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Who is PunishedYang?

Punished Yang is a very close friend to Zentreya. He is not a content creator, but enjoys hanging around with them. He is also known for his quirky way of showing love, with insults rather then compliments. Yang also works on models.

History and Lore(As Gilgamesh)

RP wise, Yang plays Gilgamesh, the King of Kings with a love for gold. He was summoned by Zentreya to aid her and the A.L.A in battle (but Zentreya had to sacrifice something for this.) He is currently training her, Ashunera and Kirby in some secret way, hoping a war breaks out cause "it'll be fun."

He appeared at Club Rogue when Prophet was showing Zentreya his awakened powers, ready to defend his 'master'. However, LuLu went into the Hall of Records and destroyed Gilgamesh's contract with Zentreya, making him a free agent. He was later summoned by Abysma, recruited to take out Zentreya to make way for Medusa. He even (possibly regrettably) took Nez out with his trademark sword, prompting Sora Ichi to carry the small Neko's body off into the sunset. 

Involvement in the Demon Dogs

While not usually front and center of the action, Yang plays the Ref of the RP, keeping track of hit points and damage. Sometimes he bites the bullet and hops into the fray as an expendable avatar. Yang also helps progress the story. He was recently summoned by Sora, as Gilgamesh, to fufill a favor.

Kamen Riders?

Yang is also the leader of the 'shitpost Kamen Riders', consisting of himself, You'veGotTheTouch, MysticalCyan and Fyshman13. It usually takes them a while to fight a single monster, with them mostly arguing with each other.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Gates of Babylon: A power that holds untold treasures and vast knowledge of unknown powers. (May or may not have given a nerfed version to Rixik.)
  • EA: A sword of Creation and Rupture, (for more information see https://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Ea Interesting note: Oathmeal herself wields the EA, and keeps it in her cleavage. )
  • Enkidus Chains: The unbreakable chains bind a target and depending on what level of God/Deity they are, the binds grow stronger.


  • Yang was also the co-host to Nez's After Show.
  • When he actually first met Zentreya, during a werewolf game, he thought she hated him.
  • When Zentreya was still lewd, she considered putting together a harem, and Yang was 'top dog'. 
  • Due to the unknown status of Zentreya's RP, Gilgamesh found his flesh and blood body and is not a summoned spirit anymore. He's now a full demi-god. 
  •  Yang sometimes appears at Neko Nights at the Neko Nights Night Club, usually crouched and enjoying the company of his friends
  •  Yang makes a cameo in Jameskii's VRChat in a nutshell 10.
  •  He apparently, could be Kirbynite's dad/mom due to him and Wrath 'experimenting' with changing their bodies into females...