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Rhapsoidia and his kind can replicate any sound he hears, and his hearing is incredible. Additionally they pick up on verbal language and the playing of musical instruments, and they can cancel any sound originating in a small area around them if they so choose. Unfortunately, their hearing is very sensitive, they have difficulty reading, and their biology is mostly unknown.


During one of Sonitii’s more recent expeditions, they found the planet of the most musical race now known to the Evanaris System. The Icharods of Tonos communicate in a kind of music that is created from their body, and it is all around them.

It has been a couple decades since Sonitii’s discovery of the planet, and a few have been sent off to learn of the greater universe. Rhapsoidia, with his great curiosity and comparatively young age, was chosen as one of these emissaries.



  • Major Edge: Resonant - Rhapsidia can make all kinds of sounds with his body, including music. He can also “hear” things with his body that most people can’t. This includes, but isn’t limited to hearing through thicker objects, footsteps, especially heavy ones, and the music of the world. (in-world background music) Because his body vibrates, he can use that to break certain objects if the resonant pitch is found.
  • Minor Edge: Understanding Sound - While he hasn’t heard everything, if given a little time, he can begin to learn at least the intent of any language communicated verbally, and he can understand the basics of instruments. It is accelerated even more if someone is actually teaching him.
  • Minor Edge: Counter Sound - Rhapsoidia can choose to vibrate his body to cancel out sounds that originate within a few feet around him.


  • Major Flaw: Dissonance is the Devil - Loud and/or dissonant sounds cause Rhapsoidia physical pain, causing him to shut down for a few moments because of the pain in extreme cases.
  • Minor Flaw: Audio Communicaiton - Icharods don’t have written language, and as such they can’t read. Rhapsoidia has been taught some basic things, but it was difficult to teach him the little he knows, and fonts still confuse him.
  • Minor Flaw: Alien Biology - The biology of Icharods is mostly unknown to Nirvana, especially their vibrating skin, which acts as their way of hearing and communication. Puncturing his skin messes with his ability to hear properly, and while it can fix itself naturally like human skin, Nirvana and other medical practitioners can’t provide medical assistance without research.


  • The icharods in Callous Row are based on a race of the same name created by Zabson and altered to fit the Evanaris System.


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