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"Do not be sorry, be better." ― Mr. Brunswick

"My name is Gregor Brunswick. A King where I'm from, but here? Just a comrade in arms." ― Mr. Brunswick

Mr. Brunswick is a roleplayer and streamer on Twitch. In VRChat he is known for his original royal Echidna persona as well as portraying other characters in separate campaigns such as Ascension Academy RP and Callous Row RP.

Who is Mr. Brunswick?

Mr. Brunswick, a socialite and monarch of his own kingdom within VRChat, is one of the Knuckles personas that has absolutely nothing to do with the original meme itself. The members of his community, colloquially referred to as his subjects, often don similar fully-humanoid Knuckles personas to represent the people of his kingdom. Were one to ask Mr. Brunswick about the connection between his people and the more notorious variety of Knuckles, he would say that there is no connection. His people are intelligent, capable of proper conversation, and have built a great society. He would be correct.

Outside of the throne room, Mr. Brunswick is known to his friends and acquaintances as a comedic and forward individual. He does not shy away from honesty, and will be up-front with his opinions and perceptions if he believes others can benefit from them, or at least get a good laugh from them. He is able to make friends with nearly anyone, and cares deeply for those whom he is already friends with, even taking time out of his day just to check up on them. Mr. Brunswick is often seen in the company of such individuals as Gambit, KuriGames, LilBagel, GoFluffYaself, ZoranTheBear, Lupus Arcum, Kazuki-K, and many others. Be careful if you approach the man with comments such as "being a dead meme" or "being one of those people", for if you do, you will quickly be reminded that racism and bigotry is a sign of weakness, and are unacceptable. Brunswick believes in a mantra of "don't be sorry, be better", and thus is willing to give a second chance if an honest effort is made, which speaks highly of his strength of character.

Skilled in combat and a natural leader, Mr. Brunswick leads his friends and community by example. He is the kind of man to stand at the front line, and lead the charge himself.


Mr. Brunswick was first noticed in a heroic act in the early days of VRC in the saving of Cat Town. Known then as "Joey 'the knuckles' Wheeler" he managed to save Cat Town alongside his new friend Gambit, by sacrificing himself to a hungry and ill-tempered Cthulu. The denizens of Cat Town were so grateful they erected a statue in his honor. Following that event, Brunswick has been seen traveling to many different public worlds, engaging in conversation, while also facing the deep-seated racism towards Knuckles that has risen over time. Rather than resort to violence, Brunswick's brethren have proven to be more well spoken and well-to-do than the more traditional Knuckles varieties.

Brunswick, donning his more discrete Royal Purple catgirl avatar, spends quality time at a beach resort with his VR-wife, Spearmint.

Mr. Brunswick was long rumored to be a King in his own right, though it had nothing to do with the origins of the notorious Ugandan Knuckles meme. The eldest of House Brunswick, and the last pure Knuckles within it, he never seems to openly proclaim his nobility unless asked or perhaps challenged. It is a behaviour some have questioned in the past, but is a humility he personally values in himself, for he does not see his people as "belonging" to him. He is as mortal as the rest. Those who keep his company boldly assert his claim, his close friends being the loudest voices among them. Mr. Brunswick is, indeed, the true King of Knuckle-kind.

Notable Actions

King Brunswick, flanked by several armoured Knuckle Knights, stands before the slain corpse of a dreaded Chungus.

In the month of January 2019, Mr. Brunswick emerged in VRChat as more than just a roleplayer: he showed himself to be a legitimate superpower within the community. With the sudden rise of 'Chungus' threats, and inevitable invasion of this new meme into the world of VRChat, Mr. Brunswick, now seen in glistening golden armor, and wearing a regal crown befitting his station, has been leading forays into public worlds attempting to keep the peace and beat back the Chungus threat. He is seen accompanied by many heavily armored Knuckle Knights, beating back the infestation. With his blade in hand and a hulking Sagat Knuckles named Gambit at his side, Brunswick and his people aim to vanquish this foe, both to preserve the good name his people have worked so hard to build up, and to protect the people of VRChat. Brunswick leads the charge to meet this overwhelming enemy, his people aided by allies such as Lupus Arcum, Free Brunch on Sundays, and other such honourable VR-goers. The outcome of this war remains to be seen.

