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Rana Amariah is a Jackal Hybrid working as a bioengineer for Nirvana corporation in Callous Row. After her assumed exile from the Row, she returned to the Corp sector in the Upper City via help of a dropship where she resides. Complete with the higher end life style to boot and to feed her tastes in her research of genetic experimentation.

Rana intends to climb the corporate ladder and attain a position of greater freedom. She is played by JadedMinx.

Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


Rana Amariah was born in another planetary system far from Corvanis 3, on an oasis planet named Ceres that had been devastated by nuclear warfare. During her youth she grew up in a poor village largely populated by normal humans where she was ridiculed by the other kids for her ears, tail, and her size referring to her as the wolf girl with one group of kids having her pinned down and slicing her tail off to take as a trophy for conquering the dreaded wolf girl in some cruel game. The bullying continued into her young adult years, seeking a way to become more "normal" she found a job working for Nirvana. Initially starting out as a data entry clerk, climbing her way up after going to college and landing a promotion. It was during her first year of working as a biochemist, she met a man who would later become the love of her life, Cyrus. They got along fairly well during the next few years with her fondness growing for him as he didn't seem to mind her long, fluffy ears and her unusual golden eyes.

The next chapter of her life began when Cyrus finally popped the question on her after 3 years; with her happily saying yes. As time went by, they discovered due to her mutated genealogy, she was unable to conceive a child and was left distraught and went back to resuming her research to become more human like. After 10 years of obsessive hard work she succeeded, but what happened soon after is the day that became a nightmare for her.The lab animals they used became enraged and vicious and attacked anyone and everything that was living, the spread of the mutation from animals to humanoids was varied and fast, but the first of the humanoid victims was her beloved husband, Cyrus.

Word soon reached the ears of the higher ups in the corporations as they deemed the planet a threat, word traveled down to those working in Nirvana that there was an evac plan. Knowing that Nirvana would check anyone boarding a company ship, she decided to charter a private ship with auto pilot and cryotubes on board for storing a large amount of medicine as she made her way to a new home on Corvanis 3 where Nirvana had a new station for her.


After being involved in the kidnapping of Bo for the Nirvana Corporation for research she was banished into the wasteland by Mayor Eric.



  • Shocking personality - After a half a year of experimentation from her previous lab work and with the help from Nirvana, she managed to give herself a mutation that allows her to discharge electricity from herself like a certain electric mouse. She keeps a metal baton on her to discharge it on foes for defense when in close proximity.
  • Heightened senses - Due to her dog-like nature, she has an enhanced sense of smell, taste, and hearing. Leading it to be applied in various ways such as being able to detect sickness in others or being able to see through a person's disguise given if she has smelled them before.
  • Eyes Up Here Hunny - Her looks are simply stunning as she uses the allure of her figure to get what she wants, often used to serve as a distraction.


  • Colorblind - Due to her dog-like genes, she can't distinguish many colors at all. Everything appears in shades of blue, yellow, brown or white to her. (She can't distinguish red, orange, green or purple.) If she was asked to push the "red" button to fire a missile… she’d yell at you asking, "Which one!?" because they all look the same to her and she’d push the wrong one instead.
  • Bleeding heart - Despite being exiled from the streets of Callous Row, she has a soft spot for those in need. Providing whatever resources she has at the time to a person in her care.
  • Head-pat addict- She won’t openly tell people about it, but if you find that magic spot behind her right ear she becomes completely docile for a certain amount of time. Scratch that spot for too long and she’ll get weary of your presence the next encounter.


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  • Out of character Rana has a tendency to snort stardust from Talus Nova.