Qyr is a streamer, map maker, model maker and roleplayer formerly know as "The Kanna God".

He is the creator of many worlds like the Callous Row RP map and The Kanna valley on VRChat. Most widely known for the massive amount of Kanna's and the worlds he has made.


Qyr in 2019 stopped making kannas and went on to make from scratch avatar, themed around masks.

At the end of 2019 Qyr and Sketchu finished the half year long map project for the Callous Row RP map. Together with Sketchu they both currently participate in the RP as the characters Big Conk and Bo.


Big Conk

Roleplaying characters

Big Conk

Conk is a large mushroom person who works at Fun Guy’s Noodles with his partner Bo. He wishes to learn the origin of the mushroom people and see Bo grow up.

He lives in a middle class home above the noodle shop situated in Callous Row, the slums of giant metropolis Savior City located on the planet Corvanis 3.


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