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Rachel is a Human Civilian born and raised in the Row by her parents. Currently working as a new hire in the local burger shop for menial pay, she gets by taking care of her mother who shares a Neurogenerative Disease with her that has left her Mute and under developed. On the side she is by nature a gremlin of the Row and very used to getting dirty looking for extra bits and bobbles that have fallen from the Upper City leading to her having a good reputation with finding decent scraps by climbing into small areas.

Additionally she is a photographer and with her handy assistant droid takes pictures and helps people in need.

Character spoiler
In order to pay for her mother's medicine, she is currently associated with Trident who has taken advantage of her young naïve nature. Without this medicine, her mother will likely die in a few months, so her work, while dangerous, is so far the only feasible way she can afford it. She is however not aware of most of these dangers as well as the fact she could be hurting others by leaking information.


Season 3

Episode 1

Episode Details
Rachel begins the day at the Dirty Burg with Levain. Between serving the various customers that come inside, the two end up taking turns guiding residents to the Church of Light, both for visiting and for employment. Rachel meets Xia during all this, swinging by to say hello. 0R14N4 also approaches the restaurant with a proposal, and Rachel accepts their proposal for the Dirty Burg and The Grindstone to advertise one-another to their clients. Rachel also meets Bub offering 'fresh' fish, to which she 'politely' declines.

Rachel decides to close the store as Levain does not return, and begins meandering the Row's many roads and alleys, taking pictures and observing the denizens. A trip through the Scrapyard brings her a significant number of scrap. She hands them off to BR16 - who is unfazed by Rachel's quiet observations - at their Cybernetics Shop for 1,000 Credits. Rachel reunites with Levain at the Church of Light's entrance, and he tells her that he will be doing charity work, providing free spaghetti for the impoverished in an hour, and that she is welcome to have some then.

Looking to kill time, she makes her way back through the Row again, spooking Dash before going down into The Grindstone. Her sneaking antics are shut down by Sasayaki, who calls Rachel over to the bar to be ID'd. However, Sasayaki verifies her age and lets her stay. 0R14N4 reappears, and the three re-affirm their verbal agreement to promote each other's businesses. Sasayaki offers Rachel a free drink, giving her a speech about how the Row 'need to look out for each other'.

"If we don't help you, one day you'll have to go over to the Corps, and then you'll sell your soul away. We ain't going to have that happen."[1]
- Sasayaki

Rachel remarks that she is a photographer, and pays for the drink with pictures of the bar. She gives them to Sasayaki, but not before having a choice encounter with Faye and Rivett. Watching Faye smacking Rivett around - despite no actual damage happening to it - makes her wary of sticking around with HR. Leaving the bar, she takes a seat at the plaza to collect her thoughts. Levain, after multiple asks and seeing Rachel's excitement towards the food, decides to cook an early batch of spaghetti at the Dirty Burg. She quickly devours most of it but saves some to give to her mother. The two have a conversation about Seven’s Burritos, questioning their authenticity.

Levain returns to the church to make the necessary preparations. Exploring some more, Rachel admires a wall full of guns at The Dirty Diamond, briefly chats with BR-16, socializes with some wastelanders at the Union Bank, deposits the 1,000 Credits from earlier into her account, and bumps into Warren.

Her last stop is the Church. The spaghetti is prepared, and several people have already gathered. The first to try are Faye & Rivett, who run off with the whole container. Levain is distracted with a transgression involving the Church and Fungi’s Noodles, and is unable to stop them. Rachel takes it upon herself to recover the food, which she does after a bit of convincing.

Well-fed, and with the food pantry coming to a close, Rachel watches Levain schedule a Trident meeting with FL0UND3R, then leaves the Church to look for more scoops. She snaps a picture of a weak, bruised Jimothy, and then sits at the balcony by the Undercity elevator, admiring the landscape she rarely saw sheltered in her home. Rachel makes her way to the large crowd that has gathered inside Fungi’s Noodles, but spends most of it admiring Cornelius’s form.