The chronicles of this war are found on Youtube. Links to these are kept here, updated as they are made public:

THRONES OF VR, Episode 1 - 'Dark Tidings'

The man maketh the suit.

Adventures in the Meta-verse

King Brunswick is far from a leisurely regent, and has been known to make ventures into not only the far reaches of his kingdom, but at times even to other planes of reality. Though such forays are rarely his intent or desire, he is ever noble in conduct, and ever willing to offer assistance in the pursuit of righteous cause.

These adventures, as they are recorded, are chronicled here:


  • Mr. Brunswick is known to be frequently drunk and found in the pub. The reason for this is relatively unknown.
  • Brunswick has been in avatars other than his signature knuckles, such as a royal purple catgirl for blending in with the masses, and a variety of human-esque roleplaying personas
  • Mr. Brunswick is YouTuber and VR-streamer, with a following of over ten thousand people strong
  • Brunswick goes out of his way to make everyone he can laugh, at times even at his own expense
  • Mr. Brunswick once sacrificed his life to save Lyra, who secretly looked up to him. She eventually brought him back to life, heavily influenced by his selflessness
  • Mr. Brunswick is member of a group called The Shenanigang, formed and led by Lupus Arcum
  • Mr. Brunswick's other roleplaying personas and characters often have aspects in common with one another, either sharing his last name or having models bearing similar likenesses

Alternate Roleplaying Personas

Further info: Mr. Brunswick's Characters

Gregor Loch Brunswick

Gregor Loch Brunswick

Gregor Loch Brunswick or "Loch" is an ex-military admiral currently living in Callous Row.

Loch fought in The War of Unification and was in charge of a fleet of union warships. He strongly believed in the cause but violated his fleet commanders orders to stand down and assaulted a Sonitii jump-gate. He was convinced that destroying the jump-gate would turn the tide of the war and the union's mind about surrendering.

Unfortunately, Gregor had made a horrible mistake, and his intel was inaccurate. The jump-gate was not only used for military purposes, but was also used for transporting civilians. Named a war criminal by both sides, Loch went on the run, eventually ending up in the slums of Savior City, called Callous Row.

Ulbrecht Schildhauer

Ulbrecht Schildhauer

Ulbrecht Schildhauer is a swordsman born to aristocracy. Raised by Lord Gernot, an unloving father, Ulbrecht spent much of his early adulthood as a member of his father's personal guard retinue. This allowed him to gain years of experience both on small-scale battlefields, as well as in the courts of nobility.

One day while accompanying his father during a meeting with rebellious lords under promise of truce, the assembly was ambushed by armed men and Ulbrecht's father was killed. Few present survived, including Ulbrecht himself, and upon his return home, he discovered that his brother, Volkmar, had already claimed ownership of the title of Lord. To make matters worse, Ulbrecht had been accused of their father's murder. Forced to flee from the only life he ever knew, Ulbrecht eventually found his way to the Whispering Wood, and there would join the Pathfinders adventuring guild.

Albrecht Brunswick

Professor Albrecht Xel Brunswick

Professor Albrecht Xel Brunswick is a mysterious individual, hired to teach History at the prestigious Ascension Academy in Concordia. A master of Illusory magic, Albrecht is capable of manifesting illusions of all sorts, including obscuring himself from sight. Rather than using it for trickery as most other illusionists would, he typically uses it to prove points, entertain others, or help his students and colleagues work through difficulty and stress.

Arnulf 'Arn' Ehrhardt

Arnulf 'Arn' Ehrhardt is a good man who is guided by a sense of honor. He attempts to do right by those around him, especially those he considers friends. As a blacksmith he is an integral part of the community, and tried his best to pull his weight - while also giving what he can to friends in need. He is Mr. Brunswicks character in Fractured Thrones RP.