Ori was the local mail courier and a shadowrunner in Callous Row, the slums lying the shadows of the metropolis known as Savior City in the planet Corvanis 3.

She lost her legs and vowed to rob and hunt down the corrupt officials responsible and move up in the world. She lived a middle class life through working at her self owned business Ori’s Delivery Service.

Folkona who portrayed Oriana, now plays as Leilani.

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Once a brothel worker, Ori made her living selling her body to the people of Callous Row. She has a greed for cash and earning it, so she took any customer regardless of how terrifying they seemed. This got her into a very dangerous situation which caused her to lose both of her legs to a pretty fucked up corporate leader. He was extremely attracted to cybernetics and AI, the rest doesn't need to be explained in detail. She was removed from her job as a brothel worker after losing her legs, and as a form of rehabilitation she became the Mail Delivery courier for Callous Row which gave her skatey-feet a purpose.


Oriana agreed to give up her property slot for her courier business for cheap to Lange Pliskin, only in exchange for him not turning it into a titty bar.

At some point Oriana realizes that she is not an augmented human but actually a synthetic, being fully robotic without being aware of it herself.

Observing a fire elemental appear from the Grove in Callous Row and wreaking havoc and unleashing death onto the citizens and the corporate presence there, she would meet her fate. The magical creature of pure fire was extinguished by being pushed into water but it arose once more a shadow elemental. The shadow slashed both Talus and her, Talus miraculously survived but was left with a mark on his face but she was not as lucky. Shortly after being touched she succumbs to its dark influence, passes out and perishes among the broken train-station in the undercity, right front of Talus and Static.

For continued story see Leilani



  • Skates - Not only is this a nickname/codename but it holds another meaning. She is comprised of cybernetic parts from the waist down. Her most noticeable feature is her roller-blade like feet, which gives her a speed and agility advantage.
  • Edgelord - Ori has a basic proficiency with her blade, allowing her to defend herself.


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  • Ori’s model was made by Qyr with a customized skate animation.


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