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Necro Nights is a night club that was opened by Human Roflgator on June 9th, 2019 as a part parody, part inspired by Neko Nights Club but with an undead theme, much like the focus of the character "Zombie Girl" portrayed by HelloKitten.

The whole map was remade from scratch in 2020 by Roflgator.


During the opening Human Roflgator would wing-man for Dellor and host a multitude of various Undead characters, Zombies, Vampires and Demons among them. Everyone from the Gator RP Group were asked to come as characters with "undead" as their theme.

The opening night held a competition and talent show where Dellor acted as judge. The winner ended up being PIKA for her dancing.

On Oct 6th, 2019 Roflgator recorded a promo for Neko Nights with Ms Mistilia dancing. The idea was to possibly host exclusive night club event with entrance fees and intimate dances.

Ms Mistilia dancing at Necro Nights

Highlight: Necro Nights Promo ft Ms Mistilia

On Mar 20th 2020 Roflgator released his completely remade version of the map that he had been working on for months. On Mar 30th Pokelawls invited xQc, Sodapoppin and HasanAbi to join them in the night club.

♡Void♡ using the Necro Nights mascot avatar

Necro Nights Mascot

The Necro Nights Mascot is a special avatar model created by Kareeda for Roflgator. The design of the mascot was carefully chosen and drawn by Sorry. Since its creation ♡Void♡ often uses this avatar.

The mascot is a public avatar that can be found in Kareeda's World.


Background wallpaper animation by Sorry.


World ID

Twitch Clips from old map


New Necro Nights Gallery

Gallery from March 21st 2020 reopening and later.

Old Necro Nights Gallery

Opening Night

Gallery images from the opening night June 9th, 2019. Hosted by Human Roflgator.

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