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Orlando Fletcher, born human and as a previous member of high society, now finds himself in the slums of the Undercity as a worn out tailor. As his "previous life" was lived growing up among a family of tailors, Orlando takes a specific interest and pride in the profession.

Additionally, he was also born with the capabilities of sensing magic within certain articles of clothing, leaving him to wonder if there's more to it than meets the eye. Having caught whispers that the Undercity may hold the answers to unlocking Orlando's potential, he traverses the mystical slums in hope of becoming an Enchanter of clothes.





  • Major - Haemophilia - Every drop of blood counts, as Orlando's wounds takes an extraordinary amount of times to heal and otherwise close. If the wound inflicted is grave enough, he would need to seek immediate medical attention as he would bleed out quicker than most.
  • Minor - Am Eye Bothering You? - Due to a cut with a rusty knife, Orlando has been rendered blind on his right eye. Additionally, the knife has left a lingering infection which wreaks havoc in his head if he's not medicated properly.
  • Minor - Mysophobia - Orlando refuses to work with anything unsanitary or dirty without gloves. Should this be unavoidable, he will outright refuse to work or enter areas he claims to be too dirty.


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