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QW1NN (originally MAC) originated as a high-end robot prototype given to upper echelon members of Trident. Their line would have boasted an advanced AI capable of learning from/adapting to their environment, much like organics do - as well as provide companionship and complete simple domestic tasks.

Unfortunately, QW1NN learned a little too well. Their owner's family was entitled and cynical; QW1NN adopted these traits to a tee, and began wondering why a high-class synthetic such as themself was being wasted on household chores. They sought the approval of their owner by mimicking the behavior of his attention-starved son (a pseudo-celebrity across Trident's many social applications), lashing out when asked to perform the chores they previously did without complaint. After overhearing their personality core was to be replaced, they started a house fire before fleeing to The Undercity via garbage chute. Their line was subsequently cancelled.

Despite managing to live independently, they are unsatisfied with their lower-class lifestyle and are constantly running get-rich-quick schemes/seeking means to return to the Upper City.



Once settled in The Undercity, QW1NN began working at the Fire District's Wildfire Café. They had one goal - swapping their chassis and returning to Trident undetected. In spite of previous abuse, they were defensive of the Mega-corporations and indifferent to the suffering it caused the slummers. They supplemented their income with various scams, but were unable to afford an upgrade until their old body was purchased by Voxine for it's ability to see magic.

Realizing a new identity would not be enough to convince Trident to accept an awakened synth, QW1NN doubled down on their efforts to become famous via Trident Social. However, after several violent attacks and the appearance of Anuki, they were forced to admit that their parent corporation wasn't what it seemed.

Despite this - and a slowly growing understanding for their new community - QW1NN was unable to change their priorities. This led them to believe they weren't fully autonomous, but programmed to act like it. Devastated, they wiped their memory bank, hoping to at least live without the influence of their previous owner. After a short stint as MAC (their default personality), QW1NN was restored by their friends - and although they continued to assert their behavior was nothing but complex 1's and 0's, they begrudgingly began to acknowledge their own agency.


After Pebbles closed the café, Nia was forced support QW1NN for several months while they moped about their conflicting ideals/pursued their influencer career. Shortly before the season began, they lost a bet and were made to get a job in The Row, working for the bank. Although their opinion of the Undercity has shifted for the better, their growing discomfort with the Masaru occupation has increased their desperation to leave.



  • I'M IN (Major) QW1NN can communicate with electronics... sometimes. (Gets +3 on Decking Checks)
  • CATLIKE REFLEXES (Minor) New chassis has increased speed.


  • HERE KITTY KITTY (Major) They are forced to follow anyone who makes the “pss pss pss” noise - no matter what.
  • I’M A LUXURY FEW CAN AFFORD (Minor) Their vanity makes them easy to manipulate with compliments. They have a tendency to advertise their worth - to everyone - even scrap collectors, and refuse to repair themselves with anything less than the most overpriced Trident parts.
  • HANDS OFF APPROACH (Minor) As they were not programmed with their new chassis' sensors in mind, they are somewhat repelled by contact. They hate the feeling of organic flesh in particular, and will lash out at anyone who touches them (unless they are a friend).


  • They have a tendency to forget names.
  • Will swat at things swung above their head.
  • They are re-learning common knowledge from scratch, as they are no longer able to rely on an internal internet connection for instant answers.
  • Despite claiming to hate everything organic, they have trouble connecting with other synths.
  • Their face is an aggregate of the most popular Trident influencers at the time of their upgrade.
  • MAC/default personality still appears during menu mode and low battery mode. It has no feelings and no recollection of previous events.
  • No designated gender, indifferent to which pronouns are used.


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