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The Cree lineage has dated back to early earth history during the times of knights and Kings. Her family was linked to stories of Magic and Sorcery in the times of King Arthur. It was always thought to just be stories but with Magic’s discovery 50 years ago and her ability to wield it appearing, Phyllis began to believe the stories may have been true, although it is still unconfirmed.

Invigorated with new power Phyllis began using her skills to climb her way of the ladder of magic users and wind her way up as a Talaris Alchemist. Years of work has made her formidable in her field and has given her the nickname, “The Witch”.




  • Major - Alchemist - After close to 50 years in the field of Alchemy, Phyllis has developed a bit of a nack for it.
  • Minor - Motor Broom - Phyllis has a flying motorized broom she can use to get around when she is tired from walking. It has handlebars and twin tailpipes....
  • Minor - Grandma’s Cookies - Phyllis is good at baking treats for all kinds of occasions


  • Major - Haemophilia - Phyllis has a low clotting factor and can bleed out from something as small as a papercut if its not taken care of immediately.
  • Minor - I’m Melting (Aquagenic Urticaria) - Phyllis has an allergy to water. If any gets on her, her skin begins to burn.
  • Minor - HEaring Loss - Phyllis cant always correctly hear what people say to her and tends to mix up information easily.



  • Shocking Grasp - It's like using a Joy buzzer. Your pain is her joy


  • Fog Cloud - A fog of darkness creates a tornado to use as a smoke screen for getaways.


  • Thaumaturgy - Loud Noises


  • In her younger days when she was more powerful she once ripped an enemy's heart out through their ass with magic


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