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Reeza Dunewind is one of "the wanderes" of Scrap Town and known for organizing "scrapping" runs. These runs are expeditions headed out into the wasteland to locate valuable salvage to bring back to town to refurbish or to sell.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Reeza Dunewind is a red orc scavenger whose people have been living in the Wasteland of Hellion since their transport crashed 16 years ago. They were refused rescue by TraVerse, as their landing was deemed a 'safe arrival' into the system. Because Reeza was physically scarred by the crash, her mother contracted with the local nature spirits and saved the wary orcs with powerful magics.

Now Reeza, a skilled scavenger and magic user who empowers herself with mana, has crossed the wastes to Scraptown, the Wasteland outpost at the edge of Savior City, at the urging of the spirits. Leaving her people behind, she is entering the heart of the conflict between magic, mega-corporations, and slummers, with nothing but questions about all three.


At first nothing more than a spirit infused scavenger, the events surrounding Salvation City in the last year have given Reeza a new home away from her people. She has made friends with the other Spirit Walkers and the Coven of the Divide and she has gone from a member of the scrapping crews to one of its lead figures.

With a better grasp of her powers and her goals, the red orc has begun magic crafting in earnest with the Wanderers and is aiming at the goal of bringing balance to the magic of the Wasteland and protecting the spirits within from corporate exploitation.[1]

Session Notes

  • All history is written from the perspective of other players (as Reeza doesn't have VODS) .
    • Kept canon from Season 2 dry run
      • Being friends with Wit and Sheila
      • Having a therapy session with Sheila and the spirits
    • Season 2 Episode 1
      • Reeza joins a scrap run with Sten, Ash, Luin, Xion and Ryzy. Things go uneventful and is a success. While traveling to go back to Scrap town, they received a radio call about a "Giant Crab". On arrival she travelled into the scrap yard.
      • Out of concern for Sheila, she used her healing magic to help her recover in the hangar
      • She stumbled upon Sheila following the "Giant Crab". Maybe out of concern, she followed her with Wit into the wastelands. After the scorpion stopped, the ground begun to shake, and it started to rain. The rain begins to focus onto the scorpion and it seems that a spirit has taken over the crab to give a warning to Sheila. The spirits gave a vision to Sheila, entering her eye. After the vision, Sheila screaming in pain, Reeza notices that Sheila is heavily fatigued and damage by the vision. Knowing that harm from the spirits can only be dissipated fully with magic, she healed her again.
      • After the incident, she talked with Sheila about the vision. With their deduction of the warning, they came to the conclusion that the warning has something to do with the dormant volcano in the wasteland, and have to find help in the Undercity. Seeking spirit talkers and magic wielders about the matter.
      • Reeza then goes again with Ash as a guard with Ryzy and Duncyn. After some time guarding Duncyn deck an encrypted stray cargo box, they saw the scorpion in the distance. They immediately went their way back
    • Season 2 Episode 2
      • Reeza encountered a raging fire spirit in scrap town. After not understanding the words of the elemental, seeing it destroy Ash's truck, and didn't see Sheila anywhere; She pulled the elemental into Sheila's home, where she used ritual drums to commune and calm the spirit. She calmed the spirit enough so she could understand it but it started choking her as it gives its message. After the message was given, the fire spirit vanishes into the sky
      • Reeza, with Wit and Stein, went to the Undercity to get help dealing with the premonition and the sudden appearance of the Fire spirit. After asking who to speak with this, they got directed to find Leilani.
      • After a while, not finding Leilani anywhere, they got redirected to speak with Kythus. Amassing a crowd of helpful individuals along the way to speak with Kythus. They held a meeting with Kythus and locals of the Undercity and there she spoke about the premonition. Finding out that the denizens of the Row and the Undercity had a incident with fire spirits a year ago. With that they get to planning into scouting the once dormant Volcano.



  • Major - Bound by Spirits - Reeza is permanently infused with a host of nature spirits which give her powerful air magics and healing powers. Studying how those bindings work have taught her to bind and unbind spirits.
  • Minor - Hot Blooded - As a Wastelander and a Red Orc, Reeza is resistant to heat and flame.
  • Minor - Multi-faceted Magicraft - Reeza learned the basics of all the Arcana crafting styles and applies them all to her Runesmithing.


  • Major - Free-Range Mana-Fed Orc - Reeza's reliance on magical energies has increased as time has gone on, to the point of it becoming a hunger.
  • Minor - No Chill - ???
  • Minor - Bound by Gremlins - Now under control, but perhaps not completely?
Season 2 Traits
These may no longer apply.


  • Major - 'Beloved By Spirits' - Reeza has been bestowed magic by the nature spirits of the Wasteland. She has a strong affinity for the Air Element and uses her spells to strengthen and heal herself and others.
  • Minor - 'Hot Blooded' - As both a Wastelander and a red orc, Reeza has resistance to both heat and fire.
  • Minor - 'I Know Just The Thing For That' - Reeza is knowledgeable about the medicinal uses of Wasteland plants and animal parts.


  • Major - 'Beloved By Gremlins' - The technophobia of her nature spirits causes them to make mechanical and electronic devices inconvenience her or even put her at risk. This is completely outside of her control.
  • Minor - 'No Chill'
  • Minor - 'Free-Range Mana-Fed Orc'