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Harrison is a Guardian and Protector. His sole duty is to advise and protect his charge. Old but seasoned, Harrison is a martial genius trained in many forms of combat and has seen many a battlefield. With his immense strength, stamina, and agility he is a walking weapon.

Being a loyal servant to the Talaris corporation and his master Kei Noriaki, anything he says goes. Along with him he is currently stationed in Callous Row.

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Lloyd R. Harrison was born into a royal servant family that serves nobility in the upper echelons of the Talaris Corporation. Trained to become a both servant and protector at an early age, Harrison served many noblemen and -women before becoming the head of his respective family. He now trains other butlers and maids while also looking after the young Master of the Talaris corp.




  • Being old for a human, he has seen many things and uses his experience to his advantage in strategy, combat, and education. But with age also comes deterioration. He suffers from the early onset of Alzheimer's disease often forgetting simple things like names of people, past memories, and more.


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