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Not to be confused with: Niko Dinger

Niko is a small humanoid seaslug who only just very recently arrived into the depths of the Undercity through the sewer systems, having been held away from civilization for so long he is ignorant to what is normalized on Hellion and very easily impressionable. Be it synth, slummer or corp Niko has yet to understand the difference making him neutral.


Niko doesn't really remember much of his home planet but he can recall being ripped away from it just a few days after his birth along with his other hatchling siblings.

His species had caught the eyes and attention of corporations and other higher ups of the Corvanis System, they were deemed cute and harmless when small thus booming in popularity. There Niko remained for most of his life passively living the life of a pet, never growing to his full potential size or daring to try and escape his confinement like his tank mates before him.

Until the trend eventually died out and Niko was disposed of into the sewer systems to make room for whatever new trend had become popular, leading him to find himself arriving into the undercitys still waters.





  • SLUG ANATOMY: No bones. Can regenerate limbs. Has slimy skin that is slippery to the touch. Unaffected by poison. Can breathe underwater
  • RUBBER SKIN: Niko's skin is rubbery and stretchy making him resistant to blunt damage
  • SPIRIT TALKER: Niko is spiritually inclined and is thus able to talk with and converse with spirits


  • DRIED FISH: To ensure that Niko is at his best, he has to soak every hour. 2 hours without soaking he will pass out. (being in the wasteland like this will risk death)
  • STUNTED: Niko was stunted from a young age and thus very small and physically weak.
  • ALL NATURAL: Niko can only be healed magically or naturally.



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