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"Even with my vision back, the world's alot darker" ― Nako

Who is Nako?

Nako is a content creator and local adventurer of VRChat.

Well known for her iconic worlds such as Town of Salem VRC (Deleted on Oct 31 2020), Club NOX and many others.

Nako travels the weird and chaotic wasteland of VRChat.

Worlds made by Nako

  • Club NOX
  • NOX Cosmos (Coming soon)
  • The Nexus
  • Nako's Apartment 0824 (Coming soon)
  • Nightfall
  • Shelter
  • Midnight Bar
  • Tranquil
  • Memories

Story and Lore

As a Child

Nako has always been the curious type. Always wondering how something could be made even better. A vision perhaps. Always curious of the world that she were born into.

Nako was born in a peaceful district of Akito. Father being a underling to the head of Mirai Corp and her Mother being a ripperdoc in the Maddison District.

Father's Escape

For most of Nako's childhood, her Father has always been away at Mirai Corp even months at times. It was draining him. His eyes only showed despair and pain probably from Mirai's ways of gathering data.

It was just too much for him. He needed an escape, as everyone knows, there is no escaping Mirai. Desperate, he went to ask for help from one of the Mirai Security which happens to be a close friend of his.

Months past and the plans have finally been set but before he could execute said plan, he was killed. His plans to escape Mirai Corp surfaced thanks to his most closest friend.

Fearing for what could happen to her family, Nako's mother took everything and fled to the Orion District. Forced into hiding along with Nako.

Into the Dark

Years had past and life was as normal as it could get. With Nako's Mother setting up her business nearby and Nako being old enough to stay home alone.

Nako stayed home day and night. Only leaving to get fresh air every once in awhile. During this time, Nako has developed a strange type of disease which affects her vision. A sort of blindness that worsens over time.

Her Mother started to study about Optics including the surgery she might have to perform on her only family she had left. She had no other choice. Optics was not one of her strong suits so she researched on it over and over. Perfecting it.

In a matter of time, Nako had lost complete vision for both her eyes. It was finally time for the surgery. Her Mother had been working on a cybernetic eye that would restore her vision.

Surgery took a long 4 hours and probably a few weeks of adjusting to do. Nako's Mother was not only hoping for a successful surgery but for her to go back to her normal life.

"I have always wanted you to see the world beyond its corruption." ― Nako's Mother


Adjusting to the new eyes that Nako has been given was tough. For weeks, the world was blurry and distorted.

It didn't hurt at all but it was uncomfortable for Nako.

During the healing process, Nako started to realise that her eyes gave more than just her vision. It gave her the ability to see electricity flowing in wires. She realised this when she tried to fix her television during connectivity issues.

Moving Out

At a young age of 19, Nako moved out. Nako's Mother wanted her to experience the joy of life and see past the death of her husband being a major burden to her.

Nako understood what she meant and accepts her suggestion even though she was never in a rush to move out. She moved out to a near by home and keeps close contact with her Mother, worried that she would be killed too.

Moving out means that she needs to get some money to support herself and decided to get a job. She got a job as an electrician since she has the power to excel in it.

One day, she took up a job at a local bar that needed her help fixing a generator malfunction. She manages to fix it in a matter of seconds before her client could even leave the room. Amazed, her client wants to buy her a drink and talk. Apparently, her client, Briggs, really needed the generator fixed as it could shut down his whole bar. While talking, Briggs turn out to be the owner of said bar.

Nako started looking around and told Briggs that he should change his wiring for the bar as its starting to become faulty and needed to be changed soon. Briggs then realised that Nako has an eye for electric currents, he told her about a job that his friend needs help with. A simple job. Go in and steal a piece of data from the Maddison District.

Briggs offered Nako a lot of money for it. Nako finally accepts. Not for the money but to get back at the people who killed her father.

Hobbies & Interests

Nako loves going out and exploring the vast world she lives in.

Experiencing new environments, foods and cultures around Noctis City on her hoverboard.

At home, she loves playing with robotic parts and helping out at her mother's workshop.

Seldomly, playing tennis and surfing the net.


After getting the surgery from her mother, Nako now has certain abilities like:

  • Electric Vision: See electric current through walls, ceilings and any type of barricade.
  • Thermal Vision: See heat signatures of people even if they are an android.
  • Night Vision: See in the complete darkness.