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Rico Suave is the Mayor of Scrap Town. A greedy Mayor who has control over the water well of the town and forces the struggling town folk to pay to use the well. Only those who he sees fit can have access to well without charge, causing feuds between the town folk. Rico has his eyes on another body of water, the Oasis. He will do whatever it takes to claim that as his.


As the Mayor of Scrap Town, his importance is cemented by him often being followed by his gangster goons Kak-To, Sean Ward, and Jorongo Weakblood.

In Episode 4 he was attacked and dragged away by a giant scorpion.

A rescue mission was launched and he was successfully saved after a bounty for 100.000 credits was placed on him. A dual truck caravan consisting of Ront, Trey, Sean, Maxwell, Xion and another of Sten with Toolbox, Mercury and Scootz headed out. After some mishaps only one truck makes it to his location in bramble canyon. Fighting crab-like creatures they manage to find his injured body and bring him back to the Scrap Town hospital for treatment.

Although alive, his rule was replaced by three representatives being voted in to take his stead. The new rulership forms a town council consisting of Ash and McCuldger and Sean.

While recovering in the hospital he decides to make his escape to Savior City and The Undercity, finding some curious crystals to study.

He is eventually stabbed to death by Rikket Rotfinger, thus ending his legacy.



  • Octojelapian Ink - Rico has the ability to bend the properties of his ink. Not very proficient at it yet, but the ink somehow tastes good when mixed with water.
  • Octojelapian Regeneration - Rico can grow back his tentacles if severed. Only his tentacles. This does not include any other organ. His regen time is slow and requires a ton of nutrients.


  • Sensory Sensitive - All of his sensory organs are sensitive, and he's sensitive to everything. This causes him to become easily irritated, confused, startled, or scared. Scaring or startling him will cause him to ink uncontrollably, so don’t wear nice clothes near him.
  • Suction Cups - Rico shares some neurons with his tentacle arm. This means that, although he can control the arm, he can’t completely control the suction cups, as they have a brain of their own. They will latch on or off as they wish.


  • The mayor has a personal pool with water, a rare luxurious commodity in the Wasteland. It is placed right next to electrical wiring. Both wasteful and a recipe for disaster.


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