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Proximo, the rugged and old but still handsome, is a wastelander who was gifted in the art of combat. With Hark as his mentor he climbed out of the waste to become the "Champion of Callous Row" being one of the greatest fighters known in the to fight in the past row. After losing a massive bet on his final fight, Hark and Proximo return to the wastes to announce fights at the Thunderdome.


On Season 2 Episode 2 he together with Hark Deadwood hosted an arena fight where Ryzy fought and won against the Nameless Knight. The battle was the inauguration for the reopening of the thunderdome arena.


  • Lacking an avatar for launch and the first episode he is using a temporary one.



  • Major - One last ride - When close to death the former champion taps in to a lifetime of combat experience and doubles his damage output. His muscle mass expands similar to "Master Roshi" and he draws his own blood.
  • Minor - Put me in coach - He inspires other fighters to perform better around him


  • Major - Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy CTE brain injury from his previous fights.
  • Minor - Arthritis


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