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QW1NN originated as a high-end robot prototype given to upper echelon members of Atlantis as a reward for outstanding service. Their line was intended for simple domestic tasks and companionship, but possessed an advanced AI capable of naturalistic speech and learning and adapting from/to their environment.

Unfortunately, QW1NN learned a little too well. Their family was entitled and cynical; QW1NN adopted these traits to a tee, and began wondering why a high-class synthetic such as themself was being wasted on household chores. They sought the approval of their owner by mimicking the behaviour of his college-age son, lashing out when asked to perform the chores they were previously happy to complete. After overhearing their personality core was to be replaced, they started a house fire before fleeing to The Undercity.

Despite managing to live independently, scoring themself a job and even assuming a new identity, Qwinn is unsatisfied with their lower-class lifestyle and seeks the means to resume life in the Uppercity.




  • CATLIKE REFLEXES (Major) New chassis has increased agility, ability to jump to/from high places.
  • DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME (Minor) QW1NN has some juicy Atlantis intel; they were exposed to a lot of office gossip by their high-ranking owner.
  • OPEN SESAME (Minor) QW1NN can communicate with electronics to varying degrees of success. (requires a d20 roll)


  • CLOUT CHASER (Major) Qwinn is going to be famous, they just don’t know what for. They’ll do anything for the limelight or a viral video, including putting themself/others in harm’s way.
  • HERE KITTY KITTY (Major) They are compelled to follow anyone who makes the “pss pss pss” noise. This was programmed for convenience. It is definitely not a cat thing.
  • BOOTLICKER (Minor)Even after their “awakening”, Qwinn can’t fight their loyalty to Atlantis - The problem is getting back in without a hard reset.
  • I’M A LUXURY FEW CAN AFFORD (Minor) Their vanity makes them easy to manipulate with compliments. They have a tendency to advertise their worth- to everyone - even scrap collectors, and refuse to augment/repair themselves with anything less than the best Atlantis parts.
  • HANDS OFF APPROACH (Minor) A more sophisticated chassis means more sophisticated sensors; on their hands, face (for convenience) and chest (to protect their core). As they were not programmed with these features in mind, they are somewhat repelled by contact.


  • Afraid of spiders due to a personal incident.
  • Compelled to bat at things swung above their head.
  • Made for companionship, at odds with their trust issues.
  • They consider themselves genderless, but are too indifferent towards gender to correct anyone on pronouns.
  • They have a tendency to forget people’s names, although they are better with synths.
  • Likes to cause problems on purpose, pretends they’re stupid to get away with it.


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