"Adventure Awaits,

Through Crooked Path,

And Winding Road,

Wicked Wrath,

And Tales of Old,

We are its Binders.

We are Pathfinders."

― Pathfinders Creed


Pathfinders is an adventuring guild founded by Quill Penbrook and Dragomir Ruthen with the purpose of creating a place where a new era of adventurers can thrive just like Quill remembers, where people can forge their own paths.

Pathfinders began on January 15t, 2019 and airs every Wednesday at 11 PM EST.

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Founders and Leaders



Former and Deceased

Other Information


  • Pathfinders rests in the Whispering Woods, an enchanted forest inhabited by the Fae. Traveling through the woods in difficult due to illusions and trickery of the Fae in order to weed out potential applicants.
  • Once there, guild members are given a badge to show their authenticity as Pathfinders. These badges allow them to enter and exit the forest unabated when on their person.


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