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A traveling merchant, but not by choice, Scumm inevitably gets kicked out of every outpost or town he tries to join. He genuinely believes he's a decent guy, but his lack of filter and general grossness makes people hate him more often than not. An obsessive hoarder, he refuses to even take his backpack off around others. He's looking to make money, connections, and respect, but he is his own worst obstacle to that goal.



  • Cowardly, rude, loud, argumentative


  • Major - I Know A Guy: His connections in the wastes grants him one strange, seemingly useless item per day, to attempt to sell to others. Does not carry over to the next day
  • Greasy Lightning: It seems like he shouldn't be able to move with such a large backpack, but he manages to keep up with most people
  • Immovable Object: With his backpack weighing three times what he does, he is deceptively heavy and difficult to move


  • Major - Glass Bones and Paper Skin: His huge backpack has nearly crippled him. He is remarkable weak and frail
  • MINE: An obsessive hoarder, would refuse to give into a threat of violence for even 20 of his credits
  • Like a Stone: Does not know how to swim, but even if he did his backpack would sink him quickly


  • Has a permanently dislocated knee
  • Is NOT a Leprechaun, Halfling, or rat hybrid


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