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You walk into a room, and you're greeted with a proposition that determines your future. However, you financially cannot sustain it. How do you pay for it? Do you barter your price? Ask about a reduction? Pay half now, and pay half later?

Now imagine a man walking into that room, and instead of listening to negotiations, they're the ones negotiating. In the end, the man that walked in the room walked out with the proposition, and didn't spend a dime out of his pocket.

Reveren Max, known con-man, charismatic speaker, and pathological liar, would walk out of that room successful. Reveren Max tells the tale and timeline of a boy who lived with his father in the Wasteland, and voyaged through life by manipulating the people in his path. Reveren's key to success?

Confidence in anything, is the key to whatever door you want, as long as they're willing to open it.[1]



Convincing, Charismatic, Pathological Liar[2]


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