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Nadia Palpatyne is an augmented human who works for the Atlantis Corporation as Head of Security. While seemingly charismatic in nature, she switches personalities under stress.

Her proficiency with weapons paired with her ability to profile and manipulate others allows Nadia to be a dangerous foe to non-corps and corps alike. She secretly strives to further develop her network of spies to eventually become a puppet master with strings across all the different organizations and corporations, creating the perfect web of information for Atlantis.


Season 2 episode 7

At the start of her day, Nadia recieves a message from her good friend Ian to not take her medicine today, and to reschedule any meetings she might have.

Sharing truths with Anthony in the Atlantis offices

This causes her to have sharp headaches all day, and her true personality to occasionally come out, notably in discussions with Rook, Anthony, and Sir Polka. In these conversations she shows care and compassion for these people, vastly different to her usual scheming and uncaring self. To Sir Polka specifically she tells him to look for Panther, though not who this Panther truly is.

Later on in the day Damien Masaru and Hatsune Shinohara visit to tell Nadia that Shino is transferring to Talaris. In exchange for a clean transfer, Damien promises for Talaris support should Nadia run for Atlantis president. Shino's final words to Nadia is that she can take a look at the "chip inside your head", but Nadia responds by blaming Shino for the chip, and is glad about the transfer.[1]



  • "Weapons Specialist" - Nadia is proficient at using most weapons and can identify the weapon based on the bullet or injury.
  • "Profiler" - If you know someone well, you can often guess their actions. Simple enough in theory, and something that Nadia has mastered. Working as the head of security for Atlantis gives her the ability to gain access to information about people. As long as Nadia has the proper amount of time to study her opponent, she can use that information to get into their head, to know what buttons to push, and to manipulate them.
  • "Codeslinger" - Nadia is a proficient decker trained to deal with hackers and is able to navigate many common terminals and networks.


  • "Technology Induced Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)" - Under high stress or emotion, Palpatyne's [REDACTED] malfunctions, and her original personality is let free.
  • “Medicated” - She requires daily "medication" to stay alive. If she stops taking it for one day she starts to hallucinate, a second day and she goes crazy, and the third day she dies.
  • “Code of Honor: Like a Boss” - While in a gunfight or decking, Nadia will spend more time gloating and showing off rather than taking the most efficient possible action. A true practitioner of her class needs to show that she's better than everyone else, because she is better than everyone else. After all, what's more humiliating than getting shot in the face as your opponent does a 360 no-scope with one hand behind their back?


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