keep pushing forward and find the exit to the crystal maze.

They enter another fiery chasm where the falling rocks are even more prevalent. Still, they push forward with Rikky helping defend against waves of elementals from the back line as he dodges any rocks. When they reach the final chamber, Rikky asks his guards not to shoot whatever may be inside as he wants to try to reason with it first.

The Volcano Lord prepares to attack

After some preparation the party enter the volcano lords chamber and see the gigantic elemental - Father Fire. It has no patience for them and begins to attack, however some of the party quickly notice more corrupted crystals scattered around the chamber that can be cleansed. Rikky helps by using his own crystal that he acquired in episode 12, and defending the powerful mages who use up their mana for cleansing. As all the arena crystals are cleansed, Sheila summons a storm over the weakened volcano lord and the party attack its now-exposed core.

Attempting to converse with the nearly-dead Father Fire

Father Fire eventually succumbs to the onslaught of attacks and despite Rikkys attempts for a final conversation he is snuffed out, leaving a pile of sacred ash that Ahi takes. The party leave the volcano and head back to their homes, however on the journey back Rikky's good friend Horizon fails to push through his injuries and passes away as the only mission casualty, albeit a very tough one for Rikky.

Episode 28

Rikky gives a farewell speech for Horizon

For his epilogue, Rikky visits friends he's made around the city one last time. He makes up with an old enemy Warren Crassus, relaxes in the hotspring with Raleigh Seren and the spirit walkers, and talks with Hadwyn Ermire about his wasteland terraforming plan. While in Scraptown, Rikky watches a funeral for all the lost wastelanders and gives a speech to his late friend Horizon. He then wishes Sheila good luck on her wasteland journey before heading back to his home in the Uppercity.



  • Major - Once a day, Rikky can toss a pheromone-enhanced chunk of cheese on the ground that attracts dozens of rats to ravage and pollute the area. These rats will consume other nearby food-sources until exterminated or until Rikky recalls them.
  • Minor - Rikky has climbed the corporate ladder with his uncanny ability to deceive and conveniently dodge blame for mishaps. He employs a gaudy accent to mask his native Rat-kin dialect, only slipping when sent into a rage or panic, and can feign sincerity and kindness much more effectively than most rat-kin.
  • Minor - Akimbo - Unlocked in episode 12 through Tolstek's wisdom, Rikky can duel wield weapons


  • Major - Despite his high position in a corporation, Rikky is still a rat-kin and can't stand the fine dining and cleanliness of the Upper City. At least once a day, Rikky will make a trip to the Row or Undercity just to sample a grimy snack of genuine GEB street food.


  • Having a close working relationship with John Goldman they are sometimes compared to an old married couple arguing.
    • Goldman also started saying endearing words as they were parting like "I love you" or "hugs and kisses" it was initially met with confusion but Rikky eventually reciprocated. Now it is a thing that they both do.
    • As the season progressed, Goldman became suspicious of Rikky as the latter became interested in spirits and magic, speaking with Leonard about his misgivings. This strained their relationship, though they eventually returned to their old rapport. In Episode 16, Goldman started the day arguing with Rikky, but after a few drinks at the gala he underwent a personality shift and became much more concerned for Rikky’s welfare than he normally was when sober. Goldman began to trust Rikky as it became clear to everyone that Rikky seemed to know what he was doing, even if Rikky himself wasn't entirely sure.
    • Tensions continued to simmer under the surface. In Episode 23, all four current members of GEB got into a heated argument about their roles in the company, with a lot of ire being aimed at Rikky for his risk-taking. Goldman was particularly harsh on him for percieved recklessness, as Rikky had been revived via Lazarus in the mission to Thaddeus's mansion (technically dying and coming back from the dead). His choice to constantly put himself in danger had finally gotten him "killed."
  • The surname "Raclette" is a reference to the name of a Swiss cheese


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