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The Anthem of Gallia


The Principality of Gallia, also known as Gallian Militia, was founded on April 4th, 2018 by Wolfgrom and WOWOWpenguins, and has currently around 200 members. It is a peace-promoting and friendship-based community who are known in VRChat by their Valkyria Chronicles uniforms, on which the group is based. They also have their own Twitter page.

The core group elements of Gallia are a Valkyria Chronicles 1 (Both an anime and a game developed by SEGA) based VRChat friend group with each member picking a game character or headswap and wearing their 3D model as their avatar.

During the early stages of the group, there were only 2 squads (Squad 7 led by Wolfgrom and Bento as the sole member of Squad 1). As the group grew in members, Gallia reached a point where more squads were established to start laying foundation for the future. Squad 9 was developed by Rockydog and Squad 5 was formed by Moontwilight. A few months passed and Squad 422 was formed with Mclovin as Squad Lieutenant. With the release of Valkyria Chronicles 4, Squad E and the Centurion Crew was formed by Bartz Klauser and Sapphsy as the respective Lieutenants. Recently in our server's timeline, Squad 4 has been added with Ciege as their original Lieutenant. There are currently 2 Sub-Squads (Squad V and The Calamity Ravens) led by SQUID FR3NZY and Prompto.

Current Leadership

On June 6th, 2020, The original Discord server was terminated, due to infighting, neglectment by new recruits and further internal issues concerning NCO's and CO's. As such, the governing system of the Principality of Gallia has been revised, a new server had been created reflecting the old server, and the previous server has been archived.

Chain of Command

All members are put under a differing squad, depending on their traits and performances. Allegiance to which squad can be identified by the patch on every member's left shoulder. All squads are put underneath a regiment, which is overlooked by a captain. All regiments are ultimately governed by Col. Welkin Gunther and Headmaster Zaka.


Squad 1



Squad 1 is from Valkyria Chronicles 1. Originally led by Lt. Faldio Landzaat, during the battle of Naggiar, the entire squad excluding its commander were killed in combat. After this event, Squad 1 was reformed under the Principality of Gallia as their stealth infantry. First into combat, these members are designed for reconnaissance and search and destroy missions.

Squad 1 also contains a sub-squad (Squad V) led by SSgt. Squid. After the skirmishes between the Gallian Militia and the Empire at the natural dense fortifications of the Kloden Wildwood, the Gallian Militia needed a way to prevent further Imperial advances from happening in the future. Thus, Squad V was created. Squad V is based in the abandoned fortifications that the Imperials had left behind in the woods, using them as a base of operations to both defend Gallia and to conduct raids on key targets in Imperial territory. Using their knowledge of the woods and their signature guerilla warfare tactics, they are surely a force to reckoned with.

Squad 4



Squad 4 is a private mercenary squadron. Known for their ruthlessness and desert warfare expertise, they received widespread notoriety when a group of its employees killed 14 civilians and injured 20 in Daws Desert for which four commandos were convicted in a Federation court.

Squad 5



Squad 5 is the Gallian Militia's transport squad under the 2nd Regiment. The founder of this squad is former Lt. Gunter and her likeness is shown in their squad logo. Classified as mechanized infantry, Squad 5 transports troops and goods from one location of the battlefield to another. Squad 5 members drive APCs and other transport vehicles to complete their missions.

Squad 7



Squad 7 is the first and original squad in the Principality of Gallia. Squad 7 is the seventh platoon of the Gallian Militia's 2nd Regiment and was originally commanded by former Lt. Welkin Gunter now the Colonel of the militia. Squad 7 is classified as Gallia's elite infantry unit. As the main squad from Valkyria Chronicles 1, this squad had many original members of our group and is glorified as the greatest military force.

Squad 9



Squad 9 is the Research and Development division under the 2nd Regiment, originally led by former Lt. Zaka. They are assigned with the development of weapons, vehicles and uniforms for the Gallian Militia. It consists solely of scientists, mechanics and industrial engineers to promote the future Research and Development of the Militia.

Squad 422



Squad 422 is the primary criminal squad under the 4th Regiment. Squad 422 had custom designed uniforms based off of the Valkyria Chronicles 3 game. This squad is filled with deadly criminals turned to fight for the militia. They wear black uniforms and are referred to by their designated numbers as their names. Squad 422's ideals follow their phrase "Altaha Abili" meaning, always ready.

Squad 422 also contains an Imperial sub-squad (Calamity Ravens) led by SSgt. Blackwell. Calamity Raven consists of Elite imperial soldiers who follow Prince Maximillian's direct command. They have HUGE financial support from Gennaro Borgia. This makes them more of a threat since they can afford research and acquire more deadly weapons. They cover their faces with skull masks and their uniforms are mainly black and gold. The raven emblem is a symbol of their confidence and the gold from their financial support.

Squad E



Squad E (Edinburh Army 101st Division, 1st Battle Brigade, 32nd Armored Regiment,8th Regiment, Platoon E); also known as "Easy Platoon" or "E Z Platoon" is the protagonist's unit in the Valkyria Chronicles 4 game. Being part of the the Atlantic Federation's vast army, they joined the Principality of Gallia to help combat against the enemy threat.

Ranks and Classes

The community uses a military ranking system for all of it's members, based on participation and willingness within the militia. The rank hierarchy mostly follows from Valkyria Chronicles 1. A member's rank can be determined by the insignia on their right shoulder, exceptions being Squad E and the Squad 422. These ranks are:

Junior Enlisted:

  • Recruit (Rec.)
  • Private (Pvt.)
  • Lance Corporal (LCpl.)

Non Commissioned Officer:

  • Corporal (Cpl.)
  • Sergeant (Sgt.)
  • Staff Sergeant (SSgt.)
  • Warrant Officer (WO.)

Commissioned Officer:

  • Lieutenant (Lt.)
  • Captain (Cpt.)
  • Major (Maj.)
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Headmaster)
  • Colonel (Col.)

There are also 8 classes, which determine your role on the battlefield and type of uniform. They can be determined by the insignia on each member's back.

The classes are;

  • Scout
  • Shocktrooper
  • Lancer
  • Engineer
  • Sniper
  • Medic
  • Fencer
  • Grenadier

There are also the Tank Commander and Valkyrie classes, but these are determined by either character selected or added by the Commissioned Officers.


(Notice: only members of the militia with wiki pages are found in this list, former and retired members have an asterisk in front of their name)


The militia has a variety of worlds, some examples being;


The militia has events which are posted ahead of time on the group Discord server.

Past Events Include:

  • Raids on the original Imperial Waifu Army
  • The reveal and look around Kerorin Town (Home) Map
  • Squad 9 goes to the beach event
  • The millitia's excursion of the Climbing Carnival, a map created by Lt. Zaka (Rockydog);
  • The second excusion of the Climbing Carnival, with the reveal of the moon DLC.
  • The first look at the Bruhl map.
  • The First Gallian Ball.
  • Halloween Costume Contest.
  • The Second Gallian Ball.
  • Creation of the Gallia Collab map with Rocky and Wolfgrom which will include all of Valkyria Chronicles inside one map.


  • Although a co-founder, WOWOWpenguins has had little involvement with the group as of 2019.
  • The Militia has a strong distaste of the original Imperial Waifu Army, but has created alliances with other Waifu groups.
  • Although not affiliated, the Principality has always been of support towards the LPD.
  • Recruit outfits for all Valkyria Chronicles classes are publicly available in the Bruhl map's cemetery.
  • Although known wearing a Gallian uniform, Gapp is not a member of the Militia, and is thus sought after for treason and identity theft.