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Reyna Ryder is the owner of the mechanic shop in The Row. She works on vehicles and lives in the chop shop having a lower-income living style. Rebel wishes to rebuild The Row from the ground up, to gain respect and power for herself, and to take over the city, or at least try to.

She is portrayed by ThatOneRebel.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Ryder grew up from the slums of The Row. This is her city and she knows it well. She started from the very bottom, growing up in a poor family with her older sister Rebecca, always looking up to her for guidance and comfort.

The two of them would often get into mischief and petty burglary. Reyna learned how to steal and get around the city, and the two of them got accustomed to living in The Row. Their father was a junker who ran a small corner shop repairing small gadgets and tech. He had a gambling problem and owed a lot of money to one of the local gangs. He struggled to pay the money back and it ended up costing him his life.

Reyna and her sister took over the loan from their father, and after a few years of stealing and scamming people the debt was paid. Her sister went missing shortly after heading to the "Wasteland” never to be seen or heard from again. After Reyna settled down, she purchased a garage in The Row where she works and repairs various machines.

A plague took over The Row not long ago and the street went into quarantine. Its origin is unknown, but it has affected Reyna Ryder. She was affected by a throat disease and had to talk softly and whisper as a result. Her voice sounds more masculine despite being female.





  • Automotive Mechanic - Reyna is very skilled with her mechanical abilities and is able to repair and fix complicated machinery and vehicles. She has a great talent for working with anything mechanical or machinery. Reyna is a skilled driver and knows everything about the various vehicles around the Wasteland and The Row.
  • Parkour Enthusiast - Reyna often spends her time working out and taking the quickest route to reach her destination. She knows her way around The Row and treats it like a concrete jungle.
  • Cat Burglar - Reyna was a thief growing up with her older sister. She knows how to break into low-security buildings and mostly targets technology or machine parts.


  • Major - Rhabdophobia - Reyna is afraid of all forms of magic and doesn’t trust anyone that performs magic. She will often refuse to work with magic users. She will refuse to receive healing magic even in a life or death situation.
  • Minor - Technology Hoarder - Reyna is obsessive with technology and often resorts to stealing to get the tech. She is more inclined to take on jobs that involve stealing tech.
  • Always Bet on Black - Reyna has picked up gambling from her employee Dagu and is more likely to take risky deals, endangering herself and others. More prone to gambling games and its addiction.


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  • Due to Rebel having to whisper sometimes his character was given the flaw of having a vocal cord infection.