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Ophani's species is not well known to the current generation. At one point in their life, the bipedal magical creature was separated from their fellow species. Barely able to survive on their own and with no knowledge of this strange, cyberpunk planet, they sought out help from a kind old rune smith human who took them in and taught them the skills needed.

With the status of Callous Row, having no rune smith and in dire need of more magic users, Ophani got the word from the travelling talisman merchant (Rei) that they should head there next in the upcoming year.




  • Major - Rune Smith: Ophani is efficient on preparing arcane spells onto anything that’s a solid object (stones, etc).
  • Minor - Stabby Time: They can use their sharp claws to stab or attack someone (it's not very effective however).
  • Minor - I see you!: Observant, will often keep an eye out for any unusual activity from within their view of sight range.


  • Major - My ears!: Sensitive hearing, any high pitched loud noises will automatically make her stop what she’s doing and freeze. Anything held in her hands or arms will immediately be dropped.
  • Minor - Fight? No thanks: Not physically strong, as she isn’t the right type to do fighting nor defending. Will often avoid fights and brawls if necessary.
  • Minor - Bitch can’t even swim: Ophani is unable to swim in deep water.


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