Neon Divide

Notice: Neon Divide is a continuation of Callous Row under new leadership.

For previous seasons see: Callous Row (Archived)

WIP - Work in progress - Subject to change

Neon Divide is a VR science fiction and cyberpunk themed roleplay, streamed on Twitch from multiple players perspectives.

Schedule: The RP is currently on break preparing for the next season scheduled for January 2022

  • Fridays 8:00 PM CDT (US central daylight time)
  • Saturdays 02:00 AM UTC (Universal time) / GMT
  • Preparations start 1 hour before
  • Each session lasts for 4 hours

The project hosts a interviews of the roleplayers out-of-character named the SlummerTV Podcast.

Neon Divide


Welcome to Sanctuary City, a highly advanced sprawling metropolis isolated on a planet surrounded by a sea of sand and heat. Here the elite corporations rule like feudal societies from the clouds above, leaving those lacking affiliation to the corps to suffer. If you're rich your home lies in the upper city where you rub elbows with the wealthy and live like royalty, if you're less rich you might be lucky enough to find yourself in the inner city and working out the rest of your days. If you're counted among the unlucky and destitute or rejected by the corps, you might find yourself on the outer ring, living in the perpetual shadows of the hi-rises down one of the thousands of streets dividing the city. The only light reaching down into the foggy divides are the neon lights - the Neon Divide.

Season 3 takes place one year from season 2.


  • The Mega-corporations, the dominant force of power in the galaxy
    • GEB - Formerly WOTO aka "Food Corp"
    • Avalon - Formerly Nirvana aka "Medical Corp"
    • TraVerse - Formerly Sonitii aka the "Transportation and gateway corp"
    • Masaru - Formerly Talaris the "Magic Corp" named after their founder Damien Masaru
    • Trident - Formerly Atlantis the "Information and news Corp"
    • Valkyrie - Formerly Mars the "Weapons and arms Corp"
    • Shometsu - Formerly Quixote the "Samurai inspired technology junkies"
  • Government
  • Mercenary companies
  • Scraptown Council - The democratically elected representatives of Scrap Town
  • ???? Factions
    • Coven Of The Divide - Formerly the "Savior City Coven", the magic users of The Undercity
    • Dusk's Daughters - Formerly "The Dark Sisters"
    • The Grove - Keepers of the sacred grove hidden in The Undercity


  • Sanctuary City - Formerly Savior City
  • Hellion - The name of the planet where Sanctuary City is located - Formerly Corvanis 3



  • It is inspired by tabletop games like Shadowrun.
  • The continuation of Callous Row under new management, the group used to be referred to as Callous Row, Season 3.
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