More pictures are taken; one of Cornelius, and one of FL0UND3R escorting a ‘Galactic Union employee’ back to the upper city. However, Rachel ends up stumbling upon her biggest scoop of the day, seeing Loch on a bench. She not-so-sneakily leans against the other side of a pillar, after taking a picture of Loch and Bertram, and records the two's conversation about Levain's true identity, and an arms deal they are setting up with him.

The rest of the day is uneventful. At the scrapyard, she has a conversation with Reyna about her business, rare materials, and the undercity. Rachel agrees to help Reyna with getting rare materials in exchange for candy bars. The last moments before the sweepos show up are spent wandering around, taking a few more pictures of people, and scaring Dash for a second time.

Episode 2

The start of the day follows a similar pattern. Rachel & Levain meet up near the plaza, but their time in the Dirty Burg is brief. Next to no patrons come by, so they close up early. She swings by the gun store, continuing to collect more data on people, as she is preparing to hand off her recordings in a data drop later in the day.

Rachel heads over to the Church, and sees a melancholy Levain by the main window. She spends some time chatting with him, remarking on objects in the distance and a tower far away. The two contemplate the unknown and the relative safety in The Row compared to the Wastelands. Levain confides that he has turned 27, and for the first time isn’t able to share the birthday with his twin sister. Rachel hugs him to cheer him up.

Levain returns to his Church duties. Rachel runs off to give him space, but not before agreeing to return with more scrap. The Scrapyard, however, is picked clean for now, and the sound of gunshots in the distance lure Rachel into following a large and bulky reptile, who she later learns is Torok.

Rachel reviewing her photo at the Arena

Rachel reviewing her picture at the Row Arena

All she learns from him is that he is looking for drugs before he dissapears down the main road. Her attention sticks to the gunshots, which she finds coming from the Arena. Several pictures later, she is back on the move again, revisiting the Scrapyard and collecting some.

Rachel goes straight to the Church to hand them into Levain, and encounters another group of slummers helping to keep the peace. More discussion about the Church's role in The Row is had, and the peacekeepers agree to hand over a recovered firearm to them if they cannot identify its owner. Rachel takes a few pictures of them, hands the scrap she found over to Levain, and dashes off.

Fate brings Rachel to spot Torok once again. She follows behind him for a while until he notices her, giving Rachel the nickname of 'Little Hat'. She offers to take him to The Grindstone - not knowing of any other places where he might acquire 'drugs' besides alcohol - but after narrowly getting by the entrance not suited for his size, they realize he has no money to pay for the drinks he'll need to forget the 'memories troubling his mind'. Despite the bargoers' fascination in his species to pay for his tab, he refuses the offer and leaves.

"I ain't stealing out of someone's mouth. That s#*$ ain't right - and I blow up planets!"
- Torok

[Episode 2 under construction]

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6



Character spoiler
*Major Edge - Extended hearing - Her assistant robot has been outfitted with a Trident security level threat detector module that picks up sound waves from far distances allowing her to listen in on conversations normally too far to hear or detect danger before it gets too close.

  • Minor edge - Photo Accuracy - Rachel is skilled with her camera shots and that translates over to her ability to aim, should she ever be given a ranged weapon.
Character spoiler
*Minor Edge - Cover Story - Rachel's Robot has also been outfitted with an ID locator disruptor module by Trident. This makes it more difficult for people to track her by her ID allowing her to get away from situations easier. Trident personnel are unaffected by this disruptor as their locators cancel the disruptor's effects.


  • Major Flaw - Neurogenerative Disease - This disease has left Rachel Mute and under developed. She's shorter than most humans, Can't lift much more than 20-30lbs of weight and gets hurt very very easily.
  • Minor Flaw - Extremely Green (Gullibility) - Rachel will not check or contest any trade deals or payments accepting the first offer every time. She will believe most things told to her, and help those who say they need help even if its a trap or a lie.
  • Minor Flaw - Heat Vulnerability - Her disease has made it difficult for her to maintain control over her body's temperature. If she becomes too hot she becomes sluggish. In the wasteland she is perpetually slower than normal due to how hot it can get. Too long in a very hot area such as the fire district or a blacksmith forge may lead her to fainting.


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