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Neon Divide is a VR science fiction, fantasy and cyberpunk themed roleplay, set approximately 300 years in the future. The show is streamed on Twitch from multiple players perspectives.

Neon Divide is a continuation of Callous Row under new leadership. See Callous Row (Archived)[1] for previous seasons.

Currently running Season 3.5!
Episode 1 was broadcast on Aug 18, 2023.


  • Fridays 8:00 PM CDT (US central daylight time)
  • Saturdays 02:00 AM UTC (Universal time) / GMT
  • Preparations start 1 hour before
  • Each session lasts for 4 hours

The project hosts interviews of the roleplayers out-of-character named the SlummerTV Podcast.

Season 3.5

Season 3.5 was announced on podcast episode 13. It's a short interim of about 8 episodes and is running during the summer of 2023 as a chance for players to prepare for Season 4.[3]

  • Season 3.5 is in essence, an extended epilogue. What that means is that we won't be worrying too much about character sheets, crafting, and mechanical progression of any kind.
  • A date for season 4 is not scheduled yet.

Previous Season 3 Blurb

It has been a year of quiet and uncertain peace. Having rebuilt from a hard-fought battle, the people of Salvation City have received some much needed rest and reward. However, not all is peaceful on the horizon. In the ivory towers of the Upper City, new corporate mandates push employees to turn more profit out of the planet of Hellion. In The Rows beneath, such corporate expansion has created a gold rush for would be shadowrunners looking to prove their strength. Beneath the streets, in The Undercity, elemental spirits begin to stir and warn of ill omens. Outside the city walls, the dunes beyond Scrap Town breathe with new types of floral and fauna. Your quiet year has come to an end, Welcome back to The Divide.


What is Neon Divide?



ND S3 Wrap Party - Clip Reel - Highlights

Clip highlights from Season 3


Welcome to Salvation City, a highly advanced sprawling metropolis isolated on a planet surrounded by a sea of sand and heat. Here the elite corporations rule like feudal societies from the clouds above, leaving those lacking affiliation to the corps to suffer. If you're rich your home lies in the upper city where you rub elbows with the wealthy and live like royalty, if you're less rich you might be lucky enough to find yourself in the inner city and working out the rest of your days. If you're counted among the unlucky and destitute or rejected by the corps, you might find yourself on the outer ring, living in the perpetual shadows of the hi-rises down one of the thousands of streets dividing the city. The only light reaching down into the foggy divides are the neon lights - the Neon Divide.

Season 3 takes place one year from season 2.

Game Systems

Neon Divide utilizes multiple customized systems to facilitate roleplay.

For more details, see main article: Neon Divide Game Mechanics

Staff and Player Characters

For the full list of roleplayers and their characters, see:


Neon Divide is a community run project managed collaboratively by directors, game masters (GM:s), moderators and staff. Between seasons leadership and active staff have changed and roles for season 4 are preliminary and not confirmed yet.[4]

RP Directors / Admins

Current active Game Masters (GM:s) - As of Season 3.5



  • The Mega-corporations, the dominant force of power in the galaxy
    • GEB - Formerly WOTO aka "Food Corp"
    • Avalon - Formerly Nirvana aka "Medical Corp"
    • TraVerse - Formerly Sonitii aka the "Transportation and gateway corp"
    • Masaru - Formerly Talaris the "Magic Corp" named after their founder Damien Masaru
    • Trident - Formerly Atlantis the "Information and news Corp"
    • Valkyrie - Formerly Mars the "Weapons and arms Corp"
    • Shometsu - Formerly Quixote the "Samurai inspired technology junkies"
    • Astral - Also known as the Astral Company
  • Government
  • Mercenary companies
  • Scraptown Council - The democratically elected representatives of Scrap Town
  • ???? Factions
    • Coven Of The Divide - Formerly the "Savior City Coven", the magic users of The Undercity
    • Dusk's Daughters - Formerly "The Dark Sisters"
    • The Grove - Keepers of the sacred grove hidden in The Undercity


  • Salvation City - Formerly Savior City
  • Hellion - The name of the planet where Salvation City is located - Formerly Corvanis 3


  • It is inspired by tabletop games like Shadowrun.
  • The continuation of Callous Row under new management, the group used to be referred to as Callous Row, Season 3.


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