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A lava aligned Golem born from the volcano in the wasteland, they dragged themselves to the undercity at a young age and managed to learn how to cook and fight in the slums.[1]

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Pebbles is a magical amalgamation born from the volcano in the Wasteland. They dragged themselves to the Undercity and managed to learn how to cook and fight in the slums. Their name was originally an insult used against them, but it eventually stuck, as they had nothing else to call themself.

Pebbles has recently started a deep-fry joint in the Fire District, claiming they can deep fry anything. However, their primary source of income is running jobs as a street samurai or serving as a guide to the inhospitable volcano.



  • General resistances to heat, slash and piercing damage, Weak to ice, cold and blunt damage.
  • Their main source of energy is magic, passively pulled from areas rich in it. However if they leave these areas they need to have other sources of magic (crystals, or magic from another magic user)
Season 2 Traits
These may no longer apply.


  • Major - Overcharge - When empowered by a magical aura or a magical individual, they can perform feats of extraordinary strength.
  • Minor - This individual has high resistance to piercing and slashing attacks.
  • Minor - Pebbles does not need to breathe.


  • Major - Leaving an area full of magic will slowly sap at their strength making them sluggish and slow moving. Over time their mental abilities also slow.
  • Minor - Pebbles is extremely dense and heavy. They will sink in most liquids or crush most weak platforms.
  • Minor - They are weak to bludgeoning attacks.


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