R.G.-2 or R.G for short is a sentient robot - a synthetic - known for his emotional intelligence. If you met RG-2 unable to see his mechanical parts you might not even think him to be a synthetic at all for his humane behavior.

Built from a hodgepodge of various parts he is the creation of Argen Sterling, the ringmaster for the fighting arena in Callous Row, the slums of the large metropolis Savior City.

RG wishes to break away from the shackles of his creator and forge his own path, even if it means losing the random one he was given, that one in a million chance he was given at life.

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Though the past and history of his individual parts are a clouded mess of messed up code and corrupted data, RG was brought back to life by the crafty nature of Argen Sterling. He was initially designed to be nothing more than Argent's second hand machine to assist in his Arena based duties, but after receiving a voluntary shock by the medic Dash Spacer, RG's system rebooted all at once and forced his personality matrix to combine into what would be known as his consciousness.

Being created in Callous Row he found that he detested the life that his creator, Argent, had been living and felt like instead of throwing himself into the same ditch that was Argent's depression, he would instead learn more about what life is really about. He struggles to understand his emotions and where his role fits to play in this dark underbelly as he sees more hate around than happiness.

He consists mostly of scrap parts from corporate production, maybe strangely of relatively high quality for coming from such poor living standards as the slums. This grants him some unique traits with benefits and drawbacks.


After his "birthday" he had a roast battle with the Becky and was victorious in the eyes of the masses.

When Felix Dolore had been shot by a corporate assassination droid he bravely climbed down into a crevasse and managed to bring him back up. In safety Felix was treated at the clinic and managed to survive.

Tiny "Toy" RG

Tiny RG2

He was broken by Bethany who repaired him by building him a replacement body. It turned out to be very small, rather resembling a toy.

His introduction to Rook was a bit rough as the haf-orc at first captured him, shut him down in order to diagnose him and make sure that he didn't contain any malicious corporate code. RG later realized that he had missing gaps in his memory from before and figured out partly what had occurred. He questioned Rook who would explain that he was trying to prevent him being turned into a weapon, that being the reason for such an invasive approach. Perhaps as compensation for his trouble Rook offered to pay for his new body and reinstate some of the lost date. [1]

Overriding the gas attack with A.L.Ex. in the Clinic.

Clinic rescue

After a hacker attacked Dr Cells clinic and started filling it with gas, he together with A.L.Ex. went in and managed to aid in Alfons rescue.

Before escaping he was attacked and nearly had his mind destroyed by the hacker Caspian 65. (Out-of-character he survived a dice roll, if he had failed his character would have died.)[2]


R.G 2 died in the final push to the necromancer while trying to save Leilani after she was taken hostage by a brute. After Bo stunned it, R.G rushed in to help but was grabbed by the brute who then jumped into the abyss with R.G in tow.



Being an emotional robot he is vulnerable to emotional overheating and the stresses and shocks he goes through are linked to nit just his behavior but also his mechanical servos. Although he can't feel pain in the same way as humans he can sense when he is in distress, looses a body part or is being hurt.

Being hurt emotionally can even causes his parts to malfunction, stop working or even fall apart.

Mechanical Scanner

His software was formatted from an old Corporate terminal and it's old code and scanners remain in him. As such he is able to access and easily decrypt Corporate data, also learning how to better use any Corporate gear that he might acquire. His scanner can examine anything machine related and detects any flaws, damages or ways of activating the tech while also revealing any hacking points.

An unknown entity known as "Caspian 65" takes over him...

Corperate Remnant

Anyone with a scanner or a basic understanding of what Corporate tech looks like would know that RG was made from old Corporate gear and could possibly give off the wrong idea on who's side he's on. Truth be told that is something which he himself isn't even sure of. Corporate mainframes have a specific style of coding that assists the owners in tracking their gear if it gets stolen or lost, this includes RG's if someone finds out.

This also mean he is prone to being used by hackers and vulnerable to decker attacks from cyberspace.

Module Build

At the cost of his current body he can transfer himself into other chassis though this requires time for him to adapt to the new body.

Although RG cannot feel pain, he does feel the remnants of the parts he removes. When ever he changed out his hand or arm, he can sense the limb as if he still had it. This caused him to run extra diagnostics on himself to make sure his software was still green.


  • Has still has not acquired any pants.
  • Being an emotional robot, he has a tendency to encounter many hardships and unfortunate situations.


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