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Noble life was very average. His parents were average workers working as doctors. His child life was not very interesting, but when he got into school he started to get into psychology. After studying the subject for a long time he started to actually experiment upon people and realizing the right words could get people to act certain ways.

His experiments went a little too far one day though, which led to the death of five people but he did not feel pity for them but rather he gained more interest knowing that he was able to turn somebody's mental state to something so chaotic and rash And the thought entertained him so much. He kept up his experiments, some ended up being good for others and talking them down from killing themselves or doing something rash but others he led them to the rash decision of being chaotic for his own pleasure.

He was soon picked up by nirvana and he grew in ranks very quickly. Some even say that he convinced his superiors to raise him in power.




  • Major - Lets keep calm - Noble has a Pair of gloves that have a small injector in them when he touches someone the injector can inject a nerve agent that will render the person to a more calm state of mind.
  • Minor - Charms don’t work on me - Resistant to Charm magic due to his background of how that mind works and understanding of his own psyche.
  • Minor - Disconnected - He is unaffected by the plights of others and cannot be manipulated by threat of injury nor hostage situations.


  • Major - Fetal heart - Noble's Heart came down with a very rare disease that makes it weaker than most people. Any type of electroshock such as Electroshock from malfunctioning equipment (even if the shock would not hurt other people) or Electric style magic that affects his body will render him immobile for long periods of time and increased amounts will result in his heart stopping fully and death. Likewise Extreme stress and Physical exertion will cause the Same Issue as well.
    • Small shocks Will render him immobile for long periods
    • Medium and large scale results will result in instadeath
  • Minor - I’m not Drunk, you Are! - Noble enjoys booze a little too much and tends to drink a little more than anyone  when alcohol is present around him. When he has not had any alcohol in awhile he will start suffering from constant horrible headaches and minor fevers.
  • Minor - Sensitive System - Noble has a Sensitive system where his body will reject any and all Cybernetic Implants no matter where and how they are designed.


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