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Who is POLY-021?

Joea K. Davaski, under the callsign of "POLY-021", is the previous Section Commander of The 6-4. They are now currently contracted under The Advocate. Their history stems back to starting VRChat in early 2020 and only beginning to develop groups with the conception of The 6-4. POLY-021 has always been seen with their group, and activity seems to be fueled only when they are around it.

POLY-021 is typically seen in their uniform but is occasionally in a more casual outfit with their helmet off. There are no documented photos of this, however.

POLY-021 left The 6-4 in October of 2021, and their location is currently unknown.

Character Lore

Joea K. Davaski was born in New Anchorage, Gridiron- the capital of the planet. Born in 2683, Davaski was born into a world of turmoil. The Titan Wars were coming to an end, and the Frontier was on the verge of a full-scale conflict. Davaski was born into an IMC family and was immediately propelled into joining the local garrison at the age of 17. Davaski went through basic training and ACT, advanced combat training, at Training Ground Whitehead. He worked through the ranks as an infantryman with a supporting role as a logistics specialist. After the Battle of Demeter in 2687, Davaski was requested by his Commanding Officer to go through the IMC pilot certification. He accepted, qualified, and began a three-year process to become a Pilot.

After graduating with his Pilot Certification, now Pilot Davaski was assigned to the Gridiron Defense Unit, a subsidiary of the 127th Garrison Division of the IMC Marine Corps. Davaski would be assigned to garrisoning surrounding villages on the planet and doing patrols of areas plagued with rebellion and insurgency. In one patrol, his team would be ambushed, and the only option was to push and attempt to break free. Davaski, knowing he might lose his own life and his Pilot's, ordered a push into the ambusher's area. In the end, Davaski lost three Pilots of his patrol. He was ordered to a tribunal to testify on his actions, where he would be declared guilty of negligence. He would face general discharge.

Angered by his own actions and the lack of understanding from the IMC, he took the nearest flight to the front- Typhon. Typhon was a blood bath, and Davaski immediately took notice of that. As someone going in aimlessly, with no team or coordination, he would get into situations of near-death almost constantly. Davaski would fight in Typhon until the eventual defeat of the Militia, where he would attempt to leave but would be cut off by Militia forces retreating. He was captured in a desperate breakout battle and would be sent onto the Militia's 7th Fleet. Captured, Davaski would be constantly interrogated for Information, as the Militia assumed he was still in the IMC from his uniform and ID. Davaski struck a deal to join the Militia after successfully showing documentation of leaving the IMC. Davaski would enlist, becoming an intelligence informant.

In 2709, Davaski would face one last hardship that would set his course to The Advocate. Davaski would be reprimanded on false charges of espionage and mishandling of prisoners of war. The tribunal began on the planet Troy- with the odds stacked greatly against Davaski. Documentation arose that he was colluding with Private Military Organizations, ones that were a grey area ethically in the eyes of the Militia. These PMCs, like The 6-4 and Ace's, would support these claims in his tribunal. Davaski would be sentenced to 10 years in prison on the Militia-controlled planet of Harmony.

Davaski, in a daring act, would break out of his transport and kill the majority onboard- launching the rest out of an airlock. He took control of the ship and set a course to Gridiron. During his course, he was sent a message by The Advocate, sending an official invitation to rendezvous with them at a set of coordinates. He accepts.