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Written by the perspective of Nieko and has historical connections only via the UA database which has definitions and a summary of that group and things they have done to the UA, if you feel like the information is wrong feel free to change it! See their wiki for information more accurate. these are just my opinion!

The Term "Old world group" is created by the United Assembly to designate the creation of old "Waifu" groups from the 2018 date. These groups have a lot of history with one and another and have ties that are respectable, some of the groups are no longer functioning.

Imperial Waifu Army

One of the Original creators of the term "Waifu group" this group has been here since November 10, 2017. The IWA is one of the major factors of many other groups, it was formerly lead by Smauffle but is now currently ran by Hølly. The group is currently active and is renamed into the Waifuwehr which is a recreation of the German Bundeswehr.

(The only group that was willing to talk with the United Assembly after a Cold war that shouldn't of happened)

Band of Waifus

The BOW as it is commonly named is now no longer in active service but was created by Waffles, Tom1998DE, and rky.

The group was founded in the January of 2018 off of the Imperial Waifu Army as the Imperial Waifu Navy. During the Ugandan Wars, a group of soldiers within the Imperial Waifu Army decided to create another within its numbers as the Imperial Waifu Navy. However, Smauffle questioned the legitimacy within the group and its cause. In response to this, Waffles the founder of the Imperial Waifu Navy chose to secede from the Imperial Waifu Division and re-brand his newfound militia; the Band of Waifus.

Imperial Neko Military

During The Ugandan War of 2018 the Intel division of the now current Imperial Waifu Army splintered off to form the Imperial Neko Military. The Imperial Neko Military is a Imperial German Military Roleplay group led by Droid82.

The group has actively declared war on New World Groups (Note this is even a fact if you look on their page), but in saying that wars declared by the INM are not recognized by the New World Groups.

The INM is openly allied with the Imperial Waifu Army, the Allied Waifu Marine Corps and the Federation of Rossiyskaya and works hard together in unison to make sure the lands of VRChat are safe from the terrors that plague the lands.

(Also Frisk if your reading this Heya!)

Federation of Rossiyskaya (FRTM)

The "first" Russian military role play group focused on heavy "Full Dive" role playing within VRChat, under a Russian/Slavic post modern theme who is created by Taiga~Kotobuki Fujibayashi Sakuranomiya II.

"The group was founded by Taiga and friends on May 9th 2018 after a successful coup d'état from another group that caused trouble for the VRChat community, the goals of the new group were simple. To role play seriously and have fun doing it. The group has grown extensively since its birth, erupting with multiple divisions and creating leaders of all types."

Allied Waifu Marine Corps

The longest standing United States military group that was created by multiple people. Theres not much to know other than it is a peaceful group that has a military system and a well balance discord, this group was Rebranded From The Allied Waifu Battalion to The Allied Waifu Marine Corps after Negative events with the Old Leader Named I Am Shooketh, where the group leader was overthrown and banned from his own group once Macjam took control.

Old Allied Waifu Battalion

Was recreated by I Am Shooketh after he was thrown out of his group, and once The AWMC (Allied Waifu Marine Corps) gave back the name towards the Founder.

Global Waifu Security

Black Cross Waifu Empire

The group that was ran by Scharz and was one of the most controversial group out of all the Old World Groups, this group was is one of the largest groups against the Triangle Alliance and the VRChat Safety Coalition.

The Fall of the empire

The group was put to the end when VRCSC Nieko had gotten the group leader banned from discord ending the Grand War and causing a era of Cold war for the next 9 months since the beginning of 2019.

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