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Not to be confused with: Niko

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Niko Dinger was previously "owned" by a "Mr.Dinger" of Atlantis (whom she referred to as her "Master"). Mr. Dinger was also the former master of Nia, and Niko was her SO while under his ownership. In Season 2, Mr. Dinger sent Niko to the Undercity to find Nia and try to convince her to come back to the Upper City to be with Niko and her former master again. Mr. Dinger's treatment of Niko was questionable and contradictory, as she seems to have had an affinity for him, but at the same time, she says he kept her locked away in her room and never allowed her to traverse outside. Niko seemed to be brainwashed to the denizens of the Undercity, and with the help of magic Kee'ra was able to break through to her, getting her to admit she wanted freedom.

Mr. Dinger came to the Undercity personally to retrieve his "property" and after a prolonged conflict he was killed, leaving Niko homeless and without an ID. She wandered around the Undercity, Row and the Wasteland, until having an argument with Nia, running away and eventually running into FL0UND3R, who took her back up the Upper City.



She seems to potentially have some affinity for magic. But it is currently unverified.


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