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Rikket Rotfinger was the runt of his broodmother’s litter and was nearly being eaten by the others of his kin. By some luck, he was able to survive his early years without being devoured by the others.

Being a weak welp, he was not able to join into the higher ranks of his clan, having to settle for just being a part of the low caste. He had to scrounge for any scraps of rotten meat to try and keep up with his atrophied body. While fending for himself in the grime-ridden streets, he found a single marker. This was the start of finding his own way to make his mark.

Throughout his time he would practice and get bolder with his graffiti. Rooftops, sewers, tunnels, anything he could reach was his for the taking. As chance would have it, when you explore and run around enough hiding from people, you tend to pick up on what others might say in the dark. Gathering and selling information to anyone became his little gig to try to reduce having to eat out of the trash every single day to maybe just once every five days.

In his world, the more fame or infamy you gain for yourself is everything. Your reputation is your life. Rikket will make his way not through strength but through making his marks and forcing everyone to see what he can do.


In Season 2 Episode 8 he stabs the former mayor of Scrap Town, Rico Suave to death - thus ending his legacy for good.



  • Major - Trash rat - Carrying a trash can on his back, he can quickly get into it and disguise himself. He cannot move while in it.
  • Minor - Never knew bettter - Can eat trash and mostly withstand illness.
  • Minor - Stinky Shank - Has a small shank held by its tail. Licking this knife adds a small dose of poison or disease.


  • Major - Weak body - Incredibly weak and easy to get crippled.
  • Minor - All for the cheddar - Will sell out anyone for anything. Has no regards for loyalty
  • Minor - Best arm - His prosthetic arm is nothing but cheap parts that shouldn’t work together. It tends to break easily, so he must be careful.
  • Minor - Best RatRat - Will never acknowledge his own failures. Everything good that happens is because of him, anything bad is because of others. Will take credit even for things he never did.


  • It is likely that he is the true identity of "The Artist".
  • His ID says "Disease Ridden"


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