"I'm going to cut the bridge!" ― Myrindal

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Myrin is an Elven Scribe on a journey to travel the world so that he may discover what ancient secrets still lay hidden to find. Books, ink, and travel are not cheap however, and he now finds himself in the heart of human territories. To this end, he has offered his services to the crown of Arilaand as a scribe and currently makes a living serving the crown-prince of Arilaand, who is stationed out of Castle Leydford.



Elven Scrivener: Myrin is a newly minted scribe, trained in an elven style of scrivenery. He can read, write, and converse in a number of different languages, and with time can perhaps translate those he does not know, including the ancient and arcane. He has a large repertoire of knowledge regarding the history of the world (through an elven lens), and knows the basic proper customs for most places he visits.


Lesser Noble of House Sylralei: As the second son of the Lesser house of Thesalor, Myrin is also a nephew to the head of House Sylralei. Being the second son of House Thesalor, he is not currently in line to hold any major appointments or prominent positions. Even still, his noble status and renowned pedigree passed down from his mother’s Sylralei bloodline does grant him a level of respect amongst those that recognize House Sylralei’s influence, as well as a small level of personal wealth, which Myrin has mostly dried up on equipment and provisions for his travels.


Arcane Resonance: Myrin cannot explain why, but he occasionally gets an unusual tingle down his spine and a pull at his gut when in certain places or near certain things. While Myrin himself has yet to discern the meaning behind this strange phenomenon, it is in fact an uncommon gift inherited from his father’s side of the family - a primal instinct baked into his blood that sings out when in the presence of magic. (This ability does not tell him anything specific about what an item/place does/is for, nor does it hint at any schools of magic involved, only that something is magical.)



Esoteric Obsession: Myrin cannot turn away from the mysteries of the unknown. He must have every piece of the puzzle, and he is willing to risk life and limb to find them. No matter how many days he spends in the field or how many sleepless nights he spends researching, this obsession is never sated.


A Secret Scandal: Myrin was born with fairly typical traits for an elf, however he does not look like his father. In truth, his existence is the result of an affair between a half-elf/half-drow “servant” and his true-blooded elven mother Isilynor, who is sister to the Head of House Sylralei. It is a dark taboo and a secret known by only Isilynor and a select few of her closest confidants. Not even Myrin is aware of this fact. While adultery has always been whispered in the court, nothing evident has come to light as of yet. Were the truth to fall into the hands of certain members of the Elven nobility, notably his ‘father’ or king Aeiiendar, it would be dire for Myrin. If it ever escaped to the public, his and his family’s reputation would be ruined to say the least.


Corruptible: Due to his mired bloodline, Myrin finds himself fascinated by all things esoteric, dark or not. Much like how a scientist might cut up a cadaver to learn how the body works, Myrin does not see a moral conundrum in studying darker facets of this world, and indeed thinks it necessary in order to have a full picture of the way the world works. Although, perhaps this is just an excuse he gives himself to justify the unnatural pull he feels toward the darkness.



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