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Please remember that events described in this article are roleplay and acting. Actions done in-character do not reflect on the actual person portraying the character!


On a distant planet lives a species of humanoid insectoids who developed into the primary species, mush like humans on Earth. Their culture developed into a militant talent-based hierarchical society with much similarities to the Spartans. Because of this, Valkyrie has heavily supported and, in ways, cultivated this species ever since they stumbled upon them.

Heavy recruiting occurred and there was even a level of social status earned depending on the rank and contributions towards their main benefactor, Valkyrie. Most typically they do this through military service, which Nix originally started with. His route was through the sniper division, being able to reach high vantage points quickly with his legs skilled for leaping and able to aim with exceptional accuracy at long ranges due to his adjustable bug eyes.

A long and loyal military service was cut down during one deployment to a sector at the edges of Valkyrie’s supply chain and general reach. The war being fought there ended horribly for Valkyrie as they were not able to properly sustain the war. Nix was there during the last battle, where causalities were absurdly high. As the Valkyrie forces were retreating off the planet they eventually left the sector. Such numbers became a stain on Valkyrie’s reputation for many years after. This war was later regarded as "the War of Complete Casualties", for what forces that remained all typically suffered some form of PTSD or various other issues.

This war in ways broke Nix. When he finally was “put back together” a deep desire was ignited. He would never again suffer such a defeat. So he clawed himself, in quite a few senses of the phrase, up the ladders within Valkyrie to the position of Threat Analyst. These individuals manage sectors, and, to what the public knows, help the sector prosper and manage any threats that sector faces; bandits, evil aliens, etc. However, the more private nature of their roles is to undermine the control of the other corporations in this sector and to strengthen Valkyrie’s influence. Now as a newly appointed Threat Analyst, Nix needed to be appointed a sector, and what better beginnings than the planet Hellion-3. After all, Salvation City within the past year was attacked by an alien threat of mass danger, so Valkyrie wishes to use this opportunity to their advantage.




  • Major - Exoskeleton - Countless generations of selective reproduction and "ritualistic" modifications done to produce a chitin shell that can withstand a wide range of impacts.
  • Minor - Bug Eyes - Can focus and adjust his eyes to see farther which has had its benefits for a sniper.
  • Minor - Buggy Hop - Bug legs means he got the hops to get up to higher vantage points if necessary.


  • Major - Seasonal Shedding - Much like how humans regrow their skin from inner layers so does this race, except that means seasonally the chitin exoskeleton breaks off leaving him completely vulnerable for a few days.
  • Minor - A "Bugged" Human - Close enough to look like a human from afar, just a very unsettling one that tends to give people the chills upon a closer inspection. Mix this with a personality that just feels like an imitation/mask, or rather like something "other" is trying to fit in.
  • Minor - Pride in the DNA - This hierarchical species culture revolves around "survival of the fittest", because of this they have an abundance of pride and ego, especially in the upper class. This means he takes great offense to insults, especially ones relating to competence. This offense is either returned directly as an insult back, regardless for their station or position in the moment, or internalized into a desire to undermine that character through nefarious means.


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