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Norbert Asimov is a human who lost their legs in a near fatal accident while working on a construction job in The Row. After receiving cybernetic replacements, Norbert soon realized how weak the human body truly is, and how much stronger machines can be. With this new insight, Norbert decided that he would dedicate his life to researching and developing cybernetics to further improve his own body. Hearing that the wasteland outside of the city was home to all kinds of scrap and spare parts, Norbert decided that the Scrap Town would be a perfect spot to get inspiration and materials for his cybernetics.[1]




  • Major - Crafting On The Fly - Norbert is capable of crafting anything he has crafted before on the spot so long as he has the materials needed for the item. The item produced is of a lower quality, and the time to produce the item is longer than if it was being crafted at a dedicated workstation.
  • Minor - Reinforced Cybernetics - Norbert reinforces his cybernetic limbs with multiple layers of graphene, allowing them to take a bit more damage before giving out.
  • Minor - Enhanced Vision - Learning the hard way that he isn't the best shot, Norbert has augmented his eyes to help him aim better while wielding guns.


  • Major - Ghost In The Machine - After receiving his cybernetic implants, Norbert has developed a mental condition where he hears voices coming from inanimate machines. Should he hear one of these voices, Norbert can't help but talk with it, regardless of the current situation. In his mind, these machines are just like any other synthetic.
  • Minor - Magic Aversion - Believing that technology can do what magic does but better, Norbert is reluctant to help, as well as receive help from those he knows to be magic users. He might even go as far as to purposely mess up a request should he dislike the magic user who asked for help.
  • Minor - Synths Know Best - Norbert has an unconditional trust towards synthetics. He will believe whatever a synthetic tells him unless it is an obviously blatant lie. This applies to the Ghost In The Machine flaw.


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