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Odd is a resident of Callous Row. His intentions in the Row is basic survival and gathering the funds for a ship to travel off-world.


Odd was born on the streets. A hard life, a couple of reluctant mentors, and a few tricks picked up for survival molded Odd into the resourceful street-rat he is today. Taking any window or door (locked or unlocked) as an opportunity.

As a child, he would occasionally run into kind-hearted folk who treated him warmly despite his place, leading him to occasionally be caught returning some of his bounty to them or even stealing back from other ruffians. Along the way, he picked up a knack for magic, but it never amounted to more than a few small spells to help with his heists. After rubbing a few higher-ups the wrong way on his previous turf, he managed to slink his way through the shadows, eventually ending up in Callous Row.





  • Major - Magic Ability - Odd has developed the ability and skills to utilize basic spells.
  • Minor - A Lock's a Lock - A thief's greatest skill is lock picking, physical or digital, it doesn't matter much.
  • Minor - Hardcore Parkour - Odd's strength lies in his agility, typically getting around by jumping from rooftop to rooftop, dashing through alleys and even along some pipes and wires on nearly silent steps.


  • Major - Easily Startled - Events in Odd's past have made them very sensitive to loud noises. A loud enough noise, such as a nearby gun-shot or thunder-clap, will cause him to panic and attempt to flee or even freeze up.
  • Minor - Thieve's Remorse - Odd will hesitate or even refuse to steal objects that have sentimental value to their owner or are necessary for their health. He feels a nearly irresistible compulsion to return any stolen goods that meet this criteria.
  • Minor - Memento - Odd carries a small crystal in his pocket at all times. Should this item ever go missing, Odd will go out of his way to do everything he can to retrieve it.




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