Paprika is a curious orb drone tasked to count every single grain of sand present in the Wasteland desert outside of Savior City.

Other Wastelanders who have encountered "her" think she may be the victim of a malevolent owner who tasked her to do some useless task out of spite and revels in her torment.

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(Spoiler) Paprika was originally created by Fred and the Talaris Corporation as part of an experiment. Unbeknownst to all but the higher-ups of Talaris, Paprika does not have a normal synthetic brain. Paprika's robot shell is inhabited by a human soul whose memories have been erased by its creator. Paprika does not even remember their gender from their previous life and their creator often makes empty promises to restore pieces of their memory in order to keep them obedient. These facts explain why Paprika is accepted by Talaris despite being a robot. It may also explain why Sheila is so willing to trust Paprika despite being anxious of most technology. Sheila is gifted in magic and may be able to sense Paprika's differences from other synthetics even if only subconsciously.


On their first day following their creator around, Paprika met with many of the residents of the Upper City. However Paprika quickly became bored with the meetings and money-talk of the corporate folks. Paprika wanted to meet with poor people, wishing to meet people with real problems and "interesting backstories". The president of Talaris sees an opportunity for Paprika as there are apparently Mana-bearing crystals in the Wasteland. Talaris sends Paprika on a mission to the Wasteland find these crystals under the guise of counting all of the sand.

Paprika arrived in the wasteland and immediately go to work counting the sand. Walking around the desert, Paprika met Sheila, a shaman of Scrap Town. After they are both chased by a sand-worm, they become friends and Sheila lets Paprika stay in her tent for the nightly sandstorms.

The next morning Paprika realizes that counting the sand is going to be much harder with sandstorms happening so often and they decide to tell Sheila of their true goal, to find large crystals in the waste. Sheila wants to help Paprika and, after asking around, they find some people who tell them that there are power crystals in the waste but also elemental crystals in the Undercity. Upon hearing of this Paprika and Sheila head to the Undercity.

There Paprika learns that mages in the Undercity and Sheila herself have been warned by spirits of a volcano erupting in the Wasteland. Many residents of the Undercity are traveling into the Wasteland to find the reason for the eruption and why they were contacted. Sheila wants to go with them but chooses instead to go with Paprika back to the Upper City (this is largely due to technical difficulties Sheila had previously experienced in the Wasteland).

Using Paprika's access to get to the Upper City, Paprika and Sheila eventually meet with the President of Talaris, Damien Masaru and Paprika's creator, Fred. Although Paprika had originally thought they failed to retrieve any crystals, Damien notices a crystal kept atop Sheila's staff. Damien and Fred take great interest in Paprika's new friend and congratulate Paprika on their success. After realizing Sheila's magical potential, the members of Talaris attempt to recruit Sheila to find more mana crystals in the wastes. Sheila agrees and in exchange Fred uses his power to magically teach Sheila how to read. Upon coming to this deal with Talaris, Paprika and Sheila both return to the wastes to sleep for the night.


  • When Ster first described the character, he described Paprika as being his idea of the embodiment of a little anime girl trapped in a robot body.


